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New Q1SP: Temple Of Quake By Esrael
Since Spirit is even more useless than I am, this is now up on Quaketastic: Temple of Quake, a new SP and DM level by Esrael.

An around medium-sized runic temple with a graveyard surrounded by rocks. It is somewhat unique in that the level can be finished fairly quickly, but in order to visit all areas and get better equipment it requires exploration and secret-hunting.

This is Esrael's first attempt at mapping. Using Trenchbroom, the author went nuts on terrain which caused some problems for compiling. The original release was leaked, boxed and unvised, in addition to exceeding some stock Quake limits. Since the map map source is included as "public domain", I took the liberty of fixing the aforementioned technical problems. The rest remains unchanged.

Screenshot Screenshot
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Thanks, Tribal! 
Thank you for the playthrough and greatly positive feedback; nice to see this map still getting some love and people enjoying it as greatly as you did. <3 It's also nice that the rtlights I've made got put to some good use. Too bad the coronas are what they are in FTE. I think I just might want to make a version with rtlights optimized for FTE, as well.

Good job finding (most of) the secrets, especially considering some of them are quiiiiite obscure. @~@ The one secret that you missed is arguably less obscure, with a fairly visible cue going for it. Reaching the secret, on the other hand, may not be very obvious.

It was interesting to see how you used grenade jumping to get to the GK secret; that was a first! :D I really should've made the platform easier to get onto in this version, though. :/ I guess I was just kind of bent on keeping the update free of changes that affect gameplay, even if it would've been a very good idea to make some tweaks.

You had the right idea for how to reach the Quad on top of the crypt, using the tombstones. In my own limited FTE testing I've noticed that it's harder, if not impossible, to reach it by jumping. It's probably got something to do with FTE using Quakeworld physics instead of the original Netquake physics. To enable the NQ physics type the command sv_nqplayerphysics 1 on the FTE console. Maybe that would allow you to reach the Quad via the tombstones. o: (Can't test right now, though, since I'm not at my desktop.) Another alternative would be for me to tweak the tombstone to be just a little bit taller to make the jump easier/possible.

So, I guess expect to see a new V4 coming out for this map sometime in the future! :D

Checklist for V4:
- Fix rtlights for FTE.
- Heighten the tombstone close to the crypt.
- Tweak the secret GK room lift to make it easier to climb onto.
- Fix the lift to the zombie prison so knights won't block it from lowering.
- Maybe make a few secrets less obscure...

I noticed you also used non-vanilla monster models. I remember Chillo having made some models not too long ago. Did you use Chillo's models? o: 
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