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Choose Your Own Adventure: JIRA Edition
You awake to find a scrap of paper at your feet. On the front are the words ISSUE TRACKER: REGRESSION. You turn it over and begin to read.

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-= VII =-

The citadel bends to your will. Your whirlwind of reconstruction leaves no stone unturned, from the oldest basement to the newest flagstone of the main fortress. Once you are finished, the unusual angle and bulky buttresses of the stained glass window are erased, and there is a satisfying symmetry between it and the newly rediscovered tower aperture.

This solution restores the demos to Warpspasm, and keeps the demos in Quoth. Once you've made the change, there are no redundant files left taking up space, and everything looks neat. So where does it fall down? Well, the main problem to my mind is that you need to change one file in each of the three paks that Quoth has. This means anyone who wants the fix basically has to download and reinstall Quoth from scratch. And that's a bit of an ask for fixing a small regression. In addition, minor issues like breaking Baker's favourite feature by altering old paks, or invalidating the old Quoth documentation that names these demos as something you may want to watch, count against this fix. Nevertheless, you score 70% completion for a good solution.


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