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New Q1SP: Midnight Stalker
Download Link and screenshot. Alternative Version download link for play in vanilla GL engines.

A small midnight snack with a skill selection area at the beginning, some traps and a couple of secrets to keep you wandering around in circles.

The map was inspired by the architecture of E3M6 and features medieval style pickups, some new keys and a couple of powerup models. The textures are mostly from ID and the gameplay is vanilla Quake!

The map was tested with Fitz or MarkV engines and remember to RECORD A DEMO, I want to see how you play the map!
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indeed i dont find it a fucking amazing map and the some reasons are:

-not realy something wich was a whole new experience
-doesnt push the boundarys of what we have seen mapped before
-i think some things are balanced a bit odd(like i mentioned having to abuse the RA with penta to get something out of the lava & the not so usefull traps)

However I found it a fun map and i'm certain i played it longer then anyone in this thread (except sock's playtesting maybe) i did a easy clearance a nightmare and a easy run

besides that i was just giving some feedback on gameplay issues,i leave the commentary about architecture, looks etc to the ones who have more intrest in such things.

Btw i got swim-stuck on a silly corner in the lava near Lg on my first run aswell but i had penta and rl and got myself loose pretty easy 
not putting you down or anything. Just surprised, I guess... 
Great Map 
a bit unfair though when the 3 shamblers popping up

my demo is broken after skill selection 
nice oldskool map with plenty of action and nice final battle.
<TombRaidbler> errrr
<TombRaidbler> sock's map
<TombRaidbler> it is overriding the fitzquake resolution in fitz085??
<TombRaidbler> can't change it in the ingame menu...
<Spritit> dumbler
<TombRaidbler> okay so how do i fix it?
<TombRaidbler> adding commands to the shortcut nor auto-exec don't work
<TombRaidbler> meh
<TombRaidbler> gotta bind keys right?
<Spritit> bind +mouse 1 "kill"
<TombRaidbler> ha fucking ha
<TombRaidbler> how do i override whatever sock has done and set the width and height
<TombRaidbler> just bound keys to it, it doesn't work
<@Vondur> TombRaidbler, same
<TombRaidbler> ummm
<@Vondur> i played it iwth socks settings
<@Vondur> too lazy to fuck with all settings
<TombRaidbler> the gl_linear mip map thing works
<TombRaidbler> memmmmhpogohopg
<TombRaidbler> negke you are good at breaking quake, tell me how to just set the damn width and height??
<@negke> scr_menuscale
<TombRaidbler> negke it's the game not the menu
<@negke> options->change resolution
<TombRaidbler> <TombRaidbler> can't change it in the ingame menu...
<Spritit> -height 1680 -width 1050 then
<TombRaidbler> spirit i hate you
<Spritit> roulf!
<@negke> TombRaidbler: there's nothing about the resolution in the map
* TombRaidbler goes to play tombraider or hots then, fuck you all
<@negke> ergo: you suck
<@Vigil> sigh
<@Vigil> Shambler
<@Vigil> while in Quake, bring up the console
<@Vigil> type quit
<@Vigil> go to your Quake folder
<@Vigil> delete its contents
<@Vigil> blow up your computer
<TombRaidbler> negke it is the resolution.....the hud bar is oversized too
<TombRaidbler> vigil, at last, a sensible suggestion
<@Vigil> move to a cave and contemplate the futility of your existence for the rest of your days
<@Vigil> you're
<@Vigil> fucking
<@Vigil> welcome 
Don't like the item models in stock Quake.

Great looking environment, I love how you used the blue textures.

I expected the skill selector start area to be a map so I restarted recording after it. Could have captured for Youtube easily otherwise. Bleh.

Excellent fun! Also only got 100/101 monsters on hard. 
Why you would willing post a testimonial of your incompetence is beyond me. A quick glance at the quake.rc tells you that scr_menuscale and scr_sbarscale are changed. Set them back to 1 and everything's back to normal. Having said that, I also disagree these things should be forced on the player for a simple map.

It also amazes me that, even after all those years, you people are still oblivous to the demo recording issues involving level changes and restarting. Luckily, at least FQ Mark5 seems to fix playback on the fly. 
Congrats on the release. A very fine little map.

Shame you didn't wait for me to fix the limits issues, though. It's quite possible and, as it turns out, not even very difficult. Will message you in a bit. 
lol at the people who had resolution and size issues, its actualy quite close to the standards i use (however i geuss overwrite some with my commandline like for instance -windowed) 
I just used an engine that did not support those cvars :P

Quaketastic seems kaputt. 
@Barnak, sorry for the hassle, I assumed everyone here wanted oldschool look and feel.

@Than, thanks for the demo, it is a shame I did not get to see the final battle. Not sure why you tried to pull back from the button in the lift. I wanted the player to go down to the next battle. It must be some quake mentality after so many user made maps that torture players with traps.

@Drew, I am glad you recorded with MarkV, it worked perfectly. You are the only one to get the Shalrath crusher first go, you are certainly the player type this map is aimed at. Thinking about encounters, exploring the environment, not quick to kill everything. I really wish I saw your play the last battle.

@Spirit, it seems the medieval pickups are not popular, not sure how the original boxes are any better.

@Vondur, thanks for the demo, was fun to watch. The final battle looked good and you used the teleporter/traps perfectly. :)

@Shambler, IRC blah blah ... you should go and find the secret I made for you in the map!

@negke, I waited for an email but got no reply, so I decided to post the map so everyone can play it over the weekend. Looking forward to seeing what you can do with the optimization. :) 
I Got Squished Also 
...backing away from a button. I think it's almost instinctive for a long time Quake player to try to avoid possible ambushes going up or down elevators.

I got about halfway through last night and it's been pretty fun so far. Three secrets so far, and I can see where the Lightning gun is. At one point I was down to 52 armor and 1 health. Didn't notice the first two monster crushers until too late, but I'll be watching for more as I progress.

As far as the graphics settings, I didn't mind at all for this one map but I'm not going to switch from regular GL anytime soon. The new items were okay but a little hard to see.

Good map overall, Thanks. 
Why didn't you see the last battle? The spawn arena with shooters? Or the hidden monster? 
Re Squishy. 
Probably better to just trap as approaching button, I'd say. 
Blah blah pixels blah blah oversized menu fonts blah 1996 blah blah!

Negke was right in the end, I played it, it was fun, despite not getting the triple shambler lift thing the first time around. I like the style, could be straight out of Id, in a good way. 7/10 secrets tho, didn't find a smabler one. 
WoW ... And First-play Demo 
A very surprising map. I was expecting the typical eye-candy map, but got and old-school map, with doses of humour, with original gameplay, layout and brushwork features, and above all of that, FUN. I love the new models for ammo and health.

The gameplay flow and some parts have some issues but it's good.

The final fight was interesting, but for me, easier than the combats before that, maybe, as you'll see in my demo, i was out of health because of a bad jump and some not so smart decisions.

Recorded in Quakespasm, hard difficulty.

Now i have to play it again without the pressure of the demo. :) 
You Made This In 2 Weeks? 
My Demo 
The weird behaviour you can see in it was because i took too seriously the advices in the readme, and played twice as thrilled and cautious as usual. 
was planning to do a nightmare 100% but only found 9/10 secrets so ended up doing the cheap way :) 
Regarding Compatibility 
Can I play this map using gl-fuh-quake or dark places? 
Hard Run
end fight was much more satisfying this time. ^_^ 
@drew, your demo stopped when you got squished by the lift gate. :( After how you dealt with the rest of the level I was looking forward to your final battle with the rune. Yes the map took two weeks, it was mostly brushwork doodles for the first week, the game play layout was designed in the second week.

@Shambler, there is a special shambler stash to find!

@Rick, thinking about it I did not really need the squish bars for the first lift, the second one yes because it is a one way direction. I will bear this in mind for future quake maps.

@Cocerello, thanks for the demo, it was awesome to watch. It was a shame about the lava jump, but it made it more exciting to watch you dodge every bullet afterwards. It is cool to herd the monsters into the middle of the final room, you can then just pick them off with the traps and infighting.

@Orbs, your demo link is broken.
@szo, your demo link will not work with my browser.

I do have a new version which negke has optimized for vanilla engines. Once I test it then I will release it. 
Next Time 
Put again the crosshair on. It changed the gameplay a lot and added to the challenge. At first it annoyed me and made it more difficult to aim, but after that i could just ignore it for most time (the misses with the three shamblers where the crosshair fault).

I am pleased that you are pleased with my demo. Thanks. 
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