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Choose Your Own Adventure: JIRA Edition
You awake to find a scrap of paper at your feet. On the front are the words ISSUE TRACKER: REGRESSION. You turn it over and begin to read.

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-= III =-

You turn your attention now to the central tower. The uppermost floors are clearly much less weathered than the layer below and the tower to the side, although they too are beginning to show their age. The nearest feature to the tower's aperture is a large stone buttress supporting an imposing stained glass window, apparently highlighting and illustrating the citadel's interior spaces. The window is angled strangely, necessitating the huge buttresses, apparently to accommodate some eccentricity of earlier wings of the fortress into the design.

Quoth 2.2 introduced a loop of three Quoth demos when you launch the mod without a map specified. The demos are "base.dem", "coop2.dem" and "vongug.dem". Each of these demos is in a different pak file! The first demo was recorded specifically for the new feature, but the other two were just demos that were supplied with earlier patches for players to launch manually (as noted in the manual at the time). The demos are launched by a line added to quake.rc, which names these demos as what to play. It is clear how the new version of Quoth has superseded the Warpspasm demos, but not how they played in the first place.

To remain and contemplate this further

If you have now decided on a solution
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