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New Q1SP, Nyarlathotep
Hi everyone, for those who missed it, I recently released a Q1SP map through the Quaddicted Christmas calendar. It's called "Nyarlathotep" and can be downloaded at:

Screenshot here:

There are two maps, nyar.bsp, which should be playable in any engine as it's normal format, but the second map nyar2 is in bsp2 format like my last map Something Wicked (these maps require the latest version of drake, included with Something Wicked), and thus is only playable in bsp2-supported engines like RMQ, DarkPlaces and FTEQW.

The maps have low gravity and the first one in particular is unusual/experimental so some people will undoubtedly hate it, yet the second map is more normal and includes some weapons at the start. Merry xmas!
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Lol Otp 
not man enough to beat the first map...

I hope this will.get recompiled to actually be bsp2, then it would run in quakeforge which is a faithful engine. 
I played this in Fitzquake mk V, spike's version, and didn't see any issues at all. Isn't that one pretty faithful?

BTW I loved the map visually, and I've spent quite some time playing through the second map, twice. Both times however in full-on coward mode with every cheat activated. This type of gameplay isn't my cup of tea!

Props to Orbs for making demos, unfortunately I won't install darkplaces to watch the second set. Even tried with ConvDem to see if it could make a normal demo out of it but it can't? 
No idea, it does not run on Linux. 
Re: Spirit
I can definitely recompile nyar2 in the proper bsp2 format, although I'm less likely to recompile the Something Wicked maps due to vistime issues. 
God, I Hate BSP2 
and 2PSB or whatever. We finally had good cross-platform engines, and then someone comes along and invents a new bsp format. Thanks for nothing.

Sorry if anyone feels offended, but it's super annoying if you're not able to play these maps because there's no engine that supports them for your platform of choice. I'm just shaking my fist at the sky. 
Change your platform of choice, duh!! Don't be stuck in a rut!! If you don't use RMQ you are a whiner stuck in the past!!! #2013 #YOLO 
Looks Insane 
will comment after I play it on Christmas day. 
Re: Bsp Formats 
Well guys, we never would have had the RMQ demos - which contain some of the most astounding maps of recent years - without the new BSP format, and besides, it was going to happen sooner or later. If I CAN compile a map as BSP1, I do; it's annoying, perhaps, but without this format there'd be no bsp2 (RMQ, wicked, etc) maps to be annoyed at.

Plus, from a mapper's perspective it offers some overdue improvements. At Inside3d I was told "If you build it they will come," meaning more and more engines will support (proper) bsp2 over time. I guess my use of bsp2 came from my admiration of the RMQ project (and general desire to build on a large scale), but I do hope that eventually most of the engines will support it. 
I'm Building In BSP2 Now 
And don't have all the features I'd like. Sock asked me if I was worried about developing for an engine that isn't finished / doesn't exist yet and I said no.

Basically, 'If you build it then they will come'.

Personally, I never set out to break the game by adding things like moving sounds, monster specific gibs, really big maps with lots of animated lightstyles and so on.

It was just a case of doing what was cool and having fun with it. The technical limitations are incredibly easy to overcome with a bit of work and intelligence. But as this is only a hobby and everyone wants to take it in their own direction it's hard to get, for want of a better word, unity.

We could just sit and play the id1 maps forever and never want to push the boundaries, but thats the great thing about the game - it makes you imagine more stuff beyond the slipgate. 
This Video Has Been Copyright Flagged 
I dun vidyuz :

Enjoyed the first level quite a lot. The second one was great until I got crushed picking up the silver key :P 
i'll "document" it for you. you can see the "charge" of the wand: if its ammo hits 4 its fully charged.

(wasnt actualy watching it just listening it like radio while tidying up) 
Love The Atmosphere 
I loved the start to nyar map 1, the beautiful red fog, lovely flesh textures, spikey architecture, fantastic vertical view upwards and then I died ... a lot!

IMHO I think the start should of been empty, let the player enjoy the view, the atmosphere, place the weapons in the middle and then trigger drop a few zombies on to the player. Gradually build up, have the zombies above spawn in waves, give more shortcuts, architecture to fall onto. If you get hit you fall a very long way and it becomes frustrating having to climb up again.

I really want to play a tronyn map where I don't have to turn on god mode all the time. The map architecture and atmosphere was amazing, I just want different game play! 
now i understand our different views on gameplay @ zendar, you seem to find quake should be a entertaining and forfilling experience where as i'm expecting a Spartan tortoruos drill with lots of pain and frustration!
I geuss its a choice of catering the stoner or the adrenalin junkie 
Quake Is Both... 
I can breeze through episode 1 on nightmare but have a tough time through episode 4 on the same difficulty.

People cater to their own tastes, I usually play through his maps on hard and experience a good challenge and have fun at the same time.

Map 1 of Nyar isn't that hard IMO, I think map 2 is much harder. 
I died more in map 1 than map 2. Just because the gameplay I had to learn anew in map 1 - the zombies, mummies and Egyptian guy (wtf are those called anyway) caught me out a lot.

In map 2 the gameplay was more predictable, I think I only died on the SK crusher there.

I think I enjoyed map 1 more though, just because the gameplay was so new and weird. 
Sorry if anyone feels offended, but it's super annoying if you're not able to play these maps because there's no engine that supports them for your platform of choice. I'm just shaking my fist at the sky.


Also, FTE. Darkplaces. Completely obscure niche engines, I know.

What's your platform? PSP? 
Sleepy is an Apple fan boi who not uses Darkplaces! KARAMBABOOM! 
Seems Like Somebody Got Offended After All 
<Daz_> get rekt 
There are several engines which support bsp2 on macs, to my knowledge. 
ah oh gotta agree with otp. while the first map looked great(!!!!!) the gameplay was utterly awful. remember how everyone hated the xen low-grav jumping levels at the end of half-life? add to that zombies throwing gibs from all over the show that never miss, and completely useless weapons, and that doesn't add up to fun gameplay. challenging, yes. i put god mode on after about 5 minutes.

the second map was much better. I was never much a fan of the coagula type maps, big floating platforms in a black void just isn't quake to me, but even so the level looked pretty amazing in parts. the design was quite awesome. i loved the part when you get the rune and the top opens up around you. tronyn-esque mass hordes of monsters but without being too difficult, i don't think. 
Darkplaces is the only engine that supports BSP2 on Macs (no FTE binaries for Mac, sadly), but I'm not a big fan of DP's visuals. 
DP can easily be set to look like vanilla tho. Minus the water warp maybe. 
I thought Sock managed to get a pretty sexy look out of Dark Places with his ITS mod? 
How? Is there a vanilla DP config somewhere? 
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