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Random Map Loader
Over the years, I've accumulated hundreds of very high quality maps from this place. Now, it is becoming a nightmare to select a map to play, since there are so much to choose. The maps list in Quakespasm is very long and scrolling the whole list is painfull.

To solve this problem, it would be very usefull to have a small bsp file : random.bsp, that do just one thing : randomly select and load a map from a list of map names stored in a text file. That file could be located inside the default map directory (next to the random.bsp file), and could be edited by the player, using his/her favorite text editor.

So each time the player call the map random.bsp from the console, the engine then loads a random map from the favorite list.

Now, I am not a programmer, and I don't know if this idea could be done for Quake. I think it could be very usefull if it's doable.

So what do you think ? Anyone knows how to do this ?
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I am looking forward to b_shell1rmx 
sock already did it 
#25, #26, #27 ? 
Sock already did what ?

And what are b_shell1.bsp and b_shell1rmx ? 
This Thread Is Funny. 
Just Hook This Up To An Impulse And You're Good To Go 
void() random_map =
changelevel ("thefly");
You Mean The Fly From 1997 By Markus Klar? I Hear It's Good 
Indeed Sleepy 
you could also swap thefly for bailey. 
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