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New Q1SP: Root Of All Evil: Infernal Science (part1)
I like cheesy horror movies of 80th. You know the kind - every ancient burial ground has a house right in the middle, every laboratory works on creating zombie virus, every cemetery is cursed and so on.
As an ode to those movies I wanted to make a quake episode based on typical stories.

This is third map of Root of all evil.
Why not start from first? Well... I have no good reason 8) "Base" setting seemed easier to do (man, how I was mistaken). But wait, there's more!
I had to break map in two, because cave pieces immediately ate up vertex budget and lightmap related errors appeared.
Good thing is most of brushwork is done for second part so hopefully it won't take too long to finish it.

Map is easily broken - strategic ramps everywhere for speedrun purposes, but no tricks required to finish the level.

No backspawning this time 8) experimented with new fight scenarios.
As usual, lots of secrets. 18 to be precise. And that is after getting rid of most boring ones.

Hope you will like it and please share demos.

TLDR: Tried a lot of new stuff.


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I love the deserted feeling, the emptiness and the really long pauses between combat. It was a refreshing change of pace from the usual Quake combat with every corridor / room is full of enemies. The attention to detail in this map is outstanding, the broken walls, the blood oozing from behind panels, the animated tech textures and those tech style port holes between rooms, perfect!

I played the map with AD(patch2) on the DP engine because QS fails with your map hacks on the chip stuff. I think the buttons are too far away from what they affect, I did not realize at first the buttons were opening doors several rooms away. I got the SK, did the chip puzzle but got no idea where to go next. I spent ages going round and round in circles and eventually gave up! I don't think the map needs signposts, I think its flow needs to funnel the player better towards each objective.

Your secrets are very cool, you certainly love the "spot the texture difference" style more than anything else. My favourite secret was the giant moving crate because it changes the environment and involves some jumping around!

This is a map that has been lovingly detailed over a very long time and has a fantastic feeling of isolation and suspense (AD monster footsteps really helped). I would recommend you get more people involved in private testing before release, so that the map flow is more logical. 
Twas Great!! 
Loved the scampie secret....the super, mega, and serious secrets too. I liked how every secret was actually marked, except the envirosuit one ;). FYI, there is one lonely death knight who was left in his teleport box at the end JSYK. Loved the pacing. What sock said. 
What Sock Said 
Anyone who has not play this yet wanna do a first run in Coop together? German quakespasm server. 
it doesn't have appropriate spawn for second player. 
I played through the map but I broke it before i could find the silver key door by grenade jumping over all the security blocks! The atmosphere was really cool, love the demonic energies slowly seeping into the base, gave it almost a Half-Life meets Quake 3 vibe. 
Did I notice parts of the walls change as the evil spread? 
You Did ;) 
It crashes with latest quakespasm when I touch some switch

CALL1 505(precache_sound)precache_sound()
triggers_states.qc : trigger_bmodel_sounds
triggers.qc : trigger_once
subs.qc : SUB_UseTargets
triggers_states.qc : trigger_bmodel_fire
triggers_states.qc : trigger_bmodel_touch
PF_Precache_*: Precache can only be done in spawn functions
Host_Error: Program error

I tested it with 0.90.1 and 0.91.0
Are you using x64 build?
Are you trying to run it with any mod (AD)? 
I'm using 0.91 x32 sdl2 build
Running under AD mod. 
If you want to use AD, you can try darkplaces (sock mentioned it works), map will crash with AD + quakespasm combination.

Should run fine with QS without any mods too. 
Haven't played it, but I think it crashes, because the map uses sounds in combination with the trigger hack. Each sound needs to be precached, which can only be done by regular entities that have the specific sound set. Quite possibly such triggers may not even have a sound effect at all. 
You are right. I'm using 'noise' keys in fake buttons. Had some problems with it myself while building.
I'm sure I set other real buttons to use this sounds and that solved it for me.
Yep, just checked it and there is definitely regular entities using that same sounds in the map.

Precache happens on map load and not on actually playing that sound, right? 
Yes, on map load.

If properly precached, "noise" may be fine then. Setting "sounds" won't work.

I skipped the part where AAS mentioned playing with AD. It might just be the case that AD treats those sounds/precaches differently. 
I quite liked the start of the map, wandering around with no enemies in sight. Don't know if it's the feel you were going for, but perhaps omitting the rotfish and delaying any other enemy encounters even longer would have made the buildup to the inevitable ambush even more suspenseful.

I'm generally not a fan of huge maps with hundreds of enemies and tens of secrets. One reason is simply personal preference, I tend to prefer smaller maps that take less time to complete. But an even bigger reason is the tendency to get lost, which did happen to me on several occasions in this map. Maybe I wasn't paying enough attention at certain points, but some areas seemed to be maybe a bit too interconnected, in that the correct way to proceed was too obtuse. Another factor that detracts from my enjoyment of huge maps is that looking for secrets becomes somewhat of a chore, as there's so much more ground to cover. I missed quite a lot of secrets, and subsequently kills, in the map, even though I feel like I searched quite carefully.

Anyway, it's not that I didn't enjoy the map at all, I did. Just setting personal preferences aside, I think if the layout had been more streamlined and less confusing, I'd enjoyed it even more.

skill 3, 192/211 kills, 11/18 secrets demo 
You are a victim of your own skill, mate.
Most players have fewer places to search for secrets because they can't reach those spots. Several jumps was quite surprising and overall demo is highly educational on movement. Thank you.

I can only guess that near the end you got tired of the map, since before that search-method had astonishing thoroughness and it shows. You found a lot of secrets. Also 4 or 5 of them was nested so it's more like 11/14. 
The Secret Within A Secret Within A Secret 
Was pretty cool and very rewarding. The end secret was wierd.

Oh...PS, everyone checks under plats nowadays. Some of you clever mappers are being quite tauntingly mean by putting messages under lifts saying "Nothing under here". 
DeeDoubleU just kills you when he is sick of you checking under plats. Brilliant! 
>The End Secret Was Wierd. 
You have to play this one to get it ;) 
I Wery Like 
such type of maps with a lot of secrets and unforgettable atmosphere of abandoned base where you need explore to proceed. Matroshka secrets are great. When to expect a continuation? 
Part 2 Has Been Out For A While 
@ Gioyo3aa 
Yes, I know of course about it and even about this:
But author announced it as episode. It would be an incredible and unique thing.
Don't give up, DeeDoubleU! 
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