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Mark V - Release 1.00

* Nehahra support -- better and deeper link
* Mirror support, "mirror_" textures. video
* Quaddicted install via console (i.e. "install travail")
* Full external texture support DP naming convention
* Enhanced dev tools texturepointer video inspector video
* IPv6 support, enhanced server capabilities
* Enhance co-operative play (excels at this!)
* Software renderer version (WinQuake)
* "Find" information command (ex. type "find sky")

Thanks to the beta testers! NightFright, fifth, spy, gunter, pulsar, johnny law, dwere, qmaster, mfx, icaro, kinn, adib, onetruepurple, railmccoy

And thanks to the other developers who actively provided advice or assistance: Spike (!), mh, ericw, metlslime and the sw guys: mankrip and qbism.

/Mac version is not current yet ...; Linux will happen sometime in 2017
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Is there a functional difference between "install bnt self" and "install bnt bnt"?

Like, would the latter fail because the "bnt" directory doesn't currently exist, or stuff like that? I don't have a particular desired behavior here, just making sure I understand any specialness about "self". 
There isn't no functional difference, "self" is just automatic naming "" ---> "bnt".

The 2nd question: if it is a maps only install, using the override will overwrite files.

If it has more than maps (i.e. pak or progs), it should refuse to double install. 
Going to have to kick the can on the "ignore non-Xbox controller" until the next version, I want to test it on multiple machines first and don't fell comfortable putting in a beta without doing that. (i.e. I worry if the code works wrong, it will ignore a real Xbox controller). 
Re #2608 
Got it, thanks.

Sounds good, this will make me delete a lot of code out those batch files. Which is a plus. :-) 
Mark V - Version 1.99 (Stable?) 
Download: Windows - Direct X | WinQuake (Direct X = fast!)

1) Xbox One Controller support tweaked
2) Should eliminate sound stutter on some machines (iriyap, parubaru)
3) In-engine installer tweaks (johhnylaw)
4) Linux versions refinements (todo: make available)
5) Other touch-ups based on input

This is in addition to Big Sepulcher support (@pulsar, @qmaster) and the NightFright r_shadows 3 w/higher verts replacements models fix and Direct X decal workaround (DabblingSquidward) plus other items outlined in post #2037.

Alternate Builds:
1. WinQuake GL (killpixel)
2. SDL "zero dlls" build with mp3 sound track + all controllers support

Looks like all bugs and standard usability feedback issues have been addressed, clearing the queue.

Needs verification of resolution of issues.

Thanks to all the feedback to get this very polished! Always consider feedback even if it is not possible to immediately act on it (@iriyap). 
Spot checks on the install stuff look good. I'll see if I can run through them all tonight. 
A non-install-related thing:

If I launch Mark V using the -game option, my base video settings from id1 don't get carried over.

(Other settings do seem to get carried over properly from id1.) 
If there is a config.cfg in the gamedir (say quake/travail), it will supercede what is in id1.

And with -game is how it should work.

For instance, I run quake/travail and then set a video mode and exit and then restart travail ... it saved the config.cfg to quake/travail and that is the one it should read the settings from.

I have thoughts on how to enhance that to accomodate what I think you are describing (and do it in a traditional way, not doing something crazy).

/If I am understanding you right ... 
There's no config.cfg in the gamedir. It's a fresh mod install. I launch Mark V using the -game parameter, and I don't get my normal video settings... it's back into 640x480 windowed and I have to set all the video stuff again.

Other things like mouse invert and key bindings are handled OK though. Whatever I have set in id1 for such things is carried over, as usual/correctly. 
Maybe it was that way with the 2017 stable release too? Feel free to ignore me if I've lost it. 
Nope, you found something. What it doesn't do is fall back to id1 when there is no config on the early read if a gamedir is specified.

It just tries to early read from Travail, and if it finds no file it just stops.

This only affects things thing vid_width and vid_fullscreen that are read early, hardly anything is.

Nice catch! 
Hm. #203 #215

(heh, sorry, just had to point that out because my mental file pings me when I hear an issue that I may have heard before....) 
I'm a bit confused about the three different download links. Which build should I use? I play Quake (and map) on an old Windows Vista Laptop and stayed away from Mark V because it performed sub 60 FPS even in id1 maps, so I just stayed with QS for now. 
The Direct3D. 
Sorry for my ignorance but does this build (1.99) address the non-XBox controller conflict? I have 2 controllers attached to my Win 10 machine. The first is a Hori controller set to PS4 and the second is an Xbone controller. I still have the spinning on the spot issue. I have to unplug the dinput controller before I can use the xinput...

Sorry if this issue is still to be addressed and I'm just repeating what you already know. :) 
@hiptnotic Rogue 
I'll do an update later today with the missing gamedir config issue and also put in something that should ignore your Hori controller but let you use the Xbox controller. 
Cool Beans. 
That'd be great. Thank you. :) 
@Hipnotic Rogue 
Yeah, I'll need your feedback and from dumptruck_ds since I don't have a non-Xbox controller available. ;-) 
PS4 Controllers 
I don't have a PS4 controller, but the guides I've seen online about using them on a PC all talk about using a driver called ds4windows, which presents the controller to games as an Xinput device (emulating an Xbox controller). With that driver installed, I'd expect it should work with no extra configuration through MarkV's Xinput support.

My understanding of DirectInput is, it should probably be disabled by default unless you have a match from a mappings database like because the axis mappings are going to be random otherwise, so you'll have spinning on the spot problems etc. Winquake had it disabled by default for the same reason. 
I can loan you a PS4 controller to test. I have two and we rarely play split screen. Since we're in the US. Shipping would be no big deal if using ground. LMK.

Ericw I'd offer but IIRC customs is a drag on your end right - or has that changed? 
Thanks for the thought, yeah, shipping + customs would probably be cost prohibitive; I was thinking of getting one since they seem like a nice controller. 
I could send you a 3rd party controller if you like. It's a GameSir. Switches between dinput, xinput and iOS. Wireless with a dongle... Lemme know. I'm in sunny Scotland. :) 
Which model do you own? I personally have the G3s, as it's really good for the price imo. 
Yeah, that's the one. I use it on my PS3 which I only have around for Xevious Resurrection!

For the money, it really is pretty good. Nice and sturdy. :) 
@dumptruck_ds - I should be able to get my hands on one.

@ericw - Yeah, more or less at some point I'm going to do pretty much what SDL2 does ... if not downright take that chunk of the code eventually. Ironically that controllerdb is more or less in the SDL2 source code. 
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