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Q1SP: Beyond Belief In 1 Map
Anyone fancy a nostalgia fix? Based on a joke comment made during Matthias Worch's recent retrospective streams (the context was new engines/tools and his map sources), and partially inspired by something necros did with the id sources, I made a little map experiment:

All of Beyond Belief merged into a single level; the maps arranged and connected to one another allowing a continuous playthrough from start to finish.

No sophisticated or visible visual tweaks, but a couple of new features, like coop shortcuts and BB/ID1 compatibility. Perhaps this is of some interest to those who were already considering giving BB another spin some time.

The map requires an engine port with increased limits and BSP2 support, e.g. Quakespasm 0.90.0 or Darkplaces 14-May-2014+.

Screenshot | Download
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Why Is Not On Quaddicated!? 
BB5 Clip 
Yes, I fixed that one without having speedrunning in mind - using keys from a previous map does sound like a good shortcut possibility. I guess you could still just figure out an alternative route? 
Is There Any Way To Return To Map 2 
after i've been teleported to map three
it seems there's no way back to map one too

had a quick replay and never bothered to details
just curious 
I enjoyed the hell out of this, Negke!!!
(Great idea filling that otherwise empty secret with that hostile mug).

Missing 1 secret, though. I suspect it has something to do with the Rune of... Cantrememberitsname, ad to noclip there.

Wouldn't it be great to have the retail Version + all the major early mission packs chained like this?

Anybody up for it?

Great job on this! 
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