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Quake Injector Alpha1
megaman and Spirit present: A first alpha version of the Quake Injector.

The Quake Injector is a tool to download, install and play Quake singleplayer maps from the archive. Ever been annoyed by an excruciating installation process? Could not figure out how to install a certain map? Well, this tool makes it a piece of cake. Simply pick the map and click Install.


All Quake singleplayer maps ever made (900+ in the database)

Simply pick a map, click install and play

Filter, sort, browse to find your favourite map

Automatically installs dependencies (e.g. Quoth)


Free, Open Source Software, released under the GPL.

Check it out:
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Clyster was highly recommended by Hippocrate in any "hole wash"... have fun :P 
"All Quake singleplayer maps ever made" is obviously not true 
Of Course 
It's all about marketing. ;-)

I even have several on my harddisk that are not included yet.

But I think from some percentage upwards one can say it's "all". 
So I Guess Theres No Fix For My Issue? 
Could you try a "normal" path like c:\games\quake\ ?
The pak files are just about 50 MB so that shouldn't be a problem. 
Finally Tried This... 
awesome. it just works. (windows xp) 
"Could you try a "normal" path like c:\games\quake\ ?
The pak files are just about 50 MB so that shouldn't be a problem."

i still don't really get what's happening on your side, on what paths, etc., sry :(

It would be awesome if you could describe it once more, with all the detail, so i can reproduce the bug. 
One of these days I will install all the packages for science. Yay science! 
not been playing Quake much recently but decided to have a look at this. Seems like very impressive stuff so far; Everything I tried worked a charm on a clean install of Quake (yeah, didn't dare let it loose on my mess of a Quake folder).

Nice work. 
The user should be able to select Quoth as an installed expansion pack (just like hipnotic and rogue), though. I tried to download a Quoth map and injector tried to download the entire quoth pack again, with me having already installed it... 
Sorry. Quoth is just a package like all others. rogue and hipnotic only get special treatment because they are not free.

I understand that the inability to scan an existing Quake installation is frustrating but the work required for something that must be immense.

If you do not want to install Quoth through the Injector but want it to show as installed you can edit the installedMaps.xml file (same directory as the quakeinjector.jar). Put this inside there somewhere:

<map id="quoth">

I have not tested it but it should work. 
Alright, thanks. :-E 
That Works! 
I don't remember who asked and where but I have finally added necros' Moldy Tower to it. 
Is Quake Injector supporting Quoth mod ? 
For sure, it even automatically installs it if required and you don't have already. See the posts right above for more info. 
OK, thanks, I read it too fast, and I missed the point... ;) 
why sm82 rubicondom isn't available in quaddicted q1sp archive? 
Because as sm* file it went straight into the speedmapping list and so far no one made the effort of cleaning up. 
If I added all the maps included in packs (like for example all the qte*m* maps in Travail) to the list of possible startmaps, how should they be shown?

a) Alphabetically:

b) In order of appearance (this would be nicer for non alphanumerically ordered ones):

Should secret levels be shown?
Should the level names (not only the filenames) also be shown (please no, too much work)?
Should the Injector remember the currently selected map?

I plan to add a "continue from last savegame" feature so that last idea might be absolutely unneeded. 
Also, is anyone apart from megaman and me testing recent git versions? Are there any mean bugs that we are unaware of? 
Here's the list of bugs that we are aware of (and that aren't already fixed in the git releases):

Feel free to add bugs and feature requests, or maybe just details for existing ones. 
i'd show the levels in alphabetical order. For cases where the order is not the same as the "play order", i think that is intentional on the part of the authors. e.g. the name "e1m8" doesn't give you any hints about what level the entrance is hidden in, but if you put it after e1m4 in the list, then it does give a hint. 
OK I Tried This And It Rocks!!! 
Well done! 
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