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Favourite Game Weapons Thread
Melee: Jedi Academy lightsaber

Sidearm: CS:S Desert Eagle

Shottie: HL1

Light Rapid-fire: CS:S Mac10

Heavy Rapid-fire: AvP Smartgun

Singleshot Accuracy: Quake2 Railgun

Incendiary: Kingpin Flamethrower

Rocket launcher: Quake 2

Throwable 1: Quake 2 Hand Grenade

Throwable 2: HL1 Snark

Novelty 1: HL2 Gravity Gun

Novelty 2: Blood voodoo doll

Heavy Weapon: Quake 1 Lightning Gun (complete with water discharge)

Ridiculously overpowered behemoth of a gun: Doom BFG9000

So what are your favourite game weapons? Not just limited to fps titles but all the games you have played.

Also, what concepts do you think would make for great weapons in a game?
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[ Gb 
> ... I switch weapon 4 between the Assassin and Necromancer.
> The story says the Necro comes from Thysis/Egypt ...

I know what you're saying, but this sort of plot incongruity doesn't worry me too much. But can i request auto aim for the assassin's grenades as they're just impossible to use. (could ~~almost~~ have a go at doing this myself).
Autoaim?! They work like normal hand grenades, don't they? 
Love the Knife from BF Bad Company. Nothing's more satisfying than backstabbing some prick and seeing their tags pop up on your screen.

Pyro's Flame Thrower from TF2 
Looks Like This Thread's Been Necro'd 
Well, I'll just say that the most satisfying to use FPS weapon I can think of right now is Zerstorer's Riot Controller.

Oh and for melee, the monomolecular Dragon Sword from Deus Ex. 
Mohaa sniper rifle! 
Q2/3 Railgun 
Owns your sniper rifle. 
Grenades from BF:1942 The bodies actually get some air 
I hate Q2, for me was worse game ever... didn�t play more than first or second level... 
Slow and crap. 
Was a hurried game that wasn't done by the self-imposed deadline. Carmack being, Carmack wanted to release a piece of crap 'on time' instead of something polished and finished. Sad thing is id had the kind of pull the Blizzard does and could have pushed back the release to 'when it's done' like Blizzard does. 
the worst game evah is...
counter strike 
I think the design theory was wrong - slow gameplay, unimaginative monsters and so on.

Basically you fight loads of humanoids. There should have been more hybridized creatures like the mdeic, gladiator and parasite.

Imagine very few human style creatures and the same speed as Q1. 
i am digidroid

i destroy humanoids 
inertia go destroy pussys... NOOB 
Great game, one of my favourites ever. 
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