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Gloomier Keep By Kell - E1m5 Remake
(Fine, I'll do it :P)

Gloomier keep is a remake/remix of e1m5 in Kell's "Knave" texture set and using the Quoth modification. There are also some new map models included in the download for various objects.

This map also continues Kell's tradition of epic secret area's :)
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I thought the lighting was somewhat dull. Making the movers external bsp files seems unnecessary.

I have to agree with the lighting. I found it very flat and "fullbright"-looking in many places. There was something of an aversion to using animating lightstyles too - most noticeable on the "Q" secret (when you enter the teleport from behind - oooeerrr missus!)

External .bsp models was also a very odd choice. These don't interact with either map lighting or dynamic lighting (unless you're playing with gl_flashblend 1) which hugely limits their reusability (and completely wrecks player immersion). 
I thought the map was great, like the original - only more so!
I'm probably not as experienced as the rest of you though, and Shambler's posts are offering a notably different opinion to the rest of the posts, so I was just wondering if I could play your maps Shambler? Only I can't seem to find any on there somewhere else I should be looking? 
Don't Be Daft. 
If you've lurked enough you know bloody well I've never touched an editor, so the ancient "well what maps have YOU made" troll is a waste.

My opinion is simple:

Secret with no monsters + no gameplay purpose + very hard to find + MAP IS RELEASED AS UNFINISHED = purposeless secret.

Remake map without additional gameplay / map (i.e. not just purely aesthetic) enhancements = less interesting than other remake maps.

This map IS good for what it is but it misses out on 1. It's own potential if it had been finished, and 2. The interest that E1M1rmx and E1M2rmx etc showed. 
"Secret With No Monsters" 
lol sounds like someone didn't actually find the secret ^_~ 
I didn't really try to. It's an unfinished map and thus a natural assumption the "secret" is part of the unfinished bit. Noclipping and further investigation pretty much confirms that. 
mr. czg, you have to complete/finish your 05_17 scrapmaps

i actually would pay for completed versions of maps 
In Fact There's No Lol 
i'm serious, some time ago i have asked for permission to complete your maps , but my mapping skills doesnt allowed me to ... , so i ask you to...

just please , there's so much potential to


of course if you have some free time 
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