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New Q1SP: Implo1t Dys3ngage
Finally, a much needed Japan-themed custom Quake singleplayer map, created by me hexcalk. "implo1t dys3ngage" (hc1) is such a map centered on a Shinto shrine in Japan/Nihon and features textures from the first and fourth episodes of Daikatana, plus an ikbaseq3 skybox and Quake's stock teleport texture. It was beta-tested recently and it has been an unique idea to do a Quake level set in East Asia. It's refreshing, but it is harder than my previous works. Tight quarters combat is higher than ever before (except in the outdoors, where at least four knights reside). The ammo supplies, weapons, and enemies/monsters have been balanced for this reason. Go ahead and play hc1.

I would like to notice that the text file included in .zip says in the epilouge that I believe in gods/goddesses (deities), which is expected as Shinto is known as an "ethnic religion" (a lot of people there know Amaterasu-oomikami, for example). Anyways, below this paragraph here is the download link and screenshot at Quaketastic.

Quaketastic download:
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The Spatial Transcendence 
So that's what happened basically. I'm impressed that czg was involved in mukor's encounter with deities and aliens too. 

If you haven't yet, I recommend watching devs play - romero talking about making doom and also watching some great presentations on youtube under GDC home channel, just search "interior level design" "negative space / contrast" "meaningful choice" and that way you can slowly build up your fundamentals and deepen your thoughts about level design.

There is also Daz's customgamer channel and arrcee "the quake grave", you might find something you like to listen or hear more about. You just need to focus on your energy more wisely I think, and something great will happen, just remember be patient sometimes. And using beta section might be just your thing, but it is good to try find testers outside of this site too and receive different kind of feedback.

Cheers and best wishes~ 
Well, okay, I have already seen a video with Romero playing and talking about making Doom. I've seen a lot of videos from Daz' Custom Gamer channel and Arrrcee's The Quake Grave. I'll go ahead and watch more of those you suggested to me, Newhouse. Thanks. 
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