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Quoth 2.2
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Quoth version 2.2 is out! This is a spit-and-polish release, with some new features to play with, but the emphasis on refining the Quoth 2 content, re-balancing some monsters, fixing old bugs, and keeping Quoth as lightweight as possible.

The download links can be found above. There are two version: a full install of Quoth, and a patch that will upgrade 2.0 and 2.1 to 2.2. If you have 2.1, you will need to replace the existing pak2.pak file with the new one supplied.

Thanks to everyone who has tested and helped out to get this release together!
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Thank You Preach 
For your continued effort to make the life of Quake mappers easier, and mine harder. 
Dat Tutorial! 
Great work Preach! 
Re: Negke's Comment 
and mine harder

Why? Does this break Skinny Norris?

Also: what the others have said -- thank you, Preach. 
Thank You Preach! 
Congratulation and thank you!
That tutorial is awesome indeed! 
excited to check it out :) 
Nice work! 
Awesome Sauce. 
Getting now -- know what I'll be doing this evening ;D 
Awesome Sauce, Cont. 
Is the external models stuff recent or something Quoth has always had? If so, I've been a cludge for some time, now... 
Hell Yeah 
this is cool! 
External Models 
That feature got added in 2.0, but it wasn't well documented at the time. I think there are some rotating entities which show the feature off in e1m5quotha (rotating entities benefit a lot from the feature).

It's interesting to see how the tutorial has got as much traffic in the past 12 hours as the main Quoth page. So it's certainly helped promote that side of things! 
Omg Thanks 
will check it later 
If Only... 
Quoth included the fixed up dog model that was created by capnbubs (and I'd say the nicer player model and soldier model), plus I would also prefer slapmaps plasma gun to replace the dildo cannon.

All in all though it's nice to see Quoth get continued support. 
Quoth Page 
Kudos in general on it Preach, especially the tutorial, which I am sure to be revisiting innumerable times in the future. 
That fixed player model has a weird face. The dog is very nice though. If I'm not mistaking them for some other replacement models.

I'm only waiting for the glitchy fullbrights to be fixed, because it's a little inappropriate for a project of such significance. 
Thank You A Lot 
for both the release and the tutorial.

For 2.3, you could please put a melee air monster, to complete the bestiary. 
I wish I had the first clue about making models (I can do textures, just models I'm not sure about)... anyone got any good advice or tute's on making quake 1 models?

I love the fixed player model, face seems great toe me. My only gripe is the pockets on his ass are a little big. ;) 
anyone got any good advice or tute's on making quake 1 models? 
Qexpo Tutorial And Overriding Models 
I've just finished working my way through the qexpo tutorial adding some annotations on the things I think are out-of-date in there. So a great time to check it out!

On new models: Quoth takes a very softly-softly approach on new models. Some people like the replacement skins they've installed for models, others are religiously devoted to the originals. So we try not to mess with anything that isn't needed for functionality. On that note a quick detour into one feature set:

One of the things I did for 2.2 was go back and recreate all the "combined weapon models" to make them more true to the original v_weps. The 2.0 versions were a bit sloppy in places which may have discouraged use of the feature. The new ones are interpolation friendly, power-of-2 skin size, and have front-back skin maps so QME still handles them correctly. I think they top the originals.

Now, the pains taken to not change a single pixel on the skin but only move some triangles about does make it easier to adapt a replacement skin to these new models - it's just a cut and paste job. However, that's not automatic. If a map turns on the combined weapon models then custom skins for the originals have been disabled. Didn't we say that was bad?

Enter the scratch1 cvar. Setting this cvar gives you veto rights over the way a map uses combined models. If you set "scratch1 1", then even if the map requests combined models you get the uncombined versions. Usually the mapper would do this if they are close to the model limit, so it's recommended to only do this if your engine has increased limits.

Conversely, set "scratch1 2" and even if the map doesn't set any combined model flags, you get all the combined models! This is intended for testing purposes, but if you really like the .mdl ammo packs and the new combined vweapon models you can force them always on. Why not use the new quoth.cfg to set this up? You know you want to... 
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