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Q1SP: The Death Lair By Trinca
Trinca released a new map!


Download: (1MB)
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Nice Trinca! 
Very clean brushwork and texture use.
I got lost once or twice in the hallways since they looked so alike but I found my way again so it wasn't so bad.

Yeah it's a small not to detailed map but it looks and plays good!
In these days with no releases at all, it is good to play a new map again.

Just keep this kind of map coming!
Lets have some more from you Trinca! 
Great Fun Map! 
Quite old-school. I guess.

Skill 3 all the way, I died on the firstrun, then died at the end on the second. After noclipping to stop a lavadeath about 30 seconds before.

I thought skill 3 was quite well balanced. Little health, but lots of room to escape and tactics options for the experienced player (no me!).

nice work! 
Well Done ! 
Globally what others said:

Very nice map, very old-skool feeling, but very well executed. Not that much details, but fair enough to be architecturally interesting. The very good point is texture choice and the way you applied it, that makes the map really nice. I would have seen better lignthning effect (more contrast actually), but well, this is my personal feeling.

Concerning gameplay, monster placement: it is really good, and never boring. I've just been a little bit short in ammo just before picking the SK (normal skill)... anyway...

Trinca, this map is overall very good to have fun: not very hard, not too easy, just cool enough to have, after playing it, the feeling I didn't waste 15 minutes of my life and that it was worth playing it !

Good work, and keep it up !!

PS: I'm gonna play it once again ;) 
Forgot To Metion 
... I find no secrets... even after replaying: damn ! where are they located ? 
Sunday I will record a spoiler demo in nightmare 100% ;) untill then let some other people try it out!

JPL secrets are Quad, Quad, and 100% healthy + lots of ammo 
... fair... but it does not give any clue how to get it :P 
There's one behind an elevator... 
From One End To The Other... there's only one elevator...

Recorded a 100% spoiler demo, but won't post it until Chief Trinca does....

Damn fun map. 
The silent if you did, upload it!

Here 'tis, Master... ;)

Be warned though, there' a major slowdown in pace when trying to open last secret, and lots of whining while I do... Major nOOb I am. 
The Silent 
zomgggg almost sleep, was you drunk? :)

you are a noob :p

proper demo 6 minutes 
Awesome Work 
nice demo. 
Clean, Unadorned Quake. 
I liked this map, and want more of this size/style.

nice and clean. found 1 secret. destroyed all beasts. 
Yah.. i could only find one secret. I found that trigger in the middle of the picture near the caged quad.. but couldn't figure out what it opened *&%!.

Fun map.. getting some in-fighting happening. The vore round-up and Shamblers at the end had me worried, as i hadn't died up to this point, and managed to scrape through ;> 
...Suck my proper... You, and your itsy-bitsy skull triggers. ;)

I recorded while at work, with people coming and going, I must have paused 1000 times...

Noob, uh? Guess we should meet in the arena, sooner or later... :D 
"paused 1000 times..." escuses... u can't even bunny jumping!

zmggg dm6 (arena) I rape you hard ,you whould think y're an old women... 
Found 2 Secrets... 
.. just missing the Quad behind the bars... :P

Anyway: good map !! 
Great Map 
I have to agree with what everyone else has said. Solid architecture, fast gameplay, although rather easy, but still tons of fun.

First playthrough demo:

Keep up the great work Trinca :) 
thanks guys ;)

love all demos :)

Drew speedmaps look like this one of mine :) 
Longer Comments 
Loved It 
Nice work Trinca, I was missing your maps! Loved the architecture of the map, very pleasant to bunny around it and make fun of the monsters :p

With some changes (a smaller route), It could give a hell of a FFA map

Is it supposed to be a pre-sequence of "the tomb of chak toh ich´┐Żak"?

Nice Map 
I liked how the quad secret opened. I kept looking at the ceiling for something I needed to shoot.

A good oldschool experience. 
vegetous don't have nothing to do with tchak...

Is just a small map to have a little fun, and to keep me on the move...

It was suppose to have dm support to but I lost interests and layout lost the dm feeling... 
this map is probably good in coop since there's no places where you get trapped or doors that close off areas. 
Ok Map 
bit too plain build and gameplay wise, but fun nevertheless. 
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