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Machine Games Releases New Episode For Quake
Happy 20th to Quake @idsoftware! As a gift to the fans, we created a new episode of the game

Tweet + Screenshot

Download Quaddicted mirror

Warning: no readme file and it contains an autoexec.cfg and config.cfg that you probably don't want :)

Update: Quaddicted mirror has a readme.
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In Case Feedback Matters Somehow 
One thing I forgot to mention: some of the shootable buttons seem to have too much health. They need to be shot repeatedly before they activate. 
Will be looking to stream at 5.30pm gmt 
Liked It 
Stream Saved For A Couple Of Weeks 
I'm not Daz so don't expect the same level of lucid thoughts. But the map pack was great fun! 
Youtube It 
I have no idea how to 
Out of curiosity, does anyone know which editor they used to map this? I assume GtkRadiant, QERadiant, or QuArK.

Some high quality brush work here in many places. 
I Suspect 
It was radiant. Seems to be a favourite for industry vets. 
Worldcraft 3.3 
Confirmed by looking at the worldspawn, it's Worldcraft 3.3+Quake Adapter package.

@negke: how did you know what editor was used? 
New Zip On Quaddicted Has A Readme 
This is very cool! Just played 2 levels so far. 
Excellent !!! 
Played 4 maps... only at the moment... basically what others said, and definitely the hardest Quake maps I ever played (there are cramped areas in which there are too many monters IMHO.. anyway, godmode helped to pass ;) )... Definitely could have been a 5th episode without any problem...

Little pleasure bonus: played the map with Mick Gordon music, that made a perfect moment :P 
Very Good 
Was a fun treat when I got home! Very nicely done, felt professional and had smooth gameplay throughout.

Secrets were a bit on the easy side but that's not entirely a bad thing. Good quad runs and the traps are too quick to punish.

Still, the one trap where there are zombies scattered throughout was quite a ride! 
Great Stuff! 
Nice, polished old school romp -- and I have only finished the first two maps!!!

+1 to these guys creating the next Quake SP experience! 
Up to level 6 or so, but this is really good.

There's a real authentic purity of quakey level design here - the build quality is semi-modern, but the layout and gameplay is proper authentic oldskool quake - it's like the author hasn't been corrupted by a decade of playing 400-monster megamaps - it's just proper good ol' meat and potatoes quake. It really does feel like an official add-on to the game. 
This Was Definitely Something. 
My useless opinions:

E5M1: Best ending of the bunch - a quad run into a 360 degree ambush. Quite hard but it sets the stage for the rest of the episode.

E5M2: Best use of red idbase since (your map of choice). Employs the E1M1 motif of triggered lights in the best way. Another great quad run.

E5M3: Best use of water and tight spaces, reminded me of Ionous' jam1 entry. Lots of clever little bits, like the nail trap.

E5M4: Best variety in themes and gameplay, from action (bloody bit) to suspense (ending). Great opening visual. Probably my favorite map.

E5M5: Best layout by far, compact and interconnected. Fantastic E4 vibes at the start, E2 through, and E3 at the end.

E5M6: Best visuals - id1 the way skacky did. Also a very interesting secret. This one was just too brutal and stingy on ammo, though.

E5M7: Best secrets, useful and purposeful. Also, great traps. If the previous one felt like a skacky map, this one felt as if made by negke.

(E5M8: Not found yet.)

E5end: Best title. I didn't feel this one was necessary though it's an OK update of end.bsp I guess. Ending profoundly anticlimactic though :(

Skill 3 Demos

Great release, thanks a lot! Please fire czg so he can go map as well. 
I Meant ... 
...I enjoyed the maps 
Going To Be Playing This In About An Hour 
Played through it on Hard, except the final map where I woefully ran out of ammo, so I changed to Normal. Overall I really enjoyed it. Some weird places, like that one bit where a Vore can be avoided by just being behind a wall it can not shoot over, so it just kills itself. But those are minor quibbles. Nice classic feel with more care to the overall geo. 
PLAT_TOP18 doesn't exist in the WADs created from my registered version of Quake. E5M1 uses this texture in the first elevator.

Is this a Quake texture never seen before? It looks a bit similar to PLAT_TOP2 but it's actually different. 
In the other maps there's also a PLAT_TOP10, which seems identical to this new 18 variant, and a *WATER10 texture which I haven't compared to the others to see if it's new. 
Excellent !!! 
What onetruepurple, and others, said.

I found e5m8 by luck, good layout, certainly one of the hardest maps in gameplay.

I also found the dopefish... yes the dopefish lives!!

I definitely need more now...

Thanks a lot for the pack: that was simply EX-CEL-LENT !!! 
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