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Q1SP: Skinny Norris
Another vertical map. The tallest Quake map ever made.

Originally started for the 768/Vertical competion last year though only recently completed, this map stays true to the rules of keeping all brushfaces and entities inside a base of 768*768 units with unlimited vertical height and without using player teleportation.

Most notable features are a somewhat unusual texture theme and the choice between two indepentent routes half-way through the map: puzzles or traps.
(Note: while the traps section is pretty straight forward, the puzzles section might, depending your secret-finding skill and patience, become frustrating easily. Be sure to read the hints in the text file!)


such as Fitzquake 0.85, Bengt Jardrup's enhanced GL/Win/Nehquake, or Darkplaces (more information in the text file).
I hope it's not too dark for anyone, but if it is, please increase the brightness with the corresponding slider in the options menu.


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So, Lun... had fun then?? 
rats... i didn't realise it would only work in a future version of fitzquake. :S

i guess i'll wait then, heh 
I'm So Ahead Of My Time 
Sorry for the confusion that Fitz line created.

Everybody seems to miss the SNG on the way to the path button room... 
I Dont Get It?!??! 
I mean you could only use Fitzquake if you were using a Mac. Unless you're using Windows but just hate DP and AGlQuake. Although the 8-8-8 build of Darkplaces seems less buggy to me ATM.
But the thing is only 0.8 version of FitzQuake has been ported to the Mac, so even when a new version is released Mac users still wont be able to play engine limit breaking maps until 0.85 has been ported.....

So Necros - which is it? 
Mac Users Can't Do Shit. 
Take it from me.

I'm one of them. And I'm missing half the Qexpo fun. 
Fitz SDL Hack 
Wouldn't it be possible to "simply" hack some increased values into SleepwalkR's SDL version? 
That Depends 
what limits have been breached? 
Uhm, All Of Them 
vis leafs
Uh... And... 
... how does one do to force Fitz to increase the limits?

I'm a total dummy, mind you, so if someone can write down the exact sintax and numbers to be used...

You can easily set some limits higher in the source code, but those are too many of the "evil" ones that require understanding. 
metlslime is working on a new version of FitzQuake, that would support higher value as mentionned in post #33.

metlslime told me that it would be possible that his new engine version could be ready before end of QExpo, but I'm not sure about the status there.

Maybe metlslime could comment on this, and provide more infos ;) 
negke make another version :) breack the map in two :p 
Raising Limits 
isn't as easy as changing

#define MAX_FUN_THINGS 256

to a bigger number. there's variables of types with maximum sizes (like 'short') and those are salted throughout the engine, like bytepacking in the netcode and all kinds of stuff you have to go and sort out. 
I Bet AguirRe Could Tell Us! 
I dont suppose anyone ever thought of porting AGLQuake to other OSs?

How hard would that be? 
capable of running Quake 1 would cost pittance these days. Hell, make it a cheapo laptop and you have Quake 1 on the move.

That is if you don't mind missing out on DarkPlaces but let's face it, there's not much to miss. 
Blatant Plug (or Helpful Offer?) 
To any Linux users who want to play this in an engine that *isn't* DarkPlaces: I've been working on an engine, and while it's not quite ready for public release, I could send you a beta (if you are willing to tolerate some minor bugs, and agree to report them to me). Email my user name (above) at for more info.

[Sorry, Windows people will have to wait for final version. And Mac people are still screwed :) ] 
It's true, I am working on a new version which is almost finished. But, right now I just moved and everything (including my computer) is still in boxes, so progress is stopped at the moment. But since qexpo is going for another 2 weeks, there is hope. 
Anyone Have A Calender? 
QExpo ends in 1 week, not 2... 
Good point. 
As I Keep Saying... 
wine works well for using expanded engines on Linux. OS X users are still a bit screwed, unless they install Ubuntu :-) 
Mac Users. 
Are the nigger of the world. 
Back On Topic... 
Okay, I just finished playing through the traps route. (On my first attempt, I took the puzzles route and got stuck at the blue brick wall. Will attempt again.) Played on Hard, got 97/99 kills and 0/6 (!) secrets. The traps section reminded me of Frogger 2, which I always thought would be interesting to see in the Quake environment.

Some thoughts: As a concept piece, it's wonderful. Architecture was interesting & varied, and the split route is novel. The gameplay, however, was rather frustrating. My main complaint was the bumpy architecture getting in the way. It was nice to look at, but often impeded my movement. Maybe some clip brushes would've helped. It made what was already a cramped environment seem even tighter. Maybe that was your intent?

I also never really got a sense of the height while playing it, although flying around the outside sure showed it. Also, IMO it could have used more monsters, even some thrown in occasionally in the traps/puzzles areas.

No bugs encountered though, and the end battle was fun: plenty of ammo & a Quad was a nice way to release some of the pent-up frustration :)

Anyway, back to attempt route #2 
the silent: not cool; you chose your bondage 
They're more like the albinos.

Played through on the traps route second time as well, more entertaining than the puzzle route, though it was pretty puzzle in itself.

The whole thing reminds of fighting fantasy books - Look to your past, spiky buttons etc.

Fun overall, but getting stuck on all the geometry (including the floor) spoiled the map slightly. Now I'll stop banging that drum.

Also, there were a few times in this map when I LOL'd, which doesn't happen often in Quake. Still a bit nonplussed by the button that disconnects the server though. 
Jdhack, Spank Me Baby... 
...I feel sooo naughty... 
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