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New Q1SP: Baneful Politic Comply
I'm glad I made it to design this level within a little more over 1 month worth of time. So yeah, "Baneful Politic Comply" is yet another Hexcalk map, but the quality escalated as a response to hc0, which is now on Quaddicted. Anyway, hc2 is a e1m2-influenced short burst of 68-71 enemies and 3 secrets with three floors: one underwater; two overwater (ground). Contains curved walls and spiky ceilings.

The name "Baneful Politic Comply" was chosen because I theorized that Quake was a psychedelic anti-authoritarian political FPS. The theory is long and crazy, but the basics go like this: The protagonist is fighting to overthrow the Orwellian regime of Earth president Shub-Niggurath and accompanying vice president Chthon, who seem to only want to abuse the planet with various forms of negativity for profit. I imagine 1984 in my mind as a reference point for this theory. I love Skinny Puppy, who tend to make interesting song and album names such as "Vivisect VI", "The Greater Wrong of the Right", "Left Handshake", and "illisiT", so the title is simply word salad.

Quaketastic download link:

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I see. Tronyn's right. You're "good interpretation" is great. I used to play plenty of racing, puzzle, and platformer games in the 2000s, but then around the mid-2010s I moved toward games such as Quake (which can be interpreted as an authoritarian FPS, as Tronyn implied). My two brothers (one born in 1998, another one in 2004) started to play FPS back in 2009, but my parents were against them doing so until they reached the age of 17 (the 2004-born one is not 17 yet). I got into the genre around 2013, and thankfully my parents didn't oppose me on this from that time onward, so my gaming choices were more authoritarian than my brothers.

I accept the point of view that Quake is an authoritarian FPS as much as I do the same to that of Quake being anti-authoritarian, because it's fun to make theories of the plot of the game, since it has less story than Quake II. For example, not much is explained on Shub's treatment of humanity, so there is opportunity to think of the story. More backstory could be done if it were an RPG made under John Romero's direction. We know how id Software employees conflicted with Romero during the game's development, which led to him leaving the studio forming Ion Storm. The mod Nehahra has an accompanying 3+-hour-long film which does the storyline/backstory job well. 
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