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Retro Jam 1 Pack Released!
That stealthy sock organised a Twitter-exclusive map jam this weekend. Whether it was to restrict the number of participants or clamp down on excessive JAM HYPE, who knows...

What we do know is that the theme implies some sort of old skool Quake homage, and it's been released right here:

With screenshots here:

And the mappers are rumoured to be:

Go play it!
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Pretty awesome pack, great work everyone!

my map - happy I finished something; in hindsight the gameplay is bland (lazy monster setups, etc) and the box rooms are pretty ugly. The theme turned into zendar instead of retro. It was fun mapping under time pressure, it felt like I was several times more efficient than usual.

mfx - great looking, especially the exterior, and impressive size! The sinking blocks trap was my favourite trap in the pack I think, and the crusher trap was pretty brutal ;)

scampie - fun & true to the theme, nice crusher trap.

skacky - crazy, felt like a full quality release. It was fun checking out your twitch stream now and then. I didn't know about the texture cloning feature in TB! (where you select a face and then click on other faces to paste the texture).

sock - proud I found 6/7 secrets! I love the visual signalling of the secrets, and how the buttons mounted near the ceiling break the convention of shootable secret buttons. awesome map, felt like a full quality release. 
Skacky's Bug

The QS guys might like to pick this one up. 
Broken Link 
That download link is broken. 
Here's The File On Quaddicted 
added alternate link to news post 
No Demos 
Because I don't like it when people watch me do stuff. Or I forgot. Mostly that one.

Only played skacky's and sock's so far.

skacky - I completely missed that you spawn with the silver door behind you, so when I encountered a door with the silver key icon, I had a moment of "uh, why did this open for me?" I actually didn't notice the silver key door until the end. Opened a bit like The Ivory Tower. I did enjoy it, particularly the possibilities for in-fighting.

Good secrets, though I found the quad when I basically had nothing to use it on, and reached the RA once everything else was dead. Also I totally knew about the save/load issue and yet did it anyways, even though I typically don't bother with such... Silly me.

sock - I really liked the jump secrets that got me paying attention to all the trim and details in the map. Definitely easy to wander into a swarm of bounding boxes. Also, shambler, fiend, and vore around the same corner? Ouch. Couldn't muster the tiniest bit of in-fight out of them either.

Got rather annoyed at the crusher trap. On a reload I saw the crushing mechanism itself (and later found how to disable it) but as you had shown that bloody floor twice, for walls that shot only spike traps, I was going into it listening for spikes and looking for buttons - I thought you were building to something, rather than gating me. That final fiend spawn was brutal (only saw him, never heard him, as he was in the middle of a jump right on me - glad I had the lightning gun selected). Found 5/7 secrets, but I don't even know what else I would be missing. There are a few doors that say "Locked", but I've no clue what would be behind them, and the fact that all the monsters are dead gave me little incentive to find my way into those areas. I roamed the level 4 or 5 times after completing it looking to get those last two, but never spotted anything.

If I have a moment, I'll try to get to the others. I suspect I will need the fix build for mfx's however...

Oh and I forgot to say for both skacky and sock, those maps are beautiful, and an inspiration as to what can be done in such a short span of time. 
Fixed Map 
Can Skacky upload a fixed version of his map? 
I'll upload a fixed version in a few hours. 
Fixed Version 
Congrats On The Release 
great work guys and what a nice surprise
this could've been a one great chainmap

the only one map has been passable to me 
After Aeons... 
...I got back into Quake.

And, for a fresh start, I decided to upload

Real ones.

No trickery. No previous attempts.


Long story short, I just jumped right in and recorded demos. The outcome ranges from the pathetic to the hilarious.

Recorded in Quakespasm on a Mac.

Good maps. The ones I managed to get through, I mean... Will get back to the others later.

P.s. What's up with Quaketastic? Could not login for the life of me... 
Pootling Around Zoom Zoom 
hard skill demos

Ericw : cool swampy style. Needed more exploratory bits. Single secret was nice. Quite easy even on hard.

MFX : you are a fuck. This level again looks sexy as shit in mfx fashion but I wasn't a fan of the gameplay balanced on a razors edge like this. Some people enjoy this style but it's not for me!

Skacky : w00t! Cool level. Again sexy as fuck and has that skacky trademark vertical style. A few areas were a bit pant shitting cos you just keep on aggroing enemies wherever you go (check my epic demo, bow down to the lord of Quake). I knew where the silver key door was from skacky's stream but I could easily see people missing it at the start.

Scampie : nerf lava. Basic visuals but fun gameplay. Managed to sneak past the fiend at the start so get rekt m8.

Sock : Trademark Sock epicness! Great layout and secrets! Sock always creates the best visual language for his secrets. Very subtle but once you notice it you can find many more in the maps. Fun combat and I managed to get up onto the roof of the level without cheating :)

Overall a very cool pack and super impressive that it was all built in ~1 day. 
Scampie Wins 
Timeless Retro Classic 
Loved the jam, it was delicious.

The only one I didn't complete was MFX's, it was difficult and also it runs like crap on my surface.

I think I loved Skacky's the most, followed closely by Socks. 
Thanks everyone for the demos and feedback, I am glad you all had a nice surprise and got to play with something new this week.

Please can someone change the title of this thread, it is not a secret jam 4, I believe OTP is going to be running jam 4 once the mapcore competition is finished. This is retro jam 1 for a reason, its different.

Also I have new screenshot links for the top of this thread if anyone wants to update it:

Overall Skacky MFX 
How come in skackys map when I open the save I get "first token isn't a brace" 
You Cant Read Threads 
For Those Who Just Tuned In... 
I'll try to ask it again.

"P.s. What's up with Quaketastic? Could not login for the life of me..." 
There's A New-ish Password (last Year Or Two) 
Username: quaketastic
Password: ZigguratVertigoBlewTronynsSocksOff

it's also in the top post of the "screenshots and betas" thread for next time you need it.

btw enjoyed your demo :) 
Please can someone change the title of this thread, it is not a secret jam 4

Done. If you'd posted more publicly about this pack - including on here, which has been a convention for Quake maps - then we'd have had this pack announced in a more suitable way, rather than relying on second-hand information. 
Thanks A Lot, Ericw... 
...but I had googled it before uploading my demos and found the new user/password.

That simply doesn't seem to work for me.
I did ask for info just in case the user/pw had been changed once more, but I see that's not the case.
May be some dirt left from memorized passwords, I'll have a look into it.

Glad you liked my demo, I liked your map a lot. Keep 'em coming. 
Must definitely be my cache @home. Login from office works just fine. 
Only Around 45% Retro, But Very Nice 
Ericw and Scampie's maps are truest to the theme, the others pretty modern - very detailed and polished, new school gameplay, transparent water, fog etc. Not that this is a problem - very nice for a weekend pack. I played without the new items.

Skacky and sock's levels are quite similar, great looks and interconnected layout, interesting secrets. Good fun overall. Like Shambler said, impressive how well skacky's map turns out, how complete it feels considering it's just a courtyard with rooms around. The mapping streams were cool. sock's map is typical sock perfection, not much to add. Though I hope he'll do something outside his trademark comfort zone (medieval castles) some time, should be most awesome. mfx's map is very appropriate too, except dickish gameplay in parts and the ammo situations towards the end.

Demos (mixed protocols, 15 and 666). 
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