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TyrUtils V0.5
It's been a long time, but finally I have something worth releasing, so here is version 0.5 of my map utils package:

* light and vis both now multithreaded on Unix and Windows platforms
* vis now writes a state file every 5 minutes so it can resume if needed
* qbsp and vis now support a form of detail brushes, similar to Quake 2. See qbsp.txt for further details.
* added a small optimisation to vis for a minor speedup (usually only 1-2%)
* build system re-written and lots of cleanups all over the code

Please test, break and report bugs as needed :)

* Announcement
* Utils Home Page
* Download: Windows, Mac OS X, source

My website has also had an update - let me know if I broke anything and hopefully the comments function also works.
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Good Tutorial 
and the results are really nice too. 
Never occurred to me to try that. Thanks!

Also reminds me of the antilights feature... 
Nice Pics 
You can still see that you have used multiple light sources because there are some extra shadows, but overall it looks pretty good. Your blog has some nice map pics too - looking forward to seeing what you are working on!

Your geometry is interesting btw, did you work on some other game(s) before doing Q1 mapping? 
Its Pure Math 
thank you slapmap! 
TyrUtils V0.9 
Thought it was worth a new release just to fix this silly bug with point files being incorrect.

2013-04-24 TyrUtils v0.9

* qbsp: fixed bad pointfile generation

Download from
Delay 3/4 Difference 
Both delay 3 and delay 4 have no light falloff with distance, but delay 3 brightness is affected by the angle at which the light hits the surface whereas delay 4 has the same brightness at any angle of incidence. 
Quick Question Re Detail 
Does detail just mean they don't create new portals but can still block visibility? 
Detail brushes don't create portals and don't block visibility. 
Thanks For The Update 
HOM Again 
Ver .9 creates a HOM that is not present in ver .8

Do you want the map? 
Yes please, send it through. Not seeing any HOMs in the one you sent earlier. Cheers dude. 
Some Small Problems 
I think (not sure...) that using animating textures on detail brushes causes the compiler to miss out adding the texture to the bsp. I have just been doing some detail stuff on my map, and it seems to do the trick with regard to the compile times, but now I have a missing texture error on map load, which causes FQ to crash :(

Also, I started trying to play with hint and hintskip and am getting some warnings:
WARNING 09: Couldn't create brush face. I will mess around with that and see if I can fix it by recreating the hint brushes and send you the map if I can't. 
Map Sent 
seems it wasn't the hints, since I removed them anyway.

I also had a few glaring HOM bugs too. Will investigate further soon. Very tired right now so going to bed. 
it was the hint brushes. I will experiment with them later.

The HOM bugs are extremely severe - this is happening in a bare bones version of the map with only the world brushes (no detail), the player start and light on level 4 vis.

vis runs well fast though ;) 
than: Yes, there are secondary shadows which can be reduced using more (but smaller value) ambient lights.
I rather get inspiration from interesting concept art and architecture.

Tyrann: Ah, thats why delay 4 lights produce smoother and brighter result.
And what is delay 5 formula? It's very bleak, have to make light value 100+ to make it noticeable. Cant figure what its useful for. 
Isn't That 
If So 
Could it be used to create shadows in a minlight 1000 scene 0_o 
TyrUtils V0.10 
Sorry guys, there was a pretty glaring bug there with the vis util - let me know how you go with the hint brushes as well, since I've only made simple tests for those so far.

2013-04-25 TyrUtils v0.10

* Documentation added for bspinfo and bsputil
* Fix vis bug due to missing vertex copy in v0.9 portal clip changes

Download from
HOM Bug Gone! 
Thanks, Tyrann! 
HOM Dead 
Thank you for the fast update. 
Yeah, I had a small issue when looking at a func_wall through a skip brush that went away with this update. Thanks Tyrann. 
Map Leaks... 
in pretty much all versions. I've been using TreeQ because it doesn't seem to find invisible leaks, I've decided to try and move over to something with more features and I'm getting invisible leaks again. 
I moved to version 10 simply because the pointfile has been fixed, and it's pointing to something that doesn't have a hole in it. 
Managed To... 
get it to compile after chopping out a bunch of brushes... honestly though they don't look screwed up to me at all. They all look grid snapped and valid. 
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