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Unreal Engine 4 Available For Licensing EVERYONE!
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What are you making with Unity, Kinn? (please be a quake reboot) 
There has to be more to the story with CryEngine... 10 bux a month with no royalties is no where near enough to fund ongoing engine support.

From what I understand they hardly provide any anyway. 
What are you making with Unity, Kinn? (please be a quake reboot)

Heehee :}

For now let's just say tears, pipedreams, and broken promises. 
tears in reality where you will crawl through pipes and cross echoing complexes full of dark dreams where your determination will be tested and sometimes broken by the elder hordes you face. This promises to be one of the best games ever made, bar none. 
According To Ijed's Interpretation... 
You must be working on Big Rigs 2!? 
a lovecraftian remake of barbie horse adventures

adventures ... into DOOOM 
All Those Moments Will Be 
Lost in pipes in rain. 
Enhancements In Usability 
For what it is worth, UE4 doesn't just offer a huge advancement in graphics fidelity. I'm personally using it because it actually works well for rapid prototyping for both artists and programmers. I plan on using it for a game with pretty crude graphics.

As I said on #tf, this is coming from someone who hated UE3 with a passion. 
Here's a good feature video and you can see the BSP stuff right at the beginning: 
90 Days Of Free UE4 For Ludum Dare 31.

Damn good deal. Would have applied myself had I already not received 3 years of free UE4 on account of being a student. ;-) 
UE4 - Use it, dammit, USE IT! 
A friend gave me a key, I've not had a chance to dig into it, but things do seem sleek. Going to go through the tutorials, see about making a tower defense game, and selling it for one hundred Warren dollars. 
What's the conversion from Warren dollars to Starbucks? BWAHAHAHAHAHA =/ 
I somehow missed this comment, but that did generate a genuine smirk.

Still not touched it yet, health problems and other things have kept me away. 
Anyone tried mapping for UT4 yet? I'm probably going to play around with that over Christmas/New Year. Interested in seeing anyone else's layouts/thoughts on the game so far. 
Is the editor still Windows-only? 
Nope, everything is cross platform now. 
"Level Editing In UE4 Kinda Needs To Catch Up To Quake 1" 
Agreed. Stay tuned. >:) 
.. welcome back to 1996 ! 
The natural selection 2 editor looked really good in regards to brushwork, or psuedo brushwork. 
It's Now Free. 
For A Pretty Gross Definition Of 'free' 
When you ship a game or application, you pay a 5% royalty on gross revenue after the first $3,000 per product, per quarter. 
I Wonder 
if it's because they didn't make enough money, or if they made too much money? 
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