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SnapTiles: Tile Based Quake Map Maker (Concept)
SnapTiles -- a proof of concept or thought exercise.

Screenshot | Video | Read Me

Tested on a Windows 7 machine/a Windows 10 machine.

Supplied prefabs mostly from Quake map source release and Rubicon 2 map source release. You can make your own prefabs (see readme), they go in prefabs folder and are scanned on startup.

Just to prove it is possible. Your mileage may vary.
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Pretty cool and even better than Snapmap since you can actually use your own stuff :D One little annoyance that I found though is that you are either required to point the editor towards a wuake engine exe or copy your id1 folder into prefabs/ which doesn't really work with my organization scheme since I have my id1 folder in the root of my quakedev folder for organization purposes and there is no engine exe in the root for that reason, especially since now I have multiple source ports in there. A little update that adds the ability to just point to a directory instead would be great 
Oh And I Just Found A Bug 
Well I think I just found a bug, as I seem to often be able to do when it comes to quake lol. So like I said when the editor launched it told me to point to a quake exe with id1 in the same folder, and I didn't have any like that since my qdev folder isn't set up that way SO I didn't. So then it told me to put id1 in prefabs/ and I didn't want to do that so I didn't. So basically what happened is it kept giving me those messages over and over and over until it said "subscript out of range" and crashed! So basically it got completely fed up with my sheer stubbornness and decided it didn't want anything more to do with me. Or at least that's what I'd like to think happened ;) 
Ok, so you don't have an .exe in the Quake folder. Sucks to be you. You can fuck off now.

Am I kidding? Hahaha! 
I think Baker means copy paste. He must be having one of those nights again. 
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