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Quake Advent Calender
Merry Quakemas everybody!

We're celebrating the season over on Quaddicted with an Advent calender of Quake content every day!

This is a Quake community wide project with several mappers and modders pitching in with a wide range of articles. The first post was written by Spirit and can be found here

Check back on Quaddicted or in this news thread every day to follow the new content!
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I Should Have Been More Strict With Deadlines 
Emergency filler for Day 7:

Come play the Quake Shareware in your browser. Either singleplayer or even deathmatch on some of the maps Scampie showed us the other day:

Play the Quake Shareware singleplayer episode at

Play Quake Deathmatch in your browser at

(Firefox or Chrome/ium work best) 
Day 8. 
crazy hack @_@ 
is some kind of fucking witch that needs to be burned. 
Well Done 5th 
You're now top of the sacrifice to Shub list. 
Clearly I'm Right... 
Preach is messing with black magic and needs to be stopped! 
The Man Knows How to Mod! 
On A Serious Note 
I really wish the upside-down vores and eyeball guys were regular enemies. It's rare that a quake mod gets me laughing and I really howled at this one. Bravo. 
Save Game Hacking 
Hey guys, glad you enjoyed it. Thanks to Spirit for running the Advent Calendar, I've had the idea of a modified save-game in my back pocket for a while, and this finally gave me a deadline to get something done. It works a lot like entity hacking, but with many of the constraints removed, so you can get some pretty "out-there" behaviour.

Fifth: The upside-down Vores are actually pretty simple mechanically. At first I created Vores that spawn upside-down, but when I teleported them, the teleporter actually undid the hack and turned them right-way-up! So the finished game doesn't actually hack the Vores, but just the teleporter destination - an idea that works fine as a conventional entity hack. Of course, a proper mod could do upside-down Vores better, but the option is there. 
I've seen the teleport destination hack done to the player view as well. 
Never Knew... 
Quake savegames were text files until yesterday. Thanks for that awesome bit of knowledge. 
That was freaking hilarious. Lots of surreal stuff going on in there. 
Fun Map 
didnt realy get a smooth run yet, 3:53 best time so far, not realy worth uploading 
2014, Year Of Rubicon? 
The Quake fanfiction tidal wave continues!

But what the heck is a Rubicon Rumble Pack? 
It's A Map Pack 
Currently in production, based off Rubicon2. 
Looks Promising, can't wait to play it! 

BTW you should make a printable CD insert for Quake that replaces the "story so far" with your version. Definite improvement. 
Really enjoyed that savegame thing, not very challenging but it did manage to put a smile on my face. The hacks were pretty out there, put an interesting spin on the standard Quake gameplay. I especially liked the floating heads and upside-down vores. Well done!

Also with all the Rubicon talk lately, been thinking about creating something for Rubicon 2 myself as a way of getting back into Quake mapping - maybe this is a sign that 2014 is indeed destined to be the Year of Rubicon. 
Always room for more, but you'll have to be quick and dedicated.

Johnny, thanks, but might as well just make a full game. 
So who's the 18th? It's still the mystery man/woman. :) 
That's The Surprise 
it's both 
If It Is At The Same Time Man And Women 
... then that's czg obviosuly :) 
Man, all this time I had NO idea that save games were text files ... just never had a reason to look I guess. Cool info! 
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