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Q-Deck (FESP1) (singleplayer Release)
It's finally here!

It's taken me ages and for that I apologise, but what I had in mind for the singleplayer version was much more ambitious than simply adding monsters. There are a lot of new areas (not shown in the screenshots!), I hope you have fun playing it. It's good to finally see the map through to completion. :)

Obligatory screenshots -

And the bsp (along with the .txt and .map file) -

Quaddicted Link -

I'd appreciate any first play demos you can share! Oh, and I recommend hard mode. :)
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foudn 5/6 il have one more look in the updated version if i can find the last might try a 100% if so 
your link doesn't work/show. :( 
I Meant 6/7 
stil didnt find last,found:

I think I already saw one secret I missed, just by watching my own demo. D'oh.

FE I think I remember seeing that this was your first Quake map... have you released anything for other games though? 
Wind blowing from the wrong direction turning my slashes :) 
bunch of rox:) 
this is my first singleplayer release, I used to make DM maps for UT back in the early 00's (though I don't know anywhere you'd be able to grab them now, I don't even have back ups).

I always wanted to make Q1 maps, which I was using worldcraft for until Trench came out. If it wasn't for Trench (and the huge amount of info and research for the game) this map wouldn't even be half as good as it is.
For example, Than's little tutorial on AND, IF, OR triggers helped me set up the gold key lift. 
this demo only has 1 run as far as I can tell, is this correct?

I managed to get through the dog trap a couple of times myself on testing but it was so rare that I chalked it up to some weird quirk of the engine.

I tried to do a speed run involving a grenade launcher jump over the 3 bars near the gold key but I am terrible at GL jumps, but clearly your way is much faster. 
Should be 3 runs in that rar. first route is over those bars indeed. skipping the dog trap is realy easy to me, i get a succes rate of like 80% 
do I play the other 2 runs? I'm using fitzquake mark 5... 
playdemo "demoname" in console,
but i doubt thats the answer you are looking for 
Im An Idiot... 
I didn't notice the multiple files.

I enjoyed each method! I did consider that the open plan of the map might allow for good speed runs. I think some mappers would try and make up hard deterrents for it (like completely blocking up areas) but I personally believe it's part of the game and fun to watch :) 
Completly Agree 
especialy when different routes have very close times like route 2 and 3, you get an excelent map for speedruns. The dogtrap would have been more fun i you would have needed to block it, or a bit harder to get through. But its best when tricks arent realy designed on purpouse but just "happen" to be there 
what were the UT maps? 
Like I said, I was happy with the trap as-is simply because I only managed to get through like 10% of the time. Besides, I had already set up a couple of ambushes before the dog trap so most players will be cautious by the time they get to it.

I made a map called dm-ruiner, a ctf version, I remade "the very end of you", I made a DM6 remake for UT, I also had a slew of uncompleted maps also.
I also made a couple of maps for UT2003 for a 2D mod (which someone then converted into maps for the Overload mod which made it into a PC Gamer article).

To be honest though this is the first map I'm really happy with in terms of quality. 
just went through my UT maps and cant seen any of those. Was trying to see if I had anything else you had made.

hope to play the sp map on the weekend along with mfx's. 
not realy satisfied yet but got to work tomorrow so this will have to do 
Where you got that tutorial you mention? I've checked Than's website and had no luck, and i don't remember it in other places ... 

Is the example map for his logic gates tutorial. 
Orbs Nightmare Run.. 
Haha, very fun to watch. That last room is definitely more fun with the quad, though I tend to press the exit button and drop to the quad to get maximum usage time. Also my tactic with the silver key shambler is to bounce a grenade off the crate to get its attention (that way I don't have to get into melee range). 
Thirdroute you could:

GJ out of the first secret.
Grenade the Enforcer above.
Pretty sure you could get a much higher double GJ onto one of the bridges.

Maybe worth a try? 
Interesting ideas in there. 
Good Demos Tho. 
Optimised NH could be great too. 
W/out Secrets. 
On hard is fun. Only difficult bit is the GL area. Wouldn't be fun for a first run tho. 
I Tried 
and failed do do exactly that on my 2nd run demo. coming... eventually. 
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