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Lun3DM5 - You'll Shoot Your Eye Out
A blockout map is also pretty, in its way. When gussied up with gentle fog, soft omnidirectional lighting, and enough fractious post-brutalist geometry to lend the depth and texture that unfinished maps are lacking, without sacrificing the stark austerity that a map textured entirely in bare concrete must by nature embrace, it becomes prettier still. This is at least the working theory behind "You'll Shoot Your Eye Out."


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Looks like ioquake3 can't handle this, shaders not working or something. Damn! 
Reminds me of Combine architecture from hl2 in a way. Simple but very effective, love it :) 
You got Mirror's Edge in my Q3! You got Q3 in my Mirror's Edge! 
haha that's awesome!
the fake ambient occlusion worked out really well, too. 
I made and tested it primarily in ioquake3. Are you getting broken shaders? 
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