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Q3SP: "Map On The Edge Of Forever" By Sock
Screenshot :

sock says: "Here is the final release of a map that some of you may have seen over the last 8 months via the mountain of screenshots I have drowned this forum in and wondered 'what is going on here!'. It has been a very long journey for me with countless builds and months of building but thanks to all my friends it has been an amazing experience. :)

"As always, constructive comments are welcome and if you have the chance to record any demo's please let me know because I would love to see how you played the map. I do understand that this will not be everyone's cup of tea because it has a very strong puzzle element but take your time and try to resist the urge to noclip around the place. All the source files and a detailed explaination of the map will be released next week. The website does contain some help on how to find things if you are really stuck!"

Zip File : (49Mb)
Website :
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So, Quick 
How does one record a demo in Q3? I use ioquake3 but that should not matter. 
Recording A Demo 
You need the map loaded first and type the following and restart the level:

g_synchronousclients 1 (will autocomplete)
record (start, automatic naming)
stoprecord (finish)

The zip does have a full run through demo of the map in 4 1/2 minutes if you get stuck or just want to see it complete. 
Spoiler Alert! 
Here is the link to an utube video run through of the entire map completing everything. This is really for people that don't have Q3 installed and want to know what is going on with this release.

Be warned, this run through will complete everything and spoil the entire map showing all areas and secrets. So use this link with caution if you want to play it at your pace. 

I wish one could save. Quit now to catch the sun outside even though I "only" got ~septa of those things. I writing this like this so people do not get spoiled by scanning over it. Will say more once more played it. 
Very unique and beautiful concept map, and superbly done. I love the style and textures, and of course the excellent construction (clean brushwork and lots of small details).

I'm not much of a fan of those button-based logic puzzles (yeah, I'm too dumb for them), but I managed to solve them fairly well - mostly by random pressing. It's great how the machines work, the effects and all. Finding the last skulls had me stumped for quite a while, because I wrongly assumed the skulls in the main hall are placed in a progressive order and thus kept looking for in the wrong places. Increasing the brightness helped a lot, although the general light level is fine.

Maybe there could have been even more puzzle variation - if that's possible with Q3A and it's supposedly limited set of functions.

WTF at the ending, though. I spend ages in that cave trying to find a way out, when there apparently isn't (judging from your walkthrough video)?! The voice didn't help. There should have been some visual clue to make this absolutely clear to the player. Or is this the ultimate puzzle? A meta puzzle, so to speak.
Not that I'd have the right to complain - after all, I made players wander around a (Q1) puzzle nightmare myself...

Here is a demo. Be warned, though: it contains long periods of not doing the right things and not searching in the right places. Plus the entire end debacle. If there's some sort of 'fast-foward' option in Q3A, make sure to use it.

I will have to noclip around the map and take a look at the source some time, too. 
Reinstalling Q3. 
Right now. 
A Shame... 
... there are no monsters... otherwize, it is fucking brilliant !!! 
Lovely Demo 
@negke, thank you very much for the demo :) I watched all of it! (there are no fast forward options with q3) A couple of times it felt like I was at a panto because I was shouting ... 'its behind you' when you were looking at buttons.

I wanted to know how you got stuck and it was because you turned the HUD off completely. I used text messages to tell you (the player) want is going on and you missed the end message ('to be continued ...'). I did not mention here in the news text because I did not want to duplicate all the stuff on my website.

I really liked the console messages you typed, it made the demo feel really personal. Thanks. :)

@JPL, yeah it is shame, but this was partly about trying to push the vanilla Q3 in a new direction.

Also EVERYONE, please check the top part of the map infomation page on my website before you start the map. It will help alot. 
Ohh, I See 
I feel stupid now. When you said cg_drawstatus, I disabled cg_draw2D instead. The centerprints would have been helpful to me.

A couple of times it felt like I was at a panto because I was shouting ... 'its behind you' when you were looking at buttons.
Hah, yeah. I know this feeling. In a map like this (one that doesn't focus on simple killing), the 'author-player perception devide' becomes even more evident.

So, sorry for having you endure all the unnecessary parts of the demo. In Q1, you could have increased host_framerate to speed up the playback. But, well, the way it is now, one could say it's not only the player experience that borders on the Edge of Forever. ;) 
Great work sock, I loved it. It obviously wouldn't have been half as enjoyable if the map wasn't gorgeous to look at, just wandering around was fun.

Here's a really shitty demo of me playing, lots of me being lost and not understand basic puzzles.

Again, awesome brushwork and texturing.

Is the tower you see in the first teleporter the actual level, or did you build a fake version? (Forgot to noclip to check).
I was almost convinced the back teleporter was bugged, felt sure I should be able to go through it. I think it wasn't obvious enough that it was locked. 
Smoke And Mirrors 
@Bal, yeah the image you see in the first portal is a model based on the actual level. I wanted to make the portal believable by pointing it at something which is not static, that is why you can see a generator device working in the lower window.

I am loving the demo everyone, I am watching all of them regardless of how much wandering around you do, getting lost and checking out the details. Also any ingame feedback is amazing as well. :) 
Q3 for this =D 
Make this single player Q1 and I will totally cum for you sock. Or rather I won't if you'd prefer it, but will if you don't. 
for some reason it crashes for me with hunk_alloc error 55383388 something... wtf??? 
make sure not to read the readme or look at the website 
Actually I Didn't Read The Readme At All 
The default value is 'com_hunkmegs 56' and it needs to be changed
to the following 'com_hunkmegs 96'

aha, i'll try ... 
Just Emphasizing... 
...that this is awesome.

Great job on the final, sock!

And, yeah, if it's not too late, and you still need to post this in other places, I'd post about the page and reading the read-me in the initial post.

I wouldn't have included a demo. But I'm an asshole like that... 
So I've Changed The Com_hunkmegs Value To 96/128 
but havnt succeed, the console still says com_hunkmegs 56 default 56
latched 96, so how to enable hunk96, vid_restart doesnt help

ps. i'm not familiar with QIII 
Restart The Game 
I've Just Included 'com_hunkmeg 96' In The Command Line Of QIII 
and voila it works now 
Another Crash 
When I get to the generator, my display driver (for some unknown reason) decides to crash. This sin't a hunkmegs issue, as that's high enough already. Anyone else getting this?

I'm liking what I'm seeing so far, though... 
Played it, got stuck a lot of the time but I enjoyed it. I'll post more of my thoughts in an upcoming review. Still have a game and doom wad review to do first though!

Recorded a demo. Typed stuff in the console while I played but none of that seems to show. On occassions I'm away for a few mins (reason I split the demo in two files) So yeah, if you're patient and don't mind me wandering around aimlessly and the few 'silent' moments, enjoy my demo. 
thanks for the map, sock! 
Still Watching ... 
the demo's and it is really good to see what everyone is doing to find stuff. Some clues about how I created the hidden stuff:

* If you find a skull, it won't be mirrored somewhere else.
* Switches and buttons are always close together
* Always look up! (Lots of people don't do this)

@Zwiffle, if the Q1 tools were more modern with detail brushes, model support and better lighting, I would play with Q1 SP again.

@pjw, I did the video for mapcore people mostly, they won't have Q3 installed. The demo in the zip file was a poke to you, to finish your speed run! :P

@Spy, if you get the map running I would love to see a demo.

@Lardarse, that section of the map is really heavy on client traffic. Are you sure you using the latest version of Q3? 1.32B or C

@quakis, very cool demo, watched it all. I assumed when you spinned around really quickly after finding stuff it was because you were happy you got it or frustrated? 
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