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Speedmapping Pack 166
Three single player maps by negke and Zwiffle, two of them in DOOM base style.

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Those Are Speedmaps? 
I must be the slowest mapper alive :( 
I'm just the biggest cheater alive.

Zwiffle: The exit ambush is great, very Doomish. This is something that should be used more often in maps. The player expects monsters to lurk behind the door, but then the attack takes places right before. A similar setup could be a button on a wall that suddenly lower altogether to reveal a monster closet. Or a button next to a door which opens a closet in the player's back, inside of which is the actual door button. Nice classic ambush situations with a slight twist. 
Good Times 
I liked both of the doom maps, good use of the original textures and similar styles of layout/gameplay. The glowing intestine ceiling was also fun, it's harder to use the hell textures in Quake (including the blue and red fire) and have them look good. The last map was a fun blast, neat architecture as usual. Thanks guys. 
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