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New Q1SP (AD): Disjointed Realms
So, here's my first Quake map that's also the first thing I've ever made in a level editor. And yes, I made it for one of the most critically acclaimed mods ever created. Probably not very smart, but I hope you have some fun with it, even if it doesn't at all live up to any of the standards that mod set. Feedback and demos are appreciated!

Warning: The final area is problematic if your "host_maxfps" is greater than "72". If that's the case, you should change it to 72 or less once you see the message "No turning back from here".


Screenshots (Don't recommend looking at them before playing, but do as you please):
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Run Of Updated Map 
The extra HP helped. I still would've wanted more but maybe I just suck :D 
Cool Ideas 
I haven't played your map but I just watched ArrCee's run of it on the Quake Grave and I thought you had a lot of great surreal design ideas. Balancing issues aside I thought you did pretty well on your first map and hope you release more maps. 
Here is my playthrough of Disjointed Realms on Hard mode (it took me more than an hour to finish it, so i splitted the video in 3 parts):

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

Yep, the map has some gameplay problems... with such a small amount of health and ammo packs it's almost impossible to have fun :/ i was constantly quickloadind just because sometimes i missed a shot or lost some health, and i knew that I was not going to get any ammo or health anytime soon :(

oh, and sometimes the enemies were too far away, and sniping enemies isn't fun (unless you have a sniper rifle or a railgun, which Quake doesn't have) :P

Apart from that, the map is really beautiful, the architecture is pretty impressive, the interconected corridors, the teleporting monsters, the use of color-changing fog, everything is awesome. I can't believe this is your first Quake map. Congratulations! =D 
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