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Dealing With Stalled Mapping Projects
We probably had a thread like this somewhere in the past, but since it's relevant to me now and I'm too lazy to go digging through the archives I thought I'd ask the question again: How do you deal with mapping block, or ruts during the build of a map?

Basically the map I am working on now I hate and never want to see again, but I feel like I must finish it. It's not far from finished, but every little thing that remains to be done is the most agonising, tedious work and I don't really like the gameplay of the map, but just want to finish it and move onto something else.

In the past, I just stopped working on maps I didn't feel like working on and went back to them later (or didn't). This time, since the current map is part of a series, I feel that it must be finished.

Any advice for this situation?
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Chain Mapping And Map Swaps 
Definitely not out of the question. Collaboration can be a great way to get motivated again, but sometimes it can actually add more stress, since you feel like there's an extra person you are letting down if you have prolonged block or don't have time to map.

The map I am working on is nearly finished, and I'd like to finish it myself. I probably just need to show it to a couple of people and get some comments and ideas for where to take it to be able to get a bit more motivated. Once it's done I'd like to maybe do a map swap on another map, since I still have a few more maps I feel obliged to make now (dm#rmx), and have ideas for them.

Regarding the "scratching everywhere except where the itch is" problem, I feel kind of like the whole map is the itch, but there is no way in hell I'm starting it again :) Feels like it can be made fun without too much destruction, but it's become kind of a pain, or I have some mental barrier making me thing that way.

Anyway, Negke offered to have a look, so hopefully he'll be able to give me some good ideas. 
Thangke = Awesome 
Get neggers on the case! 
Get neggers on the case! 
Based On His Comments In This Thread, 
I think you should get Lun on the case too 
definitely depends on what kind of mapper's block we're talking about

Basically the map I am working on now I hate and never want to see again

so, that kind?

yeah, if you want to never see it again, never look at it again. voila, you get what you want, just like that!

if it would really be intolerably sad that the map you hate won't get finished, go ahead and give it to a willing coauthor, but don't break your own balls putting time in on something you're getting no enjoyment from.

I think you should get Lun on the case too

got my own albatrosses atm 
when I have enough mapblocks I collaborate the best parts together. 
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