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Mark V - Release 1.00

* Nehahra support -- better and deeper link
* Mirror support, "mirror_" textures. video
* Quaddicted install via console (i.e. "install travail")
* Full external texture support DP naming convention
* Enhanced dev tools texturepointer video inspector video
* IPv6 support, enhanced server capabilities
* Enhance co-operative play (excels at this!)
* Software renderer version (WinQuake)
* "Find" information command (ex. type "find sky")

Thanks to the beta testers! NightFright, fifth, spy, gunter, pulsar, johnny law, dwere, qmaster, mfx, icaro, kinn, adib, onetruepurple, railmccoy

And thanks to the other developers who actively provided advice or assistance: Spike (!), mh, ericw, metlslime and the sw guys: mankrip and qbism.

/Mac version is not current yet ...; Linux will happen sometime in 2017
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Thanks, I should have this addressed, need to knock off one more thing before updating. 
Version Update (build 1000) 
Mark V download has been updated

(New update shows build 1000 when "version" is typed in the console).


1) Increased max model vertexes/triangles to match Ben Jardrup's Enhanced GLQuake/WinQuake limits of 3984 and 4096 to support more replacement model content. (Gebloner)

(The vertex limit is the highest number possible for WinQuake asm according to a comment in that engine. Both of these limits are about 2x the old ones.)

2) Fixed loadgame issue when demo playing (zbikey)
3) +zoom_key always available now. (dwere)
4) "capturedemo" to AVI video should be fixed. (Bloughsburgh)

Extra files:

The Mark V page site now has extra downloads on it.

1) DivX/Xvid Codec Pack link for video capture (the capturedemo command) for compressed AVI video.

2) Frogbots -- truly awesome bots and has support for 120+ maps due to incorporating code Trinca wrote.

3) Correct Nehahra fmod.dll for xm music (2004 date). The Quaddicted Nehahra .zip has a bad fmod.dll in it (2001 date), I've been told.

3) Color lights and transparent water (.lit/.vis) files for Quake and Mission Pack maps assembled by NightFright.

The .vis files make it so no vispatching is required to have proper transparent water in Mark V (DarkPlaces/FTE supports them too, AFAIK).

Mark V has automatic detection of transparent water in maps so releases like Travail -- with no transparent water -- render nicely regardless of r_wateralpha setting.

@Bloughsburgh .. you should type "resetcvar capturevideo_codec" in console to restore it to automatic codec selection ("auto"). 
Possible Feature? 
A lot of driving games, and the new duke 3d port on steam, have a re-wind feature. So instead of saving the game you just rewind to a 'safe' point... I'm always forgetting to save and I hate starting from the beginning 
Mark V can already help with the "Oh no! I forgot to save situation" ...

If you die and forgot to save, type:
1) load a0 ... 1 minute before you died
2) load a1 ... 3 minutes before you died
3) load a2 ... 5 minutes before you died

Wrote feature because one time died 2/3 through a great map in one of the early mapjams and it took me 45 minutes to get to that point. (sv_autosave - defaults on for precisely this reason)

/Admitted the rewind back into demo and play it would be cool. I can think of ways it might be possible to write such a feature (inserting savegame info into the demo occasionally -- perhaps in a way a non-supporting engine would just ignore). Maybe at some future time I might think of a way to design such a thing. 
I Didnt Know Or I Forgot 
about the a0-2 save situation... Would be nice to have some kind of option in the load menu for this? :) 
Small Typo At Quakeone Page 
There's a small typo on the Quakeone page ( If you'd care to fix it, it's as follows.

"Spike solved added BSP2 to Mark V"

Remove solved.


Thanks to everyone for the effort put into the engine, coding, testing, extras and so on. I appreciate your work very much. 
Cool Page 
Nice 90's vibe.

Hey why does Spike and NightFright get capitalization but others like Fifth, Gunter and Qmaster don't. Just nit picking. And Fifth is missing his Elephant.

Love all the new features. Will have to use this for coop sessions from now on. 
Not In It For The Glory Or Recognition 
Just want to help shape my favourite fps game :) 
Hello Darkness 
You are on the ball baker!

Capturedemo works as expected with the exception of two things:

1) There is no music recorded (Due to how mp3s are read from the game maybe? Not a bug?

2) I just get the sounds of the demo and no video but a black screen. No idea if this has crossed the border of a "It's on my side" issue. 
Hey why does Spike and NightFright get capitalization but others like Fifth, Gunter and Qmaster don't.

I've always given my name without caps, here and elsewhere. 
Bugtester names are case-sensitive, just like function names!

Since we're moving to a new page, I'm gonna transplant a few items of feedback/wishlists which still apply for me (some recent and some from the past) to this new page. And I'll throw in some new things to be thorough!

Old feedback page, as reference for those who didn't come here from there:

Baker, bolt1.mdl is still in the noshadow list.... Just delete it. it doesn't exist in Quake.
I've been reporting this issue since March 2014 :D

Ya know, I think you should stick all the Windows downloads into a single zip file (GL, Win, and DX). That would just seem more convenient for everyone (you only have to make one zip, and we only have to DL one zip).

I think pq_download_http_locs should default to OFF. The other auto-downloads are things that are automatically used by quake, like maps, models, sounds, vis files (er, does it automatically DL vis files? It should do that, and maybe colored lit files too!) -- all those things will automatically enhance Quake. But loc files won't do anything unless people actually want to set up the binds to make use of them, so for the majority of people, you're just downloading files that aren't wanted/needed and probably won't ever be used (in my case anyway -- of course, I'm disabling them now, but I still think this one should default OFF).

+zoom_key -- I think you are setting the sensitivity too low when this is used. 1/10th standard sensitivity seems better (10%). Looks like you're using 6.25% Do any other users have an opinion on the sensitivity?

There's an issue with the Winquake version if you run in a window with the vertical resolution set the same as your screen height. Like if I run in an 800 x 600 window on my 1024 x 600 netbook. The HUD is chopped off at the bottom of the screen.

Setting alpha by an .ent file works for me now in all versions. Very cool! I really wish there were more options for me to play with it though, like a list of entities or frames that should always be drawn at a certain alpha. I mentioned that in #1365 on the old page.

FTE has a nice feature when you are in the menu and the focus in on either the "brightness" or "contrast" slider, the "menu background darkening" of your game screen goes away. It's much easier to adjust your screen values when you can see the results as you adjust, instead of having to adjust, then exit the menu to see the actual results.

When you switch a gamedir, it really should exec the autoexec.cfg file found therein. Those only run when you first start Quake, from whatever -game you have set. But if you change "game blah" in the console, then it will never get executed. And an autoexec in a gamedir generally contains the binds just for that mod which will need to be set.

I would like to be able to bind a key to turn off skyboxes, but you can't bind something with "" in it (so no key can be bound to: sky ""). Perhaps a different command to disable skyboxes would be better, maybe even sky '' or anything that can be bound to a key. Or a whole new command: nosky, or skyoff....

I've mentioend before I have a modified DM6. Mark V does not apply the usual custom textures to it, but Quakespasm does.... The texture names should all be the same.

Oh, you still need to have a name change not be committed until the setup screen is exited. Old page #1221

I will re-mention.... I feel "always run" should not default to ON. Standard Quake default is OFF, and the setting is flawed for reasons I explained on old page #1154. So, ya know, either use defaults or don't in this case:

1. Leave the default (flawed) behavior for "always run" but also leave the default of leaving it OFF.
2. Change the default to having it ON, but also change the default to fix the flawed behavior (like Quakespasm did -- preferred option in my view).

Joystick support was disabled at some point. #1352 for more interesting control options (even for keyboard).

A separate console variable to adjust ring (etc.) blends might be useful for fine-tuning.

Possible shadow hack improvement: don't draw a shadow if the entity is more than like 100 units away. That is one of the weird things about shadows. Which I know are a "hack" to begin with....

How about that multi-layer sky with transparent standard quake clouds in front of a skybox?

Old page #1321 (screenshot) fullbright textures getting ugly when contrast is applied. Just have contrast not affect them? Texture gamma option doesn't address this issue, it seems.

Oh yeah, I request removal of your anti-z-fighting hack, since it interferes with my own anti-z-fighting hack mod-side, heh. I discussed it on old page #1367 That type of moving entities around in the map should really be left at default so modders can take care of it :D

Anyway, Keep up the great work! 
By the way, as you may know, I promote the use of Mark V for playing FvF. People who I have gotten to try it have really liked it.

Even after installing all the custom textures, lights, etc, one player said: "I really like this. It still looks like Quake, but nicer."

I think that sums up the appeal for me as well -- it doesn't mess with the heart of Quake by drastically altering the look, feel, or behavior, but it subtly enhances things in just the right places.

It's still standard Quake, but nicer! 
@gunter - Sure there is no bolt1.mdl, but if someone makes a mod with one then they don't have to add it to the r_noshadow_list

re zoom_key, window .. <a href=" Bloughsburgh"see post 1546"</a> in old thread. You can change it, and I don't save users from their own choices.

If you put your textures in, say, "c:quakehd" instead of quakeid1 and set "hdfolder hd" it will apply the textures to your custom dm6, the current method prevents the textures for start.bsp (id1) being applied to a different start.bsp (Like Travails) so it is working by design.

quake.rc - apparently you haven't seen enough quake.rc files. Warpspsasm's quake.rc sets developer 1 in it, Zendar's actually sets a video mode, some of the old Quake mods set highly inappropriate things. Nothing can type "exec quake.rc" yourself.

I've read the rest of the list before. It may or may not mean anything if I do or don't do something. My focus has been mainly on getting known issues resolved.

@ Qmaster -- I think I used the first word in the sentence theory of capitalization ;-)

@primal -- Hey primal, I assume you are the modelling Primal that I know ;-) Yeah I fixed that immediately when you posted. 

Are you using a crazy big resolution when doing capture demo like 3500 x 1400 or something? I don't know if there is a Windows resolution size limit involved.

Also mp3 music, since it is being played in Mark V externally isn't captured because it isn't part of the Mark V window's sound.

@anyone else willing to do a quick test ...

Could someone else install this codec pack and do "capturedemo demo1" with a reasonable resolution and confirm that the AVI capture works properly?

I believe it works properly in the general case, it does on mine -- but I need confirmation from others. 
@fifth -- Re: Autosaves Not Being In Menu 
When Nightfright and I were testing around the time the feature was written, both of us found it annoying for autosaves to be shown in the save game menu.

Benefit for being a beta tester or reading the thread I guess ;-) 
I see the thread but I don't recall having opinions on the autodemo feature. Had to check the old thread to remind myself. Thanks. 
Does the software renderer support fence textures? 
Also Curious 
About someone else doing the capturedemo test.

I attempted with 640x480 and same deal. :O 
Baker, another possible link for the Files section would be this map pack that contains (almost) all of the maps that Frogbot supports:

(That's for Trinca's build 379 of the QW bots, I'm assuming your NQ version has a similar map set.)

Download size is about 100 MB. 
@johnny -- Great download! Added.

@mandel - Once had stated you were getting inconsistent performance in Mark V when you tried it when it was beta, just pointing out that dwere experienced that as well and setting cl_autodemo 0 solved his issue. Made autodemo disabled by default. Just wanted you to be aware of it.

@Six-Shoota - Eventually alpha masked support will happen in the WinQuake build. It's very hard to do because the code is like a maze-like. I've tried a few times before. Eventually I'll give it another try.

Still need a volunteer to test out demo to AVI movie by doing capturedemo demo1 after installing a codec pack download site ... for anyone willing to give that a try ...

Works fine for me, Bloughsburgh = black AVI with sound. We're trying to determine why it doesn't work on his machine but it does mine. 
Could you try this ...

capturevideo_codec xvid
capturedemo demo1

I have an odd suspicion explicitly setting that codec might work. 
Frogbot Support 
Is there a way this can be added through placing entities in your .map file? 
Frogbot map support was hardcoded into the QuakeC by Trinca, I don't really know how it works. But it is hardcoded into it. 
Ah, I hadn't noticed that reply in the old thread.

"aliases" in console is an unknown command. But I did "alias +zoom_key" to get the information. I see some tools I did not know about in there... valsave and mul. Neeeeeeeeat.

And I don't need a whole "exec quake.rc" -- just an "exec autoexec.cfg" which is a user-controlled file.

Uhh, when I was just going to look at the textures in DM6, I got that weird crash that Dr. Watson says is an access violation. I had not changed anything yet, and I was just using the standard id1 stuff, so it wasn't even my modified DM6.

You can see in the qconsole log that I had checked the values of developer and cl_autodemo, and they were both set, but I am not getting any autodemos. I've tested some more after that, and I am just not getting any autodemos.... They aren't appearing in id1 nor in my fvf folder when I run fvf.

Though I don't think they would have revealed anything about the crash anyway.... Here's the log file (I just started DX version in a window, started a single player game, then tried to switch to DM6 -- I THINK the same thing had happened to me earlier but that time I think I had started a new multiplayer game instead):

I can't reliably repeat the big. I go through the exact same steps again, and it loads fine.... 
Oh, and autodemos definitely used to work for me, before you disabled them by default. I went in and made sure to delete my previous autodemos in anticipation of recording the crash happening. 
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