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Map Jam 2 - "IKBlue/IKWhite" Theme Pack Released
The second Map Jam pack is released! The theme for this pack was the ikwhite/ikblue texture set by Iikka Ker�nen, and we have 8 great maps to show for it!

Screenshots, Download, Mirror, Readme

Authors: cocerello, ericw/fifth, lunaran, mfx, scampie, skacky, sock, tronyn

Read the original discussion thread here.
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Here's a skill 3 speedrun of my map for shits and giggles. Contains SPOILERS on several secrets: 
glad you liked it Shambler, cheers. An expanded version will come out later, but I'll try not to use too many Drake monsters ;)
(I actually like grunts for the setting but I think Drake's Hexen 2 Archers would also fit it). Now that the jam is out I'm looking forward to playing it and catching up on all the other releases I haven't played yet. 
Loved A Lot Your Demos 
Thank you all guys for the demos, they were eye openers to me. They made it crystal clear to me that i should always use betatesters for now, even for speedmaps, at least for now. The map had its unintended issues in gameplay too, making it way easier for skill 2/3 and a bit harder for skill 1.

That, and that the ambush of the knights and the shambler in skill 2 is like Satan and Hitler cooperating.

It was surprising to see that the SK was so obvious and way more to notice than the GK, even though SK was hidden as it leads to a big secret area.

** Lunaran, i won't follow your preach, i won't release again a map without one hundred betatesters and less than two thirds the time spent on polishing ;) .

** Ijed, thanks for pointing out the issue of lighting.
In your demos it says all the time that you are playing on skill 1, but in them appears enemies from skill 2/3 that shouldn't be there, apart from those from skill 1. You also say that you are playing on skill 3 but in the engines i use (Quakespasm and Darkplaces) it says skill 1 for the three demos. I replayed the map, and it doesn't happen for me. What engine have you used?

The solid doors are there, not entities and angled for three reasons, to block vis, so the monsters don't go out or in the building, and because they look cool, as the door on the floor does. Using them to make the gameplay easy by shooting through them is a plus, and i don't mind it, Quake custom maps are filled with that kind of moments.

** FifthElephant, the weapons and ammo that you missed are all on the biggest room (the one with the ogres) on the ground floor, below the stairs and on the side opposite to the door you use to enter the building. There is three places with ammo on the ground floor and one more with a weapon between the ground floor and the first floor. None of them are secrets.

It is pity that you missed them, you were making a nice play in the map, and I enjoyed it throughly.

as it seems that it was too long

** Digs. It was interesting to watch, you mainly played it like i thought, except the times of where do i go now, of course. Thanks.

** Onetruepurple, it was a funny demo to watch, but my maps are planned to play them slowly and cautiously. If you rush so much you'll feel overwhelmed and think that it is harder than it is. Play it on normal, its type of gameplay will be more to your tastes.
The gold key is very near the door, drop down from there to the terrace below, and you'll find it.

** Skacky, it was an interesting demo to watch.
No problem, you can be honest with me always, even though, in this case, i expected that kind of opinion from skill 2/3 play-through, so it was even less than a problem.

I thought that, as you hated the gameplay you had a very hard time with it, but it was a nice demo to see. I should have put the NG before, but i always play with exploration in mind and wanted that getting to the NG felt a bit like an achievement while not being hard to get.

Glad you liked the last room, is the one i feel the most satisfied with the lighting, as it was the one easier to light from the four with fake GI, even though in general looks, i prefer the library.

The dissapearing brushes (in this case a func_wall to reduce vising times), i always though that it was related to having too many things to vis in a room. Isn't it? I worked on that, as before there were many more, but two escaped my watch.

** Scampie, i'll answer you later, now i have to eat. For now I can say that you nailed pretty much everything. 
Where Do I Go Now? 
As all the people who made demos where wondering where to go next in my map I am writing this.

The map provides hints on where to go next by having hints on both the button and the doors they open. Every button opened door has this.

The hint is that every door has a central square in the middle, if it can't be opened or is opened automatically or by a trigger, that square is white, if the door is opened by a button, that door has the same texture in the square as the button that opened it. 
Scampie, You Son Of A Shambler ! 
I found your secret rave party. AWESOME !

That map is such a gem ! 8�D 
Just passing through to say wow. Beautiful stuff, gents. 
MFX's Map 
I think that MFX's map is my favorite, with Scampie's and Sock's.

MFX map is so much Quake. The atmosphere is very strong, as it should for a Quake map. I especially like the basement with its mess of wood planks.

And the rendering style is really great. Feels like some eerie dream/nightmarish. Very well done.

Next : I'll reply all the maps using the DMSP mod, in nightmare mode, just to see what happens... 
Glad you like the secret :D

My map should work well in DMSP "Deathmatch 1", but the scripting of the blocking doors and such quite often breaks in single player DMSP, and there isn't much I can do to fix that 
Scampie + DMSP Mod + Nightmare = Mega Rave Party, Texan Style ! 
Oh boy !

That combination works, and it's trully excellent ! Hundreds of dead bodies/gibbs/heads and parts everywhere, in all the rooms and corridors.

What a freaking mess !

And I love the fact that the parts doesn't go away, with the DMSP mod. Here's an example :

Muahahahaaa ! 
When you ask 'skill' it will return the skill you have on your rig, not the one the demo was recorded in (AFAIK).

I played in Quakespasm. 
Just Played All The Maps Through 
proper review later, but for now some quick comments:

Cocerello: I didn't have much trouble with the route, though the library was a bit tricky. When I found the silver key and saw the ladder ahead I thought I was going to be crushed between bookshelves lol. Played on normal so found the gameplay reasonable, though perhaps light on ammo later on.

Fifth/Ericw: great stuff, this is the kind of map that makes me want to look for secrets, what with all the building tops, arches, towers, etc. The end (with the lamp) was awesome, tough but I eventually managed to finish it without cheating (secret is helpful lol - first they're invincible, then you get to pay them back for that). Perhaps the vertical route could have had more mileage, but overall great.

Lunaran: Holy invents Ik-Red - probably the most unique visual style of the pack. Saw some lava secrets ala e1m8, super cool though I didn't find them; I liked the dark final combat, it was challenging in an unusual way but not unreasonable.

Mfx: "Are you employed, sir?" (the Big Lebowski to the Dude) - how could you make something this impressive in such a short space of time? This strikes me as easily the best map in the pack, up to Zendar standards even (!!), and a huge leap from previous MFX maps. I loved the little details and sense of exploration, the secrets I did find, variety in the environment; amazing sense of place.

Scampie: Great style, this is one evil map. The intense gameplay totally fit the theme/concept (this god clearly loves blood), this map had a strong hostile bloodbath feeling and made me want to kill stuff. Very atmospheric, the monsters all seemed right at home, beautiful lighting. Quite an Elder World feel for sure.

Skacky: Loved the title and concept, although (can't believe I'm saying this) less hordey combat might have suited both better. Secret quad run was awesome though. The idea of a sky city has always appealed to me. Excellent use of the textures and probably the best lighting out of any map in here. Like Fifth's map, this is the kind of map you just want to fly around checking out how all the sections fit together.

Sock: Gameplay reminded me of Midnight Stalker a bit, close quarters with ogres, shamblers, and hellknights is often more challenging than I assume! Great details as usual like the health pools (heretic 2 textures yay! - actually the whole style reminded me of heretic 2's "Cloudhub"). The setting on the edge of a cliff was great, in fact now that I think of it like half the maps were set way up in the sky. Sweet.

Overall thanks to everyone who contributed and especially to Sock for making it happen, the maps were all great and this is the most fun I've had playing Q1SP in a long time. The temple/palace setting rules and I'll be replaying this trying to find all the secrets in the future. The fact that the ikblue/ikwhite/etc texture set is now significantly expanded is a nice side benefit too. 
Death By A Thousand Derps

For real this time! 
Thanks Tronyn 
Copy and paste helped a lot in my map, glad you liked it. Zendar!?! Lol..

I made demos for each map, further praise in there. Sorry for probable derpings in some:)

Thanks again Sock for organizing this!

Overall, its a good time for Q1 players:) 
Seriously MFX Your Map Is On Par With The Greatest Q1SP Maps 
I don�t like the endfight(?) much, and still i�m not sure about the light in some places as well.

Nobodys arguing about monsters being spawned in, me wonders.. 
MFX, About Monsters Being Spawned In 
I noticed the way that the two last monsters are spawning from the ground. Felt weird, but cool anyway. Match well with that eerie nightmarish dream rndering. 
Like I Said In Daz's Stream, There Will Be A JAM3 This September 
Some people want to cool off a bit so they have the whole of august to slack off. 
I Can't Put It In Zendar's Company But 
Definitely an excellent release, especially considering the time frame! Your earlier releases (and unreleased betas) did a great job of mimicking Than/CZG's style, but this map makes it undeniable that youhave your own style now. That's pretty fucking huge in and of itself.

Will replay the rest tonight and offer comments and demos shortly thereafter. Died early in tronyns map (from falldamage - a first time for everything) so pretty pumped about it from that preview/ shamblers comments.

Hard to pick a fav so far, they are all very very good and for the most part very innovative! 
Blown Away 
What an amazing jam. I really don't know what to say. The maps were incredible!

Here is a demo pack (33mb) of first time runs from the stream 
Sock + DMSP -> Hilarious ! 
I tried Sock's map with the DMSP mod : all the supplementary monsters are just falling one by one into the void, near the shotgun balcony. One poor dude per second.

A rain of monsters, LOL !

Scampie's map doesn't behave well with DMSP neither. 
That�s Like Filling Diesel 
in a gasoline engine.. How could you? 
Diesel + Gasoline + Beer + Coffee 
At least, your own map (MFX) works very well with the DMSP mode, and it's awseome.

And here's a room full of nasties in Scampie's map, just under the start floor. Hilarious to go there and say hello !

Hehehee, I love to do this ! 
that isn't a picture of my map... 
Hmmm. It's From MFX 
I like to find the hidden boxes full of monsters and drop in them like a shit. Monsters hate that. 
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