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Quake Advent Calender
Merry Quakemas everybody!

We're celebrating the season over on Quaddicted with an Advent calender of Quake content every day!

This is a Quake community wide project with several mappers and modders pitching in with a wide range of articles. The first post was written by Spirit and can be found here

Check back on Quaddicted or in this news thread every day to follow the new content!
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Mr Tronyn 
Nyarlothep was amazing and weird. Thank you! 
What I meant is Tronyn himself should create a news thread here, because otherwise the map will slip by most people's radar. 
Will Do, Mr. Clock 
(seemed appropriate) 
This Thread 
mademeplay soem DM in a long while and actualy enjoyed it :) However it was on a US server (the one in new jersey mentioned in on of the advent posts)and i did manage to do some transatlantic ping fragging, but.... but.... but meh! ping 100+ thats realy to oldscool for me.
Anyone know any active EU servers? Found some lists but all seemed dead 
Irish Server 
It would be great to see more comments I know, but I would bet that you are getting more eyeballs than are immediately apparent. (Just because visitors probably don't have an account here, or a way to comment on the calendar entry itself.)

I'm doing periodic PSAs about the advent calendar in the Shacknews chatty and in the SA "early FPS" thread. Regardless of whether that's actually had any effect :-) I personally like the way the entries have turned out so far, sort of like a compressed Quake Expo.

And a new map today! 
Sock Releases New Map... Looks Like I Will Be Unproductive Now 
Also I do update my quakeguy blog quite often with stuff. I hope it helps with views and increases interest for Quake in new places :) 
That is a cool tumblr and I'ma follow you.

Also, about sock's blurb:

I've got a pretty bad memory in general but I still strongly remember firing up qtest for the first time and being mesmerized by simple things like pooting grenades off of walls and into pools of water. Actions that brought home the actual solidity and 3-D-ness of the environment.

Those pictures of The Grisly Grotto are also a really good choice because that's one of my strongest memories from playing the release version for the first time; the sense of depth from the water structures out in the main cavern.

This is likely nostalgia speaking, but one thing I still appreciate about Quake maps is that the bones of the structures and spaces are very clear and give you a sense of the space you are in & all its possibilities. That sense can get lost in a detailed photo-realistic environment. The memories and impact of the original Quake maps do get dulled from re-use, but fortunately we've still got folks creating new Quake spaces to explore. :-) 
I Remember 
A preview of Quake in CVG where they mentioned things like wavy water effects, and also that the textures looked like they were made from real wood and stone :) 
They do!

Kind of! 
although I'm largely out of the loop on the modern industry,I have friends who work in games & I do read about it.

If a team were to design a game engine/world system with its own consistent internal design, and then mappers/artists were to take that system to its extreme conclusions without any concern for modern BS like character storyline, user-friendliness, or realism, with today's tech some really fascinating things could be done. To me the idea of exploring the possibilities the game's world system offers, at least for an FPS, is the most fascinating. It's hard to argue that this element has been prevalent post-Quake.

Just make sure it's all Cthulhu-ish/Satanic (lol). But I do like that dark atmosphere. 
Love The Advent Calendar 
But it's been bugging me from the start, and I'm gonna get it off my chest finally.

Why is Santa jerking off that hexagon on the front page? 
Can you make a link at the end of each calendar page linking to the previous one please? 
good idea, thanks.

Dr. Shadowborg might not make it, if someone has a good idea/suggestion for tomorrow, please mail me. Rather not if you already participated. 
I want really want to try the Middle Evil, but it is too hard. Is there some ways for somebody to "hack" some more ammo in the map so it plays like normal? 
Not Really 
You can't add more entities to a level without a full recompile.

Spirit, that's a bit late. I know someone who does amazing stuff, but prefers to remain in the background. If you're stuck I could always post a favourite SP map list. 
Middle Evil 
Intentionally has no ammo for the early part, I remember it being a pretty rough adjustment for me but once I realized it's mostly about evasion for the first half if the map it went better for me. Still remember it as being hard though. 
It's Old School 
It's tempting to re fix things you've done before, but Middle Evil but doesn't need it.

Warp is a mess, and but I'd never go back to fix it. And that's my only real, released, contribution to the Q1 scene to date.

But that helps push me forward.

Fuck. Now I've got a new task on epic win. "Replay The Middle Evil" 
A lot of buts.

Maybe I could've made a joke about it.

What about a hack that increase the players start ammo? 
Why Not 
Impulse 9? 
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