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New Q1SP: Wenl Mine (megad2lvl3)
Tested in Quakespasm, please use that. Fitzquake should play mostly fine, but may have some items falling through plats in one place? (Not gonna mess with that any longer.)

Please record demos and send them to me or post them here. I wanna see you play!

- my first map for Quake
- 266 monsters
- 30-45min
- ~25 secrets
- Medieval/Rune
- this is a remake of Descent 2 level 3
- In D2 you destroy the reactor and then have 30secs to find the exit. In Q I don't see a good way of signaling this, so no timelimit. If you've got any ideas... Anyways, if you see the exit, take a note where it is. You might need to return there.

- easy should allow for some exploration-style play
- normal is hard but not evil
- hard /is/ evil and very hard, but the way it's supposed to play.

Advice for skill 2
- generally, Descent requires you to take deliberate decisions more
- resource management is something you should think about (some more) in this map
- choose weapons wisely, a shambler might lurk behind the next corner
- use gl/rockets
- use nails for enemies that need nails
- be careful with when you use sg vs ssg
- don't pick up stuff you don't need yet
- plan where you are going and what it will do to your ammo
- if you're low on anything, you can always hunt for secrets, which
there are plenty of
- secrets can be behind walls that you either need to shoot or just walk through (this is a hommage to Descent also)
- some secrets require more backtracking than you are used to in Quake
- never flee to front, will just aggro more enemies
- if you're low on health, don't put yourself in too defensive situations that are a disadvantage

Thanks so much to onetruepurple, Daz, mfx, distrans, khreathor and Vigil for testing and advice! Also, so much help in #terrafusion. Would be a much worse map without you guys.


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Congrats For Your First Quake Release! 
Very solid map!
This time I survived the elevator :D
But I fucked up in few other places, hah!

Here is my demo: Demo - skill 2

I'll put it on YT later this week.

vvv Potential spoilers starts from here! vvv

I found ~17 secrets this time, but I'm not a fan of "Duke Nukem" styled, "illusionary wall" secrets.
After final elevator, when you have to go to the exit, it's not obvious where exit portal is. I figured it out by accident :D But maybe it's just me and I missed some obvious guides. 
Congrats From Me Too! 
will do a demo later, it is quite a challenge, this map of yours. 
Fitzquake Problems 
I've seen some weird stuff with Fitzquake in the demos. Triggers not triggering, items dropping through plats. Quakespasm recommended! 
Really Great Map ! 
This is a solid map ! Nice architecture, nice mechanics, great style !

Found one third of all secrets yet.

The only glitch I saw (using QS, of course), is near the end, with the various buttons and elevators : I got a buch of monsters teleporting at the same place at the same time, and this almost halted the game until they all died by themselves. This was weird.

Sorry, no demos from me, because you really don't want to see me playing ! I cheat alot in Quake, because this is the way I play this game. LOL !

This is your first map !? Geez, you have a future here! Hehee! 
I Just Remembered... 
An early CZG map has the count down functionality you are looking for Sky Palace 01. 1min 30sec count down to destruction. Can be modified to work for 30 seconds. 
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