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New Q1 SP Quoth: "Mainframe Mayhem"
Another base map, this time polished till my fingers bled! Be sure to have Quoth installed!

See the textfile for further information about setting it up correctly, and who contributed to this release.

Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2

Download (updated version 2)

And your demos are always very appreciated!
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Will There Be A HOM Fixed Version? 
Thanks For This Awesome Map 
didn't resist to play today, first run the balance is fantastic :p

fantastic map, love it! 
Very Nice Map, But... 
For the most part a very good level, and I enjoyed playing it. Lighting and overall layout were very well done. Nicely restrained colored lighting, not overly saturated or garish. Two places seemed a little too hard, shortly after getting the gold key and the ending. I managed to survive the ending, but I probably wouldn't have if I hadn't found the secret power up.

It's a shame all the little errors, poorly designed spots, and various minor lighting defects weren't tested out before releasing this map. All combined they do tend to cause an overall bad impression.

Seriously, how do you build these maps with all that gray flash? Huge parts of the map just disappear at times. I wouldn't be able to do that if I tried. 
Seriously, how do you build these maps with all that gray flash? Huge parts of the map just disappear at times. I wouldn't be able to do that if I tried.

The game disagreed that I pushed the jump button. I died in the lava.

Darkplaces Demo: 
Quark? maybe. I kind of looked at the map file using Netradiant and I have to wonder about the use of detail brushes. All the rock walls in the area where the gray flash is the worst are marked as detail. I'm no expert when it comes to using detail in Quake, so maybe I'm wrong, but I'd have to say that a lot of what's marked as detail in this map I would consider required brushwork as far as vis is concerned. 
Does r_novis 1 get rid of the HOMs? 
Does r_novis 1 get rid of the HOMs? 
Great map , thank you!
Here is my demo(spasmquake):

Flickering walls were my arch-enemies :\ 
Thanks Guys 
For your kind comments and for not hacking me into pieces like "he did it again"

Reason for the huge hom is a ugly portal error, caused by a func_detail touching the void.

Dont know how i managed to produce this:)

Anyhow, as i'm afk till next week, due to a trip to holland, you'll have to wait,
Or again r_novis 1 should fix it.

"He Did It Again". 
He also produced a generally very cool base map again ;) 
It's a great base map, one of the best I've ever played. Yes, r_novis 1 should fix the problems with gray flash/hom.

I tried removing the detail from the brushes, but the map leaked when BSPed after that. Maybe I did something wrong or Netradiant just screwed it up. I ran the original map from the zip file through txqbsp_xt and it didn't leak, but generated 29 compiler errors.

All the error warnings were Checkface: point off plane and CutNodePortals type, probably because of QuArK. It took a couple of minutes to light, but then wvis claimed the portal file wasn't a portal file and wouldn't run. So I played it without vising it and everything looked fine. 
Looks Pretty Cool So Far... 
...will try a complete run through in the light of day.

I followed installation instructions and couldn't get the thing to run. In the end I manually moved all the files into what I believed to be the proper directories under "Quoth" and it worked. Did anyone else have te same problem? 
Oh Yeah. 
Installation instructions are balls. 
Oh Good... 
...not senile just yet. 
I Did The Same Thing 
Played It With R_novis 1 
no errors or slowdowns (but this should really be fixed).

Anyway, the design is superb. There's few areas that dont quite make sense from a practical viewpoint but on the whole the architecture is very eye catching and pleasing.

Gameplay is pretty good but felt a bit random rather than properly setup.

Keep it up mfx. 
I thought he used TB? Could be wrong... 
Quark Vs. TB 
Most of the brushwork was done in TB, as it is much easier and faster.
But as there is no etp support by now in TB, i merged the whole thing in Quark.
Quark has some features, i really miss in other editors by now....
Dont say floating point coords.:) 
Still Not Finished The Map Yet. 
I don't understand why it seems so tough but I'm not doing very well.

Seems like there's maybe not enough health and ammo? I dunno. It's graphically very good overall (there's a few weird texture choices but it's mostly good).

It's easy to forget how powerful the new quoth soldiers are. It's easy to get a rocket/grenade to the face or get blasted by a plasma gun. I'd use the new enemy types sparingly to be honest.

I'll come back again when I've actually licked the damn thing. 
Skill 3 Attempts 
Firstly I've got to say that nobody is more excited than me to see all the mapmodels in this release - I believe it's the first map to be released using mine! It was great to see them integrated so well with the geometry and the map in general - coming up through a broken section of tape at the beginning set the scene of the player intruding, and it was helpful in other areas to mark dangerous cliffs. I really must bite the bullet and make a version of the tape with a more practical skinmap and some variant skins...

Anyway, enough self-congratulation, onto the map! The build quality was top-notch throughout, lots of verticality in the open atriums, hatches and windows all over the place to look into areas from different angles. I had a cool moment result from all the shortcuts that open up as the map went on, where two enforcers split up between the main door and a new side door to perform a pincer movement. It was a good battle on two fronts, more fair than enemy-spawned-behind attacks.

Like the title suggests, I played through on nightmare, which made the enemies spawning behind even more unforgiving (I did see the attack at the broken bridge coming). No demo as I didn't switch back to Quoth 2.1 for the playthrough. My first attempt got to the Edie just after the gold key, I tried to backtrack to replenish health after killing him and got trapped by a lift. The second attempt got to the final fight, but I didn't have the firepower (or enough seconds left on the trinity) to take down one of the shamblers and survive the retreat to cover.

Ammo was tight at first - on the first run I used my last shotgun shell to kill the 2nd voreling - and nails were always a valuable commodity. But it was at the end of the map that things were really too tight. The only armour all map I had was the green from right at the start. I got annoyed by several secrets which I had spotted, and found the door that leads to them (lightning, s-nail, r-armour) but had no idea how to progress to open them. Still, I managed to beat the final fight on skill 1 just now so these things weren't essential.

I'm gonna take a peak at the map now, see if there's a way to fix all this greyflash business... 
Grey Flash Disappear With Novis 
which point to a vising problem. I wonder if some hard limit was hit with visible objects? The map doesn't even load in DirectQ for me either. 
Well Mfx Said 
Reason for the huge hom is a ugly portal error, caused by a func_detail touching the void.

I looked at the map file and it has a huge amount of detail brushes. To be honest, I didn't really see a need for any of them. The map isn't that big and there weren't any really huge areas. It looked like it would vis fine with no detail at all. But then, I have no idea what kind of computer was available for vising, so I don't know. 
I'm having a serious writers block at the moment, so I'll simply repeat what everyone else has said in that, I thought the map was great, and the Quoth monsters really added a sense of danger and variety, as they would to any base map. Not to mention the use of those fine models, especially the tape. Very good work :)

First playthrough on hard skill, two demos since I died once. I didn't make it to the exit, the final shamblers killed me, but I didn't want to bother creating another file for just a thirty second demo of me finishing.

You may notice me stopping and looking around, when I do that I'm just admiring the details, and there were quite a lot in this one.

Protocol 15, should play back in any engine. 
Fresh feeling map which i enjoyed plenty :)
Nice secrets, and good use of Quoth base enemies. Loved the tape-lined caverns, end gateway, and trident secret.

The eddie trap was a bit meh though. You're just not going to hit it first run through. Also had a graphical anomoly near the end. 
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