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Q2Episode1 For Quake4
The whole Quake 2 Episode 1 done for Quake 4. Flashback anyone?

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Q2Episode1 For Quake4 Problem 
I have a problem loading the map after installization2. bunk1.

Map Initialization
Map: bunk1
idRenderWorldLocal:: Init:From: maps/bunk1
...............Game Map Shutdown......................
Error: couldn't load maps/bunk1

Anyone else have a similar problem or know how to fix it?
I sent an email to the address in the readme but haven't heard from them. 
I am pretty sure that is supposed to be the ending. Maybe more maps will come later. 
i agree with willem, the recharge rate is the wrong thing to tune for skill settings. It's not "harder" to wait in a dark corner for an extra 10 seconds.

Probably the best thing to tune is the amount of health that can be regained. For example, on easy, you recharge up to 50% health, on medium up to 25%, on hard up to 10%. And on nightmare you don't recharge at all. (Or slowly lose health at all times? That would be nice and evil.) 
What we have, basically. At what low quantity of health does it start to recharge and the Rage effect begin.

It's always slow (1 per second) I thought this'd be too irritating, but like I say, it seems alright. 
And on nightmare you don't recharge at all. (Or slowly lose health at all times? That would be nice and evil.)

Isn't that what they did in Doom 3? Although they equpped you straight off with that nonsensical cube weapon which gives you back health when you kill people with it. So the idea was as long as you killed 10 monsters a minute, you could keep your health topped up. Pretty sure it never dropped you below 25 either, but I didn't bother to play it for long, so I could be remembering wrong. 
you must be thinking of another game. the soul cube gives you health back, but you never just loose health constantly. 
Although I did like the artifact idea. At least something stuck from Q1.

The health lying around was alot less after gaining the cube.

Another health mechanic then. 
you must be thinking of another game. the soul cube gives you health back, but you never just loose health constantly.

The "Sanguinoch" or whatever it was called from Zerstorer was like that, if you had monsters around it would suck their health, but if you were alone it would start draining yours instead, i think. 
Q2Episode1 For Quake4 Problem - Thanks 
I am pretty sure that is supposed to be the ending. Maybe more maps will come later.

Ok thanks. I thought it was the whole game but now realize it was only episode 1 
You do lose health on Nightmare. Can't remember if it counts down to 25 or 1, but that's the very reason you start with the Soul Cube. 
I Just Checked 
it counts down to 25. i never played on nightmare, i had no idea there was a different gameplay mechanic. 
Health Regen Like In Halo 
essentially sets an upper limit on the rewards for player skill. Suddenly it stops being important how efficient you are, because all that matters is that you don't die.

So it helps players that have handicaps, like console controllers, and/or players that only play the game for the story; it makes it less interesting for players that are interested in interesting game mechanics instead.

Obviously, it's a shortcut for the devs, because testing becomes much easier.

What are the implications of games that feature specific places in the map where you recharge health/ammo? 
Why is pixel perfect shooting such a revered skill? That's about the only thing you can't do with a gamepad so I wonder if it's just a hold over of the "pc vs console" war. Why is that skill so important in order to be able to enjoy a game for PC players? 
My $0.02 
It's not that it's "so important"; it's just another skill. But it's a skill that's had a lot of use and a lot of focus in gaming (especially PC gaming) for a long time. Accurate aim is linked to success in many games, bragging rights, and obviously penis size. It's the traditional tool of success in many shooters, especially old-school shooters, and...well...look where you're posting.

It's important because all skills are important, because skills are a big part of what most gaming is about. Games are partly (mostly?) about challenge, and learning and using skills is what helps to overcome challenges.

In an alternate universe, I could see us having the same conversation about movement controls:

Why is pixel perfect movement such a revered skill? With PCs, sure, you can move exactly where you wish, but with [arbitrary controller] you just move sort of where you want to, and that's close enough, and can be compensated for on the game design side, so why is it so important? 
A Bit More 
Why is that skill so important in order to be able to enjoy a game for PC players?

Because if you've spent a lot of time using an old familiar tool that does a task (aiming) better than another tool, and then you try to use the new tool, you have to deal with the double whammy of working to learn the new tool while knowing full well that no matter how much effort you put into it, this tool will never work quite as well as your old one.

That tends to make people cranky. 
Good Post 
I guess where I take issue with it is where these things are used as vectors to attack those who dare to enjoy games on consoles. It's silly. 
Notice Me Not Arguing. 
There's elitism and scorn on both sides to some extent (e.g. PC players are living in the past, etc.), but in my experience it's much more common to bash on console players as not being "real gamers" and that kind of shit.

I was heavily into NES/SNES, but the last console I bought was a PS2. I get tempted every now and then by some of the great games I see that are console-only... 
OK, on topic -

I don't think this works.

I think it would have been better if the mapper put in the time to remake the levels from scratch, with Q4 textures, and just used the normal Q4 enemies. It would have needed a lot more playtesting - for example I couldn't jump up through the hole in the ground where the shotgun is because the brushwork is from Quake 2, but the q4 guy can't jump that high. Stuff like that should be avoided. The running speed is too low for these relatively open maps.

It would need a complete rebalancing with the new enemies, ie completely new item placement.

The water doesn't look right. 
When And Where Did We Start Talking About Aim? 
I certainly wasn't.

Console analogue controllers don't allow you to make fast rotations, and are less precise (for budget reasons? compare the feel of a typical analogue stick with something like a flightstick is it only the size that causes this?). The first is always an issue for fps games, although it could be argued that it increases realism (but I can turn my head pretty fast...!), the latter only is if the game is designed in a way that pixel-perfect aim gives you an advantage. Most games do so.

It's really bad when console games limit your options, like limiting your ability to look up/down or allowing strafing only under certain conditions. Even if it works fine 90% of the time, those are the games that i feel really limited in. Metroid Prime was like this... half-way through the game i still miss jumps because I jump late-I can't look down when jumping to see where on the ledge my 'feet' are.

The regeneration discussion is way more interesting imho ;-) 
Have you tried Berzerker Q2? 
tbh I don't care much for "graphical updates" Ricky :)

I might. 
It Doesnt Just Change The Graphics To 
Parralax mapped beauty, it also adds a few smart features such as wierd little bots which come and dispose of the bodies of dead foes, stuff like that :) 
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