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Speedmapping Pack 164
Six SP maps this time from some unusual faces.
In digs' map nothing is quite what it seems, necros copy-pastes a Doomish 2D level, negke makes an attempt at a Quake interpretation of a Harlan Ellison story, ZealousQuakeFan goes overzealous in a three-map mini campaign for Quoth.

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screens look pretty fucking awesome.

Mugs Up 
digs: Nice tricks; a bit like a digs05 outtakes/deleted scenes special. The subtle texture changes were cool, too. This is something that could also work in regular maps - like the scrolling textures in Doom.

necros: Quite some pasting. I like the style, especially the small details like horizontal and vertical bricktrim. Somewhat confusing when everything looks so alike, but I didn't get lost or anything. The two routes were good and even adjustments depending on which route the player chose. What was that teleport (unstuck) thing supposed so do?

ZQF: Not much to look at. But some good gameplay setups. Reducing the vorelings' health is the way to go and it shows that even as one-shot-kill enemies they can still be quite dangerous. Some good ambushes/closet situations. And the Icon of Sin attack looked very cool (until it killed me).
One other thing that I thought worked well here were the scrags with the red rocks in the background. Usually I'm all for proper void lighting to avoid pitch black (=invisible) monsters attacking the player from out of nowhere, but here it created a nice variation because one has to move around until their shapes become visible against the red backdrop.

GG guys. 
you guys rockzzz

downloading!!! thanks god there are so many good talent guys that still make this great game alive!

sorry for not making anything, but at home the free time is very small :( I miss time when I had the LUCK to map at work :( but for Qexpo I will have something :)

demos and comments later! 
were recorded for all maps except the end of ZQF2 and ZQF3.

Neg, all that's missing is the giant bird.

Also, I really liked ZQF's little episode - made me rush a finish to my map just now before work, so I can start a fresh one on my day off!
Thanks to everyone involved 
seems like it was mindfuck week... <-- demos

digs: confusing especially cause the stuff happens during combat, like the bricks changing colour! lol!

negke: just wild. some kind of gigantic torture device? for a while there, i thought it was a joke and i'd have to keep fighting forever. :P
btw, very very cool concept with the huge pillars and gigantic cogs in the distance. very evocative! (and creepy)

zqf: all 3 were very creative. first was kind of boring cause it was mostly voreling target practice. :P
third map was really cool and had some great gimmicks.

as for my map,
the teleporting thing disguises the wall in front of you while it disappears/appears.

also, in retrospect, i should have done one side of the map in blue bricks to help differentiate.

also, were we supposed to include map sources?
here's mine anyway:

note you'll need to use -group switch on qbsp because i used the radiant func_group entities to keep brushes together for copying. 

Downloading the demos, 35 minutes to go at 7kb/s. :S
17MB seems quite large for five short demos zipped?! 
yeah dunno why they compressed so bad. thought of using 7z but i know not everyone has that.
they're 70mb uncompressed though. yikes.

also, damn cool source of inspiration for the map. also explains the tarbaby at the end. would have actually made more sense in the context of the story to not have the tarbaby count as a kill. still-- awesome. 
btw I should say basic layout of zqf3 is something of a tribute to the final level of 1024 Congestion. Hense some Doom textures and the icon :) All the actual fights are different though :E

1024 wads are a great source for fight ideas. They get seriously creative imo :) 
Had No Idea 
they made a game based on that story. I'd like to play that, actually... 
About escaping the doorway: I do not think that you can jump. It was necessary to raise the upper trigger is a little higher. The original idea: to get to the boxes and they jump into the doorway.

In the remaining cards: played, very nice. Negke's map was very difficult to pass. Sorry for such a short comment 
didn't get how to get the weapons on negke map... help? :p 
Run, Noob. 
The Force Is Powerful In This One... 
Played the first 3 maps.

Nice short romp. Steady runner up to Negke's crown of king of creative mapping. Loved it.

Funny infighter map, love the title...

Negke. King.

Demos of these 3:

(I included 3 attempts at negke's, the last one being the only completed thanks to a shameless stroke of luck)

Now... How do I record a demo of an episode? 
My Map Is Actually A Quake Adaption, Not Interpretation 
Drew; Yes, I played that too. It's interesting to see how they used and expanded the story. But gameplay-wise I thought it was fairly average. The last part is weird, and I couldn't figure it out without a walkthrough. There are multiple endings, with the 'bad' one being the transformation of the player character into the blob.

Trinca: 1. Noob 2. Notice the cables. 3. Lower all tech blocks at the same time to trigger the big one. 4. Use a high-limit engine port to avoid the telefrag crash 6. Admittedly, the Quad danage block is poorly timed 7. Roulf

the silent: You stop the recording in the intermission screen, proceed to the next map and quicksave. Then disconnect and start a new demo recording with a different name in the console but don't specify a map name this time. Then quickload and continue playing. 
Well, Alright... 
Second bunch.

Nothing meaningful here, just a tryout of the above multidemo recording technique.

Nice little maps, here, ZQF, keep 'em coming. 
Good Job, Everybody! 
Digs - Simple layout and texturing with good gameplay potential. A mini version of your last map, well done.

Necros - Lots of style everywhere despite the occasional bad texture alignment. Slower paced but softer on the eyes. I like the colored lighting and see through waterfalls, too.

Negke - Required a quicksave or two but was doable. Nice atmosphere for a speedmap.

ZQF - Builds up to a good grand finale. The slime room had me stumped for a second or two. Low health vorelings rule!

What others said...

Digs: simple and efficient

Negke: Godmoding is mandatory if you are not a good player (like me :P)

Necros: Very well done...

ZQF: Good mini episodes...

Overall a great pack: keep it up ! 
great stuff all around!

digs: felt like i was in some sort of twilight zone and i was mind fucked by that door haha

necros: great texture theme and i stopped to stare at some architecture here and there. Especially liked the alcove with the key card.

negke: felt like a weird q3 space map, and i was scared, had to godmode it, i liked the volcanoes with the boxes and the wires

zqf: only played the non quoth one but it was short and enjoyable. I liked the passage way tunnel with the bars on top with the demons hangin out there. also good job on the lighting!

i hope to participate in the next one! 
err, technically they all need quoth :P 
<rage>I thought to myself, shall I put a quoth detecting trigger in these maps? Nah it's only a speed map, and negke will mention it in the readme.</rage> 
I Did That In The Last One 
I released that was quoth (sm160). definitely a good idea! 
nice pack guys, thanks!!!

1� demos

negke is first demo after the teaching! 
You Demented Bunch. 
Errrr. I dunno what to say. Same as the above. Cool maps overall. Negke is properly mental. 
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