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This is a map that was developped in response of the "Inspiration & Reference" thread of a cavey entrence and acient castle.
I covered it up with some new monsters and static models.
Qtest had a serpent and elden ogre, I think they should be in the quake world.



Note - The download now links to the updated version.

My vote for the Quake20th Anniversary.
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Damn, too late to play... will download ready for tomorrow morning!

Glad you finally finished it, it feels like 10 years ago when I shared that picture on that thread!! :D 
Quomody Quake!

And there's some great stuff in here. 
Already need an update as the rocketorb was shooting a twisted launcher.

I keep the max 32978 planes error - no ogridle.wav.
Dragonite sinks in the ground (max_Hull?).
My small concerns, as with sound.
The best results I have with Fitzquake085, quakespasm errors the model frame rate.

Ogre idle sound not looped

Startsound not precached 
Not Your Average Quake Map! 
Skill 1, 3/5 Secrets.

First run I died quite early due to running out of ammo with a fiend. There are a ton of large shotgun boxes right at the start and if you don't know to save and backtrack for them you may run out of ammo during the part I die.

Second run was much better as I reach the exit with 3/5 (feathers)

Love the new models and design. The different elden ogres fit quite nicely into the Quake world. The Bender monster was a surprise to say the least. I feel like I was playing some sort of mashup fantasy castle where anything was possible!

The actual castle design and large bridge was stunning work and I am sure it took a long time to get right. Loved the mashed up industrial mixed with medieval bits.

Great work Madfox, certainly an original! 
The Best Model 
I really want to use that fishing ogre for secret areas! That thing is brilliant! 
After opening exit and killing shambler that was guarding it, I went back to search for some more secrets and couldn't find a way to get out of zombie pit 8(

Bender screaming while fighting vore, orbb doing backflip of fate from the roof, fishing ogre. Those things create awesome jolly mood.
Gameplay was a roller coaster of shitting bricks and laughing my ass off.

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