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"Evil Exhumed"
�Little is known about the facility except that it was constructed to study some newly discovered ruins. Scientists working the dig site were reportedly quite excited about what they had found and were continuing to find. Everyone was surprised when we lost contact with the survey team. Someone needs to go up there and figure out what happened.�

This is a single player level for Quake. It�s best if you play this level using a modern engine, like FitzQuake, as some of the areas will grey out on vanilla software Quake (although it does surprisingly well for the most part).

Screen shots:


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I Will Never Play Any Map That Was Made On A Mac 
Just kidding :)

I enjoyed this map, but my favorite part was exploring the interconnected rock tunnels. Gives the map a feeling that theres more out there than what you just see...

The only bug I found was one spot where I was standing waist high in the ground. Not sure if you intentionally did this or not, it just seemed odd. Here is a screenshot:

Great work Willem, hope to see more from you :) 
that's a good point; i think one general solution to it is to trigger more spawns on monster deaths. One way is to basically have waves of monsters, where wave 2 triggers on wave1's death, which means each wave still has the problem of diminishing challenge, even if each subsequent wave gets harder. If you do it with individual monsters each triggering a spawn of a tougher monster, then the challenge does go always up and never down, until the end of course when you kill the first monster of the final group.

You can also have the environment change as the level progresses, such as having less and less walkable floors over a lava pit, or something.

On the other hand, the idea of a large tough room full of guys, where you can pass a tipping point where you've killed enough that it gets easier, is a pretty standard building block of quake combat. Even just two guys in a hallway, once you kill one, it's easier. And because of that, the experience isn't really broken, as long as the challenge is good enough prior to reaching that tipping point.

Hmm, this reminds me that vores in round rooms solve this problem because the voreballs accumulate as you fight them, meaning the threat doesn't go away until you finally peel off the train of voreballs. Maybe a lesson in monster or combat design; have the threat outlast the monster who generates it. 
Hmm, this reminds me that vores in round rooms solve this problem because the voreballs accumulate as you fight them, meaning the threat doesn't go away until you finally peel off the train of voreballs.

i actually do not agree 100% with this.
it doesn't make a fight harder, it only increases the penalty for making a mistake.
it's just something that is frustrating, not challenging.
being chased by 20 voreballs or being attacked by 20 fiends isn't the same challenge.

(also, as a side note, it should be mentioned that in nightmare, voreballs move faster than the player making a fight like that impossible to win.) 
Wait A Minute 
Fps games that involve hordes are all about wearing them down. I distrust the concept of death of creature X spawns creature Y because it almost certainly will result in some combination you never thought of, that fucks the player over.

You can get more complicated and make groupings, and groupings of, but unless you have more patience and time (not to mention prescience) than god, you'll never reach a point where it'll work.

The main reason why sucessful FPS's work is because they're easy, but give the impression of difficulty.

This was a fun map. Willem, where the fuck have you been - sprang this one like a trap :)

In my personal taste I'd like more complexity in the combats, but if you try to please everyone the game/map turns to crap.

More please; however you think they should be done. 
Voreballs don't move fatser than the player in NM, they just never miss. The best you can hope for when one or many is locked on is manouvering a monster into the way. 
yeah this place can be harsh, but it just pushes you to improve each time. overall the biggest improvement you could make imo is some big set peices. still a good map tho.

just played coagula2 contest yesterday aswell. loved distans' texturing, great to see a pro like tyrann doing a good map, although it was far too dark and cramped, necros' map was great, although the third enemy being a shambler really fucked me off :D the hk battle as cool. 
Voreballs don't move fatser than the player in NM, they just never miss.

in ShalHome:
if (skill == 3)
self.velocity = dir * 350;
self.velocity = dir * 250;

go into quake, type in the console "sv_maxspeed". it will tell you that it is 320.

350 > 320. therefore, in nightmare mode (skill == 3), voreballs move faster than the player and so combat without cover is impossible.

also, what does 'they just never miss.' mean anyway? voreballs don't miss, no matter what skill level is set. every 0.2 seconds, the voreball's trajectory is updated to point directly at the player. 
Not Exactly 
Voreballs don't move fatser than the player in NM, they just never miss. The best you can hope for when one or many is locked on is manouvering a monster into the way.

While the missiles still leave the vore's hand at 400ups, it's when they start homing (0.1 second for every 50 units away you are) that they slow down (to 350ups on nightmare and 250ups on other skill levels). While 350 is higher than the player's running speed (320), they are still avoidable if the player knows how to move... 

Doh! Damn ... oh well, I guess bugs will always get through.


"Willem, where the fuck have you been - sprang this one like a trap"

Been working on this map. :) 
stop doing maths and get mapping! :D 
Looking Forward To This 
need to find some game time though :) 
zomgg s� fucking easy first secret :\ arghhh and is so nice to gameplay :\ 
But in an open space you can dodge them indefinately, in theory.

Willem, I could see this being part of a series, continuing the storytelling theme. Just a suggestion. 
I liked this map. I thought it looked very good. All the sections of it were very distinctive and I liked each of them. The combat was tense on skill 2. I have died during the final battle. Didn't have much ammo left at this point. Having the GL from the middle of the map would be very very nice. I think that I have somehow missed the fiend trap everybody is talking about. I didn't read the centerprints also.
A god map. Do another one please :)
I usually use dzip files. Joequake can handle them without extracting and I have a dzip plug-in for total commander from Bengt which works very good. No need to install dzip even :) 
I felt honnoured to play this map. The layout is great and well done and certainly ready for a keyboard rocker like me.
A bit overwhelmed by the nice architecture and good brush style as well the largeness it suggested. Mines gave a good ambience.
Had a hard bite with low ammu and health, and wasn't able to kill the last shamblers.

Good job, willem... classic quake marine base. 
zommgg Madfox coment a map...

keep drinking or smoking grass :p 
Really REALLY nice map! Some solid gameplay and great use of (mostly) stock Quake resources! 
Wanton Hubris Mining Success 
Great map. Just about the right size. Clean construction (even though sky != nodraw) and good detailing, A library in a base map is a novelty. Gameplay was fair and ammo plentiful. I died once thanks to a Fiend superjump in the dig site. Found the secrets only afterwards, but they weren't badly hidden or anything. Didn't mind the radio logs, though they might have worked better as multiple-line centerprints with a few retriggerings. Most engines don't dumb them to the console, only some do (like Fitz, BJP, DP,..). Good work, I'm switching to ToeTag right away. 
"(even though sky != nodraw)"

Well, it seemed to reduce the triangle counts when I used it on unseen surfaces - if that's what you're referring to. I know it isn't nodraw but I was hoping for less-cuts-less-draw. Maybe it doesn't work like that.

"Good work, I'm switching to ToeTag right away."

If you're being serious. wait until the new version gets done (this weekend sometime). The one on the web site has some stupid crashes in it... 
Take your time, I still have to save up for a Mac first. 
Not Me. 
I have to save up for lots of things, but I already have a Mac.
Please release the new version!!! 
"Please release the new version!!!"

Coming this weekend! A cool feature to look forward to is exporting/importing of textures. And crashing less. But the first is way neater! 
how do you smoke what I drink?
I'm a quaker with limmited playtime caused by mapping.
now start commenting anonimous loggers. 
Queen Or Queer, Sorry 
wtf with me? 
Interesting Level 
Skill 1
18:03 (Took my time in a few places deliberately)

Ammo wans't a problem for me, unlike some people (mentioning no names, gb... your demo is cringeworthy, and not just because of your reluctance to press a button that's right in front of you)

The fiends just don't work as they are. I suspect that the gap is not big enough to fit hull2. Maybe if fiends were hull1 then it would be more dangerous?

I might cook up a custom progs.dat to play the level through. See if I can make it closer to what you mossibly wanted to intend... 
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