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New Q1SP : In The Shadows (v1.1 Now Available)
Finally after months of testing, tweaking and huge amounts of coding, drawing and level design I present my MOD 'In the Shadows' which features three maps, two game play modes (vanilla quake/stealth) and a readme file packed full of hints (for daz)

This is not the final release, I do have plans for other maps, but I want to get feedback on what I have created so far and there is a lot of new toys to play with. The MOD is designed to only work with Fitz and Mark V engines because these are the only two I did testing with.

Please take the time to record some demo's with Fitz because this will be the perfect way for me to understand how you played the maps. If there any problems or things you think should be different, please let me know.

Download Link V1.1 (16.6mb)
Web Page Readme v1.1 Moddb

Recommended Engines:
Fitz0.85 Mark V

Screenshots (1024x768)
Image 1 Image 2 Image 3

Video's on youtube
Stealth Combat Stealth Mechanics
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Candybar Overdose 
@mfx, I love how the german language mashes words together! Strudelteleporter! :)

Shadowgate (S1M1) was the first test map I created for the mod and it seemed like a good place to start with my candy bar marathon.

Guard duty in the cave, a new beginning and an indoor slime pit! 
Why Would You Do This? 
@onetruepurple, do what? all the map still work perfectly fine in Fitz engines. This eye candy pass only works if the DP/FTE engine is being used. I want this mod to support more Quake engines with better specific content. 
Keep buggering on then. 
I think the water looks too high res compared to the rest though 
It's Amazing Though How Much Those Subtle Coronas Add 
This is probably the only amazing use of the Darkplaces engine so far. It looks fantastic. 
Had A Look At DP... 
doesn't work on the windows surface pro either... so far only DirectQ works.

The touchscreen seems to mess up the mouse controls I think. 
The Lighting 
in shots 1 and 3 looks rad. 
Shot 1 
looks like a freaking painting! Great work. 
@Spiney, yeah the water/slime texture is double resolution so that the normal map can pick up light detail properly. I fixed this with the portal but felt the water needs the detail because it appears on large surfaces.

@FifthElephant, so you bought a computer than cannot run a 17year old game!?! :P

@SleepwalkR, I am using fog and light to give the image a nice vivid style, looks gorgeous in game. 
Meat Meat Meat! 
One of the primary features of the stealth system is that monsters explode into a shower of body parts and the default system is very basic (arm/leg/torso/slice) and the uv skins are a mess.

I think the killing of monsters should be something visually interesting, so I started by rework the existing assets and add new multiple frames for variety. The next step was to create custom body parts which randomly drop and the final step to add various explode and impact sounds to the gibs.

Here is a collection of the more unique body parts that can appear from monsters, this is an ongoing process and more will be made. 
"so you bought a computer than cannot run a 17year old game!?! :P "

Yeah it runs on DirectQ, but every other engine I have tried the controls go super crazy as soon as you jump in the game. The only thing I can think is the touchscreen causing trouble.

Even worse is I couldn't get the editor working either up until recently, I almost cried. 
@sock hmmm, looking at it again I think it's more the intensity of the normals that are causing the reflection/refraction to break up in hard edges. Have you tried lowering the contrast in the normals a bit? Looks great either way. 
DP Progress 
@Spiney, I have not had a chance to do anymore with the liquid textures, I am still working my way through creating a new set of DP particles that look similar to the original game. When I use the default particle settings it feels like I am at disco having an epileptic fit! Too many bright lights and crazy colours.

I had a funny error today. I was testing some new DP specific particle calls in QC and got this error message which had a ton of corrupt text at the bottom of the screen. In a weird way it sort of made sense, I sat staring at the screen wondering what sort of maintenance was going on and which button I had to press ... :P 
Ask leileilol at i3d, he has faithful particles. 
Error Message 
If that wasn't your story that'd be the coolest error message ever. 
All Votes Are Welcome ... 
Good luck. 
Me Too 
You deserve to win. 
Sock, can you turn In the Shadow's crossbow into a normal weapon during normal mode? 
@Yhe1, I am not sure why would you want a crossbow in vanilla Quake? It only does 1 point of damage at the moment, its primary use is distractions. I really should fix the model and skin, crazy low detail :D 
I am asking whether you can turn it into a proper weapon for the vanilla quake mode. 
Some Belated Feedback, FWIW 
So work on ITS continues, I hope?

Just revisited ITS demo v1.1 after having watched part of Daz's playthrough of it, and for the first time I "got" the stealth mechanics and had lots of fun with it.

Obviously the brushwork and everything else is just sensational and I am going to go and cry in a corner now because nothing I ever make will be anywhere near this good, but before I do that, I'd like to post three suggestions:

1) Perhaps make it more obvious in the tutorial that the player has unlimited arrows. Because the tutorial emphasises how precious the poison arrows are, I assumed the regular ones to be just as limited. Once you realise you're free to use arrows to take take down each and every enemy, shoot buttons, etc., it all becomes so much more manageable.

Just one additional sentence in the tutorial (e.g. "You have unlimited arrows", or something like that) should suffice).

2) Even if there is no automatic switch to the poison crossbow, it's too easy to use poison arrows by accident. Having two visually different weapons on screen (not just a subtle colour change in the arrow itself) should make it less likely that the player will use up the poison arrows by accident. (I guess others have made similar points above.)

3) Perhaps explain that when the amulet reactivates, the red pentagram on the floor indicates the player's last position. I guess the text about having to "keep moving" hints at that, but I never understood it before watching Daz's video, and knowing that also makes the stealth gameplay far more manageable. 
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