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Cornered - A Left 4 Dead 2 Survival Map
Cornered is a survival map for Left for Dead 2 featuring a night time setting and a semi random rain storm with lightning to spice things up a bit! :)

Multiple hold-out spots are provided for re-playability.

Info/screens/download -
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Have you tried "Helms deep reborn" survival map? It follows that design and doe's a very good job of it, as time goes on different events happen and you are pushed back from the walls into the keep etc. 
Not Sure - 
I did play one LOTR themed campaign which was pretty frustrating, tbh. It had one bit where you read a book on top of a well, then four tanks arrive.

Is that the same one? 
This One.

It's survival only, but plays like a campaign really. I don't think I ever got far enough to see 4 tanks so can't really answer that :) It's good fun though. 
Not the same one... I'll try and dig out the set since searching didn't turn it up.

It was multiple themes as I remember now; Tintin, the Mines of Moria, haunted house and a few others.

I'm getting old, I think it was L4D1. 
That One 
does look pretty impressive in any case 
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