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New Q1SP: The Elder Reality
This is the extended version of my retrojam4 map. It contains at least one room from each Episode 4 map, features lots of spawns and ambushes.

Link1 or Link2


Don't forget to record a demo and share it.
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If only I'd known, I could have emailed over the 3 MHs I didn't use...

Shambler, Daz, none of the secrets requires grenade jumping to reach it (tho it is not prohibited).

Vondur, yay that's a map about dodging tarbabies and running from voreballs. I supposed that amount of shells was pretty generous in this map. You managed to waste it all on those tarbabies. I hope I enjoyed it anyway.

And a bit dark and a bit a lot of damn tarbabies = proper E4 atmosphere, I think. 
I hope I = I hope you 
Played this map last night right after it was posted. It's really really ridiculously brutally hard even on skill 1, I had to enter hax into the console in a few spots as well. SO MANY SPAWNS!! Only found two secrets and no supersecret exit :( Will look harder for it the next time around.

Great choices of rooms from each E4 map, I was grinning ear to ear when i stepped into the room with the altar and the outdoor area from Hell's Atrium was breathtaking 
This Map. 
On Skill 2, is like most AD maps on Skill 1. Apart from the harder AD maps, that is.

It's good. Nicely balanced, fun, good twist on E4, nice Quad runs. 
why didn't you equip pent in the final fight?

I did it in the second run, that's how I finished it. In skill 0. 
Coop demo - 2nd run

Way easier in 2nd coop run.

The level wasn't too hard for coop and has plenty of ammo for coop.

It's just most people aren't very used to fighting spawns, must avoid shooting them when near players.

In demo, lots of exploiting monster AI by attacking Vores and Shamblers and Fiends from the front and back simultaneously, which causes almost all monsters to lock up.

The first run was terrible, but in this 2nd run the monsters got owned badly. 
A Well Rounded Romp 
A nice blast of nostalgia, an episode 4 themed map in all the right places. I was very impressed with the one large outdoor area, the one shown in the screenshot. Very unique and ominous architecture, very fitting for Quake.

First run demo, hard skill. I wasn't able to find all secrets, but one I did find with the help of a friendly spawn. I found several others after I finished recording. 
Forgot To Record A Demo :( 
Finished with 189 kills and 12 secrets, on skill 3.
Loved the new areas, especially the e4m8 arena. I did use a grenade jump to reach the super secret, as I found the way to lower the platform later on.

Funnily enough I found the super secret arena way easier than the e4m7 finale. 
Orl: great run, l33t skillz!

Skacky: Funnily enough I found the super secret arena way easier than the e4m7 finale.
I suppose this is so only for skill 3 due to 4 shamblers and no cover, while for all other skills general ending is easier (at least it should be). 
I'm streaming this tonight, in about eight hours. 
Timezone Check 
Time Zones 
I always fall on my face when trying to figure out time zones.

As of posting, it is 1520 in Hawaii. I think I should be ready by about 2030. 
Loving Dem Formats 
Watching some demos to see if anyone found secrets I didn't (I think I found 10); so far I've had to use unzip, 7z and unrar to extract them, can anyone expand that to 4? :) 
Rename File Extension 
I Finally Found All The Secrets 
Most of secrets are easy to find, but there are a few ones that are harder to spot. ANd one secret is pretty unusual I think.

U r the man! 
Good Secrets 
Without giving anything away (hopefully), the "jumper" one is a good one. The last one I found was the pentagram past the healing pool. The trick for the super secret (without grenade jumping) is very hard to find IMHO, but it might be that I've forgotten a cue from the original e4 that makes it clearer. 
Fantastic map Pulsar, thanks for great minutes of fun!

Attach first run demo; 
Nice To See Some Coop Demos! 
Why, Oh Whyyyhyhyhyyyyy??? 
I saw the title and thought "awesome, I'm DLing this right now!", as episode 4 is quite possibly my fave, but then line #2 gave me the cold shower treatment: "features lots of spawns"... Fuck. I'll pass then, until someone decides to mod your map and replace most of these buggers with other enemies. *sob* 
Everybody Loves Spawns 
if the one doesn't, he should then 
are the staple enemy of Episode 4... expect them. 
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