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New Q1SP - 10,000 Feet Below (quoth)
First map of a projected 4-map unit. All four maps are in varying stages of completeness but I'm releasing this now just to give everybody something to play in the meantime. Please don't be sparing with the feedback because I will revise when the full episode is released. Enjoy!

94/116/127 Enemies
5 Secrets

Skill settings function slightly different from the norm: check the readme for details.


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(oh Yeah, That Demo Is Quakespasm Fyi) 
We're not going to discuss the gold key button.

It was too goddamn obvious. 
Scampie FTR 
Both the "initial spawn point" and the gold-key-switch-room were hella more complicated in earlier drafts of the map but were eventually sacrificed just to make the whole thing compilable. Bear in mind this map won't stand on it's own forever - all will eventually become clear. But it's also good to know I piqued someone's curiosity. 
Start Points 
is one of my pet peeves. I like to make at least SOMETHING of a story as to how the player got where they were (that's why you start inside a crate in scampsp1) 
Let's Just Pretend... 
you stepped out of an airlock :P 
Something simple like a teleporter platform is already sufficient. Or a blocked *teleport portal.

Btw. do not put items on the same spot the player spawns. They will fall out if the map restarts. Instead place them 8 units above the info_player_start - they will be picked up instantly, but never fall out. 
Well here you go Shambler!

The double gj route is faster but oh so much harder. Not used to gj without grenade counters. My runs are 28 and 25 seconds but oh boy it's been a while since I ran so they're not very pretty.

I have tried to enforce protocol 15 but I can only guarantee they play back well in DirectQ... At my place... 
HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Brilliant Mandel, good skills.

Could you do the spawn jump in two SSG shots BTW?? 
You can kill a spawn with two SSG shots but then almost every pellet counts. Also, my r_wateralpha reset to 1 between re-records so the thing is basically invisible!

There are other optimizations to be had even using these exact routes, like bouncing the first grenade on the floor for example, but I'm rusty... 
Slight Update... 
Downloading again will get you a fixed version that removes the hammer HOM, (hopefully) the graphical errors in the GA ceiling, and fixes the clipping bugs by the tower in the first room and the RA balcony.

There are other modifications but they will wait until the rest of DOM3 is released. 
Other Stuff.... 
Mandel: the map resets wateralpha because the water in this map is supposed to be all full of oil and not see-through. :P But while recording I made a hotkey to change the wateralpha after loading and with that I could get the spawn with 2 shots every time.

Negke: fixed the items dropping out at startup (in the update) thanks for the tip. I'm still not adding the complicated entrance until full release though.

Scampie: Taking the YA after I put a frigging wall around it specifically to keep you out? You suck. Seriously. ;) 
I really enjoyed this. Very cool style, quite a unique take on temple. Unusual palette and interesting designs. Good feel of exploration, and monster placement that really gets mileage out of each monster. Full review for Quaddicted coming soonish. 
Thanks For Releasing This 
will check it out soon. 
Quaddicted mirror updated. 

Recorded in the RMQ engine, for some reason. 
Dancing Pixels With Sound Effects 
Nice Video 
There were parts I wanted to shout "TAKE THE AMMO YOU'RE GOING TO NEED IT!!!" but still, point made. ;) Left a slightly more detailed response on the video. 
Seen one of those in a while, was good - thanks. 
Daz You Are Hilarious. 
You must have good Quake skills to survive that well by missing half the bloody ammo and health in the map :D. I wish you'd reloaded after the first ending death to go find all the things you missed. Also RTFM, literally.

Nice commentary btw :) 
Skill Settings 

My fault then, I tend to just skim read news posts and instantly click on the download link and assume everything is standard.

For those interested, here is the blurb from the readme:

Difficulty Settings : Skill settings affect monster count and
available items in the expected way.
Also dependent on skill are the presence
of messages and navigational clues. I
originally wanted the map to be
completely text-free but that wasn't
everyone's cup of tea, so the settings
are as follows...

Skill 2: "Silent Mode" - there are no messages.
You don't need me to tell you what a
locked door looks like. That area you
found may or may not be a secret (just
like DOOM). And if you want to know
how to open or move something or where
to go next, try paying attention.

Skill 1: "Standard Quake Mode" - messages appear
for secrets and key-doors in the
expected way with a handful of tips
about doors and switches when their
dependencies and effects aren't
immediately obvious.

Skill 0: "Vigil Mode" - the map grabs you by the
cock and drags you all over the place
more or less talking the entire time -
with huge neon lights marking the way in
case this isn't helpful enough.

Skill 3: Same as Skill 2 with faster monsters.
You probably knew that already.

Skill 4: Same as skill 3 but drunk (requires the
bourbon mod, check your liquor cabinet).
Most of the playtesting was skill 4. 
Everyone Interested Already Read That ;) 

Fern please add 'Daz Mode' next map where the secrets are all pointed out with giant golden arrows. Especially the crate. That one, single, lone crate that looks nothing like anything else in the map and that he broke open in his skill1 playthrough demo he recorded and then didn't bother to open on skill2 in his video. 
Theres A Crate? 
I don't remember seeing or braking any crates :o 
You are a genius :D 
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