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Q1SP: Temple Of Anubis: Judgement Of The Dead
Its an egyptian themed map ive been working on for the last few months, hope everyone enjoys. Feedback would be greatly appreciated, Thanks

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Play It Again Serious Sam 
It was strange to see my textures in a Q1 map and in a way it made me more curious to see how the map plays. This is a really brutal level on combat, I could not find much difference between the skills levels and resorted to god mode very quicky. It felt like a typical Serious Sam/Doom style level where everything and the kitchen sink is thrown at you and it just boils down to crowd control. The most fun I had was creating infighting between the various groups but sadly that was long after I switched to god mode.

Overall the architecture and look is nice, slightly mixed up on themes but interesting never the less. The combat is 100% horde style and unfortunately has very little skill level progression. 
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