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Map Jam 1 - "Honey" Theme Pack Released
Map Jamming is about creating maps of any size or detail level over a two week period using a certain theme and texture set. Check the readme file below for further details of what the Jam is about. Any questions or comments, please post to this thread only.

Deadline - 29th June 2014
Theme - Honey inspired map with plenty of platform / train setups Guidelines for Map JamTexture WAD files

UPDATE July 7th: Pack is released!

FINAL Honey Jam Map Pack - Download, Readme, Screenshots, 12 Authors - Arrrcee, digs, doomer, ericw, fifth, ionous/mfx, mechtech, otp, rickyt23, scampie, skacky, sock
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I had significant lag when playing with quakespasm, on severa l maps (ericw, scampie... Others) but they played fine in fitz mark v. 
Awesome Pack 
Finally got to play all the maps. Really an impressive effort and I'm positively surprised how many people participated in this Jam session. Great turnout. Demos (protocol 666)

otp: The running out of time shows - the map would have benefitted from a little more time for polish, indeed. Simple layout, though I would have wished for it to be more interconnected. The trashy bits were unnecessary. Still an okay entry, pretty speedmappish.

ArrrCee: Looks like a first attempt at mapping, with quite crude and sloppy construction, linear corridors with predictable monster placement. But it's a start! Focus more on layout and 'managable' details in the future and it should work out well. The drains/waterfalls are a nice touch. Though shame there's no water ambience whatsoever (both due to the leak and the lack of ambient entities).

ericw: The scaffoldings are very cool, especially in such a large foggy underground environment. Very small map, feels like it's over just as it's starting to get interesting - would have liked to do more climbing. The SK feels like a missed oppportunity. Something else to do instead of just walking back up.

mechtech: Much like ericw's map, this one looks cool with the chains and the large bridge, but it's so small that it kind of ends before even starting.

I like the large grated arches/windows, they add a certain sense of grandheur to the place. Some areas, like the one with the MH ambush (which feels kind of pointless tbh), are too bright. Large areas like this shouldn't be too well lit, at least not the ceilings and far walls.

mechtech, ericw, doomer and otp should have merged their levels chainmap style, for the win! Nothing wrong with small/short maps in general, but these kind of feel unfinished (which they probably are, so no blame), lacking a conclusion of sorts (not necessarily a boss fight).

Ricky: Solid jamming in the true sense of the word. Not much in the way of details, but it felt very appropriate for this event. Somewhat reminded me of that other map of yours, the metal one with the red fog. Some good quad action. Odd to see this many crates, but then again CRATES!

Fifth: Nice small map with good details, especially the huge chains in the tall rooms are very Honey-like. The light fixtures could have been clipped off for neatness (possibly to get stuck on them in the heat of battle).

skacky: This one looks fantastic... the details, arches and vistas. Layout seems good, too. The gameplay, again, I found to be quite a bit on the grindy side. Lots of ogres and hell knights to fight with shitty weapons - got a bit tedious after a while. Then again, I played on Hard and didn't find many secrets (they apprear to be super-hidden). It may have been different otherwise? Would have wished for a RL in the open and some more cells. The jumping monsters are a hilarious twist on gameplay. Too bad one doesn't get to kill Scampie at the end...

ionous: Short and sweet. It looks very nice, and unlike the other maps which are rather spacious, this one is tight and with gameplay that accomodates it. I really like the beams and the chain/crank mechanism. The whole place comes together when noclipping around and looking at it from the outside. The ending was abrupt - I wasn't expecting it.

Scampie: Yay!!!sscscmapue!!121edlnjm
scampsp3, it's a nice map! The grunts and enforcers are a refreshing change to the other maps in the pack (okay, Ricky's has some enforcers, too). The cave bit turned out well. A bit underused perhaps. Some good detail... well, I'm a sucker for broken brickwork. I found the under-the-lift secret!!!!Therefore: victory. The forced czgness of the centerprints felt unncessary.

sock: What's there to say, typical sock level/awesomeness. Though perhaps not as unique as previous ones, because essentially this one looks like a blend of Backstein and Zendar with Honey textures. Still, all the good things are there: great architecture and layout, nice secrets, gameplay etc. Though sloppy as fuck construction: I saw several brushpockets behind the walls!!!1234gtfo Maybe could have used some bigger vistas (chasms with chains or stuff in the distance) to set it apart from your previous maps and add another link to the Honey theme. The RL-scrag scene is great fun (remember dmc3m7), I had already planned on making another one of those myself in the next level, so it was nice to see you beat me to it.

digs: Nice one, and a bit non-linear, too. I thought the style was a little bit odd, because of the different brick colors all used together so closely but often without proper borders or trim in between. It also seems somewhat boxier than your previous levels, and the grates are so chucky. This must be the only map without secrets! No digs-style weirdness or puzzles this time, but a solid map. 
Seems Like I Owe An Explanation 
If you see two areas connected via penis, then know that I wanted to put around 5-10 minutes of gameplay there instead. There was never meant to be a teleporter or a ramp, they're just crude bandaid for the amputated parts.

Thanks for all the demos. I'm very relieved that nobody looked upwards in the spiraling staircase part. 
...I wanted to put around 5-10 minutes of gameplay there instead. an entire map... 
two areas connected via penis

jam 3 theme right here 
Playing Them With Mark V Now 
and no slowdowns whatsoever. So definitely something going on with regular fitz and quakespasm. 
Dynamic lighting. 
so does that mean quite a few of these maps use more dynamic lighting than regular maps? 
Fitz always gave me terrible dynamic light slowdown on my laptop, but Baker put a fix in his version.

Best way to test is kill Shub. The final telefrag sequence messes with lightstyle 0, meaning the base lightmaps for the entire level. \o/ 
Played Them... 
...liked Skacky's the best.

Won't play the next Jampack as I just don't see Quake in that texture set. 
Also, FQ85, No Lag Anywhere 
I Don't Get The IK Hate 
That so many seem to hold so dear. At all. 
Me Neither 
And refusing to play maps just because of that is ridiculous imo. 
Great map pack!

Did the digs map require a grenade jump to win? 
I, too, am having difficulties in finishing your map. Can't find the way to go on the other side of that large blue key door, without cheating. 
Large living room with exit has a pointer where you want to jump off the elevator 
I don't play Base maps either. And it has nothing to do with hate but everything to do with like. 
@everyone Just wanted to post a quick thanks to everyone who gave feedback. This was my first map jam and my first actual map so all of your feedback will definitely help with the construction of my next one!

Also, playing through the pack and seeing what everyone brings to the table in just a 2 week period is such an eye opener. Hopefully I've learned enough from this jam that my next jam will offer a lot more. =) 
Welcome To Q1 Mapping :) 
Better Late Than Never 
<a href=">Demos</a> for ericw, FifthElephant, mechtech, Ricky, sock, and an actually finished one for Scampie.

DOOMer: I'm very sorry, but once I finished replaying yours I realised I forgot to record it. :( 
@Scampie :) 
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