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New Q1 SP: "Jump"
In Gotshun's spectacularly informative own words:"

O.K. Guys New map is at Quaketastic. The zip file is "JUMP" Enjoy


Alternatively, Jump is a new Q1 SP map in a gloomy medieval brick style featuring both a bit of jumping and a lot fighting toe-to-toe with 135 knights ogres scrags and shamblers. Watch out for solid combat and an interconnected layout.

Alternate without coloured lighting:
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Ooohh The Quad Secret. 
O.K. Spoiler alert!! The quad secret is on the ceiling beams.....that is to say, the shootable button. The good thing about the quad is you have three ways of using it....I'll let you decide but as for me....I like to use it before I get into the "Gold Key Room."

When you go through the first set of doors "After the first Hell Knight Fight," look up and to your left then turn around while your still looking up...Ooohh there it is!! Stupid level designer!!

Thanks for the positive feed back...means alot. I'll keep the torch thing in mind next time.

Thanks again

I found all 3 secrets. I was a little dissapointed there weren't more since it is such an interconnected beauty. 
I Will Include More Goodies In The Next Map 
Thanks Qmaster glad you enjoyed it. 
Upon closer inspection, it would appear that the transparent windows are indeed transparent in Darkplaces. The clouds outside are just much harder to see than in Quakespasm because I'm using a hi-res version of the sky texture that blends much better (it doesn't have these big dark pixels) and I set the sky scrolling a lot slower. So all is good in the end, it works. 
Streaming In 30 Mins 
Your stream never gets past loading icon for me. When I check video stats your bitrate is crazy all over the place 5000+ to 10000!

I tried. 
Seems my connection is to slow. Have a friend in Germany that loaded it just fine. But yeah, html5 player reports crazy jumping bitrate. 
That's strange, I've enabled CBR and set max bitrate to 5000, so should be fine.

Played the map, overall map design was really nice, lovely details, reminiscent of Honey but not completely similar. Layout and interconnectivity was good.

Gameplay was decent, although a bit too ambush- and monsterjumpy for my tastes. The shambler backstab got a bit old by about the third time it occured. Would have liked to get the GL much earlier to deal with clusters of enemies, a bit boring being restricted to just the shotguns and NG for the first half of the map.

Overall I did enjoy it though, despite my reservations with the map.

Link to vod here 
actually re GL 
Very Nice 
brush-wise: I liked all the ceiling structures particularly.
gameplay-wise: wished I had SNG earlier, found only 1/3 secrets tho, so maybe I missed one.
good job! 
Nice Map 
Very nice work man!!!

Just tought when the spike trap active was a bit tought, love visual and game play... with it had Quad run fun :p

Anyway there it goes my first run on it; 
English Fix (sorry) 
Very nice work man!!!

Just think was a bit tought when the spike trap active, love visual and gameplay... wish it had Quad run fun :p

Anyway, there it goes my first run on it. 
great map, really loved it :)

i totally love big spawling castles like this.

after seeing comments mentioning inspiration from AD and honey i instantly had to download and see,
and i wasnt dissapointed, its gorgeous and a lot of fun.

i agree with some others, the random enemies teleporting in right behind you was a bit annoying at moments and 90% of deaths were caused by those.

i loved the fancy teleporter-pads with the lights rotating around the base, those looked really neat and unique.
small details like that really help to make an otherwise boring piece look fancy and interesting.

you should totalle make a version of your map for arcane dimensions mod which uses all of the different knights and ogres and more medieval enemies. seeing regular chainsaw+GL ogres in your map felt kinda out of place, i think your map couldve been even more amazing with ogres with hammers and armor, and different deathknights with swords and such.... and maybe have some of the scrags replaced with afrits and perhaps have 2 golems spawning at the end of the final teleport-battle 
Haven't yet finished, died stupidly after this push_trigger moment. Fights felt well thought out, some unexpected ambushes and "jump"scares there and there.

These windows with alpha against skyboxes looked really nice. Unfortunately some of the areas felt unnecessary too large compared to meaning or fights.

This might be too much to ask, but~ I personally would like to see something variety in colors, even though it is honey-theme, there is different shades of yellow, maybe adding more gold etc. To give some certain areas more feel and meanings, and make them easier to remember afterwards.

Oh also, clever puzzle at the very start. 
Thanks Everyone 
For playing and the feedback. Much appreciated and glad you enjoyed the level. I know I'm not the author but we're friends IRL so I can say, Pete sends his regards to.

I have more free time than he does.

We talk quite a bit about all of the suggestions and criticisms. For a moment there we considered making the changes all of you suggested but decided against it. Sorry :(

And... the reasoning for that is, we're collaborating together on the "next" thing and hope to release an episode for Arcane Dimensions.

This time the theme is ofc... originality! SeemsGood right, haha

Anyway, thanks again. Screenies to follow once we have something to show.

- damage_

P.S. Don't hate me, I'll most likely be asking a LOT of mapping questions :-P 
Damaged Said It All..... 
We are working on several ideas. Maybe a episode deal or just single maps....don't know yet.

Trying to squeez more time in to come up with more maps.

All the feed back is great as well as the criticism.All this helps with making maps. I took the advice of all you guys and came up with "JUMP" and it seemed to get really good reviews, so thanks!

So yes.....I do listen :)

Thanks again,

Great Map Again 
find myself playing it over and over 
Holy Shit !!! 
what an awesome map.... it's been along time I didn't had that much fun playing an old style map.
The strongest point is the castle architecture... I am really impressed !

Great job man: keep it up ! 
Jeannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn :) 
What ? 
I Think Trinca Is... 
...happy to see you :) 
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