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Choose Your Own Adventure: JIRA Edition
You awake to find a scrap of paper at your feet. On the front are the words ISSUE TRACKER: REGRESSION. You turn it over and begin to read.

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-= IV =-

You circle left to take a closer look at the side tower. The outer walls seem entirely windowless at first, but you notice what looks like the edge of an opening almost obscured by the window buttresses of the main fortress. Keen to glimpse inside the tower, you climb round the loose stonework to investigate. Pressing your head between the stones you see the opening was a grand clerestory, intended to illuminate the interior of the tower. Clearly this predated the latest extension built onto the adjacent building, which paid no heed to this aperture.

Warpspasm on release played three demo files when you loaded the mod, each showing off one of the maps in the pack. The three demos are named "demo1.dem", "demo2.dem" and "demo3.dem". Inspecting the pak files shows all three files in pak0.pak, but no quake.rc or other config file is present to set them off. When running warp with the latest version of Quoth, the original demos still play if you cue them up manually with the command "playdemo demo1". It is clear how the new version of Quoth has superseded the Warpspasm demos, but not how they played in the first place.

To remain and contemplate this further

If you have now decided on a solution
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