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Retro Jam 5 Is Out Like The Wind!
A brand new, Wind Tunnels themed, retro jam map pack release! But what even is a retro jam?

(...) the original Quake maps still look great in 2016, and the vague idea behind retro jams is to recreate their simplistic beauty.

Featuring maps by Breezeep, Bloughsburgh, ItEndsWithTens, NewHouse, QMaster, Shamblernaut, and someone else OTP won't name with a full wind tunnels map under the name "shambler".

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Download (5.96 MB)
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A Dark Place 
I assume you are running DP?

What didn't happen should be the first question:

No rune to pickup? What monster waves spawned? (Ogre/Fiend, Scrag/DK, Spawns?)

Although not explicitly stated, I did run through each skill on whatever the most recent DP download is on LordHavoc's site and had no issue...

Another thing to try is check the corners of the large hollow pipes to see if a monster is caught in a coner and not jumping down.

I will try to help when you have more info! 
This experience based on my testing.. but for some reasons if you run my map for example in darkplaces-sdl.exe it doesn't teleport enemies, but if you use just the darkplaces.exe then it should work?

Or are we talking about something else then? 
Then again, I don't know do I even have up to date versions of those two.. 
Are you saying you are also having issue with finishing my map or are you generally commenting about DarkPlaces oddities as well?

In any case, I really have no is just a string of trigger_counters and relays. 
Yes, I used trigger_relays and trigger_counters inside the obelisk and those didn't worked on Darkplaces-sdl build for me at least. 
I will try and test if your map is having same issues. 
I got the rune but only fought a couple ogres, one of which never jumped down. But yeah, I played it in my primary DP install, which happens to still run the 20140430 build - forgot to update it. *facepalm* Thanks. I'm loving what I've played so far, BTW. Will try again in my up-to-date secondary install. 
It seems to be working. Mugwump after picking up that rune and killing all the monsters (spawns last). Platform rises from that spot where rune was, and use that to jump to that nearest yet lowest pipe? 
The date of your DP build should be displayed at the bottom of the console. 
Okay, it wasn't just up to date, as expected* 
Not So Dark Place 
Cool, glad to hear that it might have been because of an old version. I do know that sometimes the monsters do not jump down right away but if they are angry (And they are set to be that way) they should eventually.

Thanks guys. 
In Order. 
Breezeep: Beautiful construction for a jam map, obviously style is spot on but so is build quality and lighting - rather like Q2 sewers which is neat. Very tough gameplay but unbalanced as it's a lot easier at the end.

MJB: Again very cool for a jam map, not quite a refined as above but a good style with lots of nice touches - little light pipes are cool, lots of nooks and crannies and secrets, and I like that the wind tunnels sections are chaotically confusing. The combat was good and well balanced, quite cruel at the very end.

Newhouse: Some neat designs and styles in this, nice details and lighting in the first area. Having your own style of actual wind tunnel was cool. The last one gave some interesting gameplay mostly focused around having a vast cloud of my own grenades floating right next to me. It was a bit easy otherwise but fun. The overall theme was a bit too mixed and needed more consistency (a clear feature of wind tunnels, and your tunnels had potential to carry that through).

Qmaster - interesting wee map! Very good use out of one divided room. I actually like the layout and how exploratory it feels despite it's size, plus the way it changes around. Combat was interesting too. The main issue is the texturing is dull, and the designs don't quite harmonise - if those were fixed it would have been a favourite. Oh and the wind tunnels were borky.

Onetruepurple - clearly a full map with this jam as an excuse to release it, will play it seperately.

Shamblernaut - okay for jam map but a bit big and bland. The fans were a good touch though. Rein in the size and focus more on layout and details.

Tens - great layout and connectivity, good design, nice blend of inside and outside, and decent gameplay, but SWEET MOTHER OF CHRIST'S SWEATY ARSE CRACK THE TEXTURES. It's like Madfox took an extra special weekend hit on the crackpipe. Almost unplayabley ugly but if it had been retextured it would have been another favourite of the pack. I didn't mind that the wind tunnel was fairly tangential gameplay-wise.

Great pack overall. 
Oh Yeah... 
...have to DL and play this if only for Smabler's "Tens" review. 
Wait... "Shambler" Is Actually OTP? 
OTP impersonated Shambler? 

Thanks for playing, was fun to watch the demo and I was pleased that you discovered a good many secrets and almost found the super secret! I liked that you actually turned around and explored when prompted with the "Are you sure?" message. I also laughed at the Ranger's final watery fate!


Haha, it did say your fate was sealed!

Shamblernaut: I do recommend watching my demo of your map just for the end haha.


I don't know why I worded it that way but when I said not E3M5 I more so meant lacking of dark sewer tunnels and such...nothing wrong with it I just tried to find a criticism for each map in the name of balance.


Glad you enjoyed the map, are there demos to be watched? :O 
No worries, even though I'm those kind of persons who will get triggered quite easily. Right after finishing this quickie map.. I kind of started working on something more consistent, some kind of graveyard wind castle whatever, with these magic wind elevators kind of.

I should have spend more time on this map, interesting that nobody pointed out that it is very sort, and must be the one of the reasons why there wasn't that much challenge. Kind of wanted to increase difficulty slowly while kind of introducing these new elements. 
...pointed out that it is very "short"... 
Demos + Few Words 
Demos (skill 2) for:
OTP aka Shambler (or whoever did this map)

This map is quite hard. Enemies compressed in small rooms. Challenging but fun. Infighting helps a lot.

Map is nice, but last fight sucks and you know why! Nicely balanced secrets though. While recording this demo, I already knew about few of them (secrets), so sorry about that. On my last playthrough, I had this "A-ha!" moment with "blinking lights" secret - I found what has been opened.

Nice small map. I got a feeling you take mapping too seriously. You should try make more freestyle maps like this to chillout a little. Maybe under some pseudonym, if you are too shy - like OTP does ;D

Interesting map. I like this weird structures. It would look cool with concrete and metal textures. Push entities were not so great, need some polishing.

OTP aka Shambler (or whoever did this map):
It was ok. Many troll moves here and there.

Simple concept. You can easily get ground by fans (and I'm not talking about people who like your maps). Even if this should be retro, I would love to see more detail in this map, instead of big empty rooms. It was fun anyway.

It gives this 90s level design vibes, in both topology and texture work. Which of course is not bad. 
If My Maps Were As Good As The Secret One I Wouldn't Use A Pseudonym 
Thank you~ My way to chill-out is to try out interesting battles and learning more about scripting while making maps, also prototyping interesting themes is very fun. It was interesting to try out those physics, floating grenades etc. But I have had fun with all these previous ones as well. 
Great jam overall, with only good to great maps, not even a "meh" one. Thanks to OTP for organizing it. Played on skill 2 in Darkplaces. No demos, sorry... In playing order:

Breezeep: Very good but very tough map, with one particularly vicious arena fight. A bit stingy on ammo and armor. I wish there was at least one secret. I couldn't figure out what triggered the spawning fiends at the beginning, it seemed somewhat randomized. Issues: 1) I got stuck once on the inner side of the second turn in the first wind tunnel, but it didn't happen again upon reload. 2) I had one missing frag but couldn't find the last monster even after thoroughly re-exploring the map several times. I suspect it somehow fell out of the map.

Qmaster: A very intricate layout with nice verticality but monotonous texturing - then again, one can do so much in a week's time, so I don't hold it against you. The theme was wind tunnels and IMHO the bill is only half-fitted: there's wind "pads" but where are the tunnels? Contrary to Bloughsburgh, these wind pads didn't confuse me at all. Issues: 1) the first wind pad on the second floor seems to activate on its own when the player simply walks over it, thus greatly impairing walking speed - this can be a problem when you have a vore shooting her balls at you from the other side of the central pit! 2) the exit teleporter points to a non-existing retrojam5_start.bsp while OTP explicitly stated that he wouldn't provide a start map.

Shambler (or OTP, according to Shambler): Wow! Incredible on all accounts! You won't have me believe you made such a large, detailed and visually stunning map in just one week, even if you'd worked on it 24/7. You even took the time to add a couple funny centerprints. The carefully crafted lighting gives it a great atmosphere, even better with an extra .lit file. The action is very tough and frantic, especially that final horde fight in a much too small arena, which was a bit unfair. This one took me "a few" tries but I eventually managed to survive it. As Bloughsie said, secrets are nice. Issues: 1) I had to turn RTworld off, otherwise the map would be drenched in overbrights. 2) I got stuck on the remnants of bars at the end of the second wind tunnel. The trigger_push prevented me from moving and I had to noclip out of there. The issue did repeat upon retries.

Shamblernaut: A fun smallish map with some boxy rooms. I liked the large scale of the main rooms and the gameplay mechanic in the second room that allowed to dispose of the monsters without even shooting once. The very wide tunnels were a nice variation on the usual wind tunnel design, with these large fans that would fit in industrial complexes. As others have pointed out, the lighting is very flat. Issue: like with Shambler/OTP's map, RTworld has to be turned off.

ItEndsWithTens: What does the title mean? This one takes the concept of "retro" even further: it's as fugly as a 96/97 custom map! If this was the intent, it's awesome. Gameplay-wise, it's good but I wish the wind tunnel served as more than an excuse to delay the ending for a few seconds.

MJB: Loved it! Even when you do something "retro", you manage to bring in fresh ideas. These upside down torches were neat and looked much better than expected with Seven's particle flame, as if fire was sprayed downwards and then went back up. Missed secret #5 but I tend to disregard flickering lights (because they're also used as simple decoration), especially when there are so many around! A shootable button might have been better. The inclusion of a skill selection area was a nice touch, given the absence of a start map.

NewHouse: I first played the original version but found it way too easy, so I tried the updated one and it was much better. A fun and rather short map with, as usual, nice atmosphere and attention to detail (the open lid of the well at the start). I would emit the same criticism as for Qmaster's map regarding the absence of actual wind tunnels. BTW, is it normal that the last wind column leading inside the obelisk is so slow? Issue: same as Shambler & Shamblernaut. 
"is it normal that the last wind column leading inside the obelisk is so slow?"

Yes, I made it slow. It builds up desperate feeling + makes sure that player will notice that grenades also can be shoot those slow moving trigger_pushes. 
Thanks For The Kind Words, Everyone. 
To be fair, I made the map on the last day of submission, so I wasn't expecting the map to be entirely polished. I get that the gameplay is unbalanced in some areas, but I don't get why some items would fall out of the map. Otherwise, I'm feeling glad I participated in this jam. Having a deadline really helps me keep the motivation to finish a map. 
To be honest, when I played your map I got this feeling "I have to survive somehow in front of massive army I can't beat". Don't know is it bad that you can't kill all the monster, but it surely creates that desperate feeling which I like a lot. Makes me remember some of the Myth : The Fallen Lord maps where you can't beat enemies, you just have to slow them down and reach the exit. I would like to try out something like this in the future as well, but don't know how people would react to that.

This will not work for all the players, but I surely enjoyed a lot. 
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