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Choose Your Own Adventure: JIRA Edition
You awake to find a scrap of paper at your feet. On the front are the words ISSUE TRACKER: REGRESSION. You turn it over and begin to read.

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-= XIII =-

You raise your chisel and are just about to begin work on the outer wall, when a Shambler smashes you to the ground with a single blow. YOU ARE DEAD.

As you bleed out for the final time, the spirit of Preach possesses the Shambler. It observes that by demanding that an existing map change itself for a new patch, you are changing the rules after the game has already ended. Backwards compatibility fixes are about avoiding exactly this. Imagine if the next patch changes the demos again - should Warpspasm forever be changing to suit the latest trends? Blackness envelopes you before you hear if this was a rhetorical question. You score 0% completion, let us hope that the next traveller into the dungeon lives longer.


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