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Sm170 - Islands - Updated!
Two speedmaps this week, one by digs, and the other by myself. The theme this week was islands; digs went to space, I went to hell.


Plus bonus negke!
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Demos Shortly 
downloading now. Thanks for making some magic happen guys! 
Nothing happened)) This was almost speedmapping. About 5-6 hours 
..screenshotsz ? 
You Could Dl The Pack 
And then take some. 
sm170_scampie: ok, but i had a really hard time getting the telefrag. the shambler moves around quite a bit so even if the teleball goes through the center of the island, you won't get the kill. quite frustrating. :P

sm170_digs: I liked that you eventually learn how the teleports link to which islands and when you unlock the extra ones at the end, you can figure out which one you need to use to exit. a very natural puzzle mixed into the map. also the monster jumps were well done so even when porting around to different islands, monsters always seemed to pop up on them quickly. 
Pretty Cool 
I like these maps, short and fun. scampie was annoying until I turned off always run, but then it got more of a challenge vs a hair puller. :D 
Lazy asses make speedmaps with no screenshots :( 
There will never ever be screenshots of the speedmaps. Go kill yourself if this bothers you, and the only problem here will be solved. 
you also forgot the readme, sucker. 
Didn't Forget 
didn't give a fuck. 
Oh My 
you little rebel, you 
Go Scumpie! 
These were pretty dire too, well, apart from Digs. But hey, speedmaps, 1-5 minutes of fun and nonsense, it's all good. 
Pretty much fun, both of them. This maps are the embodiment of the saying ''Keeping it simple is the best''. I have to learn that for my speed-maps.

At first, combat in Digs one seems unfair, but after you get used to it it's very fun and challenging, even though i passed it on the first try. The amount of ammo and health is well balanced, too. This could perfectly be the base of a proper release.

First run demo.

Scampie one frightens you at first and have you figuring out how you could get out of this. It was hilarious that falling into the lava lead me to the answer.
After a couple of tries, i could do it without being hit a single time. 
Yeah, the shittiest fun speedmaps yet. 
Good Clean Fun! 
Thank you both! :) 
Moar Islands! 
Fun to play, nice architecture, and i even needed some attempts to complete it. There are nice touches everywhere. I have a lot to learn from this one.

Downsides (minor):
- That hell knight will trap to the wall and kill you for sure the first time.
- It is easy to miss the platform in the centre when coming back and die in the attempt.
- The final fight, if you spawn the enemies after the quad is taken it would be a more enjoyable combat with enemies from all sides, as it is now, it is like a shooting range. It is fun as it is, but i do think that way would be better. 
Nice, Negke! 
Great fun! 
Oh Negke Map 
hadnt noticed that!

will try tonight 
I Did Notice It Last Night 
but didnt upload demo yet :) 
Holy shit dude.

Sup[er Frustrating Demos For All! 
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