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HL2SP: Black Mesa
Obligatory news post. Though you must have been living under a rock if you haven't heard about this yet.

Black Mesa (formerly Black Mesa: Source) is a modern remake of the classic Half-Life on the Source engine which took the team eight years to finish. Largely faithful to the original levels, but with some variation and reinterpretation in parts to keep it fresh, as well as awesome details and visual improvements. The Xen part is missing unfortunately; it may be done and released at some later point.

The Source SDK 2007 is required to run this TC.
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Played More Of This 
very impressed, especially with how consistent the quality is. 
I just finished the game last night. Overall I'm quite impressed. There are a few balance issues that definitely need to be fixed, but they don't outshine the otherwise stellar job that the developers did in recreating the atmosphere of the original.

My only legitimate complaint is that it wasn't as long as the original. It was long enough (8-9 hours for me) but the idea of stripping gameplay just from the original horrifies me! D: 
Played A Lot Of This... 
...but I am useless at crouch-jump so reluctantly used noclip to get over two jumps that I just could not manage - one near the fish tank, and one where you have to use the barrels to raise the cat-walk.

Other than that, and considering I haven't played shooter games (including Quake) for about three years, I thought it was great. For me it is just like playing a new game because I really cannot remember the original.

I suspect it will take me more than 8 hours but I am enjoying it. The rocket gantry detail and eventual rocket launch were pretty cool, but the overall level of detail is splendid. 
I've been playing this instead of working on my Quake map. Other than a couple of nit-picks, I think it's excellent. The biggest flaw is the poor implementation of jumping/crouch-jumping, or whatever you want to call it. It just sucks. It seems like in trying to emulate HL1, they went overboard. Freeman can't even step over a curb without having to jump, and anything over a foot seems to require the crouch jump contortion. I really don't recall HL1 being anywhere near this annoying and I know HL2 wasn't because it hasn't been that long since I played it and I think I'd remember if it was. If either of those games had such poor movement mechanics I would have trashed them after the first few maps. I just get tired of having to use noclip two or three times in every map. 
With HL, the crouch jump was more just to get onto really high ledges where here it's necessary for most basic jumps. It ends up just being annoying. 
Home Sick Yesterday 
...with my leg elevated all day. Played the first section of Black Mesa (finally) with a Steam controller. Was well worth it. Haven't played HLSP since it's release. I know it's old news but it's a very solid experience but it feels weird to not have Alyx Vance with you. 
Black Mesa 
The best remake of any FPS ever.

The details, the details are great! Loved the lambda labs section and the rokm with all the monitors just before the end teleport chamber.

Nit picks though:
No cockroaches to squish
What happened to part of surface tension
The soldiers shoot you way way too quickly once they see you and have perfect aim.

Nit best picks:
Oh my gosh the blue tarped crates when you break them and the tarp floats down gently!
Pick up a potted plant and the leaves wave as you move!
The soundscapes are amazing.
Lots of good details that remind me of the factory I work at, e.g. custom mugs, lots of poster boards, dingy industrial areas.

Looking forward to zen to see what they do to make it less Mario and more Freeman. 
last time I played it Xen was missing and the gameplay was garbage, pure garbage (not fun at all, didn't felt like the original at all)

the recreations were amazing though 
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